Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Alexanders is now closed. This is an archive review. What’s the way to find good fish and chips on the Isle of Wight? It’s...

Alexanders is now closed. This is an archive review.

What’s the way to find good fish and chips on the Isle of Wight? It’s simple – follow Matt and Cat’s easy guide.

Alexanders, Ryde

Are you right next to the sea? No good chips here – and no good prices either. Are you within sight of the sea? OK, maybe some edible chips, but keep a hold of your wallet. Within sound of the sea? You might just get something decent. No sign of the sea? Then you’re probably on course for a really good fish supper. There are a few exceptions to buck the trend but it seems to be a general truism that to get the best chips, simply you must turn your back on the coast and head inland.

Taking this advice to heart, fish and chip specialist Matt went off in search of supper. Just off Ryde High Street, at the top of the hill is Alexanders, a big, town centre chip shop with eating-in facility too. Matt took junior reviewers Bill and Jack to see how it fared. An amiable queue of customers chatted with the friendly staff – this is a shop that local people obviously patronise – a good sign. Standard chip shop fare was on offer at very reasonable prices. Matt chose haddock, Jack went for battered sausage, Bill made a brave break from custom, and chose one of the temptingly large steak and kidney pies. With minimal delay, the meals were parcelled up, and Matt and lads were on their way home with the delightfully hot, damp parcel.

Alexanders, haddock and chips

Back at chez Matt, the eager diners unwrapped the meal and served it up. The heady scent of hot paper and vinegar filled the room as they tucked in to some excellent chips. These were real, fresh potato chips, Matt and lads saw them being brought in to the fryer – nothing frozen there. If further proof was needed, the tasty, soft white insides and browned but not over-greasy outsides of the chips were second to none. Portion size was beyond reproach, with more than enough chips for everyone. Matt’s haddock was one of the biggest fish portions he’d ever had, perfectly prepared and cooked without a hint of bone or skin. On unwrapping, the thick coating of batter proved to be cooked right through, not sticking messily to the paper and not dripping oil either. Jack gave his sausage a thumbs-up, and Bill was particularly delighted with his pie – a good choice as it had piping hot, crisp pastry with no soggy bits, containing a really generous allowance of meat filling. It was soon consumed.

Alexanders serves up a good value meal, and it’s well worth making the short journey inland to enjoy some of the best fish and chips in Ryde.

Alexanders is now closed. This is an archive review.