Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
ARCHIVE REVIEW: The Grill, Charter House, Newport takeaway
ARCHIVE REVIEW: The Grill has closed. By the time you read this, we may once again be allowed to eat in a restaurant; with certain safety provisos, naturally. Certainly for us it will be a welcome return to dining at someone else’s table, not that we haven’t enjoyed our... Read more
Archive: Nomad, Newport

Archive: Nomad, Newport

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This is an archive review of one of several previous Nomad restaurants. Nomad is now closed.  Cautious diners may worry that Nomad is going to be too challenging. They might rather have something simpler, quieter and yes, maybe cheaper. These people are wrong, and we’re about to explain how.... Read more
ARCHIVE: New Chef at The Hambrough, Ventnor
ARCHIVE ARTICLE: This article is old, and Ashley Randle is no longer the chef at The Hamborough.  There’s a new hand at the helm at Ventnor’s Hambrough. Experienced chef Ashley Randle has worked alongside some prestigious culinary names, and now plans to bring a local food twist to his... Read more
Archive: The Hungry Bear, St Helens
Archive review: The Hungry Bear at St Helens has moved and is no longer open at this location.   Where do you need to go to find an rhea’s egg on the Isle of Wight? A long time ago it was Fakenham Farm, in St Helen’s. The rheas are no... Read more
ARCHIVE REVIEW: Pizza Express, Newport
This is an archive review. Pizza Express is now closed.  One drizzly Newport afternoon, post-cinema, we wandered into town with dinner in mind. Passing Thompson’s we paused, as ever, and pondered the alluring bill of fare outside. Was this the day that the £24 two-course set menu was going... Read more
Archive review: Courtside Cafe, Ryde
This is an archive review. Courtside Cafe is currently closed.  Anyone who keeps an eye on the Isle of Wight County Press will note that, following our favourable review of the Woodman’s Arms, Gordon Pollard from Sandown was compelled to put pen to paper. He complained about our analogy... Read more
ARCHIVE: Original Phil’s Diner, Newport
ARCHIVE REVIEW: Original Phil’s is now closed.  We’ve got the idea that at some point, way back, we actually met the original Original Phil. Or maybe we dreamt it. Anyway, he’s long gone, but the diner that bears his name has been doing the Island’s best impression of an... Read more
Archive: Waxworks, Brading
Archive review: The Waxworks has now closed Where could you have found George Bernard Shaw on his trusty tricycle, Queen Victoria forever tapping her toe and an angelic cat with wings? No, not Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Freshwater salon, but Osborne-Smith’s waxworks in Brading. The candy-coloured museum was quite literally... Read more
Archive: Nomad, Pyle Street, Newport
This is an archive review of one of several previous Nomad restaurants. Nomad is now closed.    Every now and then some pop culture phenomenon bursts onto the scene and takes everyone’s breath away. Ask your nan about the impact Elvis ‘The Pelvis’ had on the newly-created teenagers of... Read more
Archive: Hogs Street Food
This is an archive review. Hogs Street Food is no more.  In the afternoon, with a nice cup of tea, there’s nothing Cat likes better than a fig roll. Matt, by contrast can take them or leave them. In fact he usually leaves them. Which is why Cat was... Read more