Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Archive review: At Sarah’s House is now closed. Ventnor has always had a glut of antique shops and bric-a-brackeries to satisfy the desire for vintage housewares like carnival glass and old lace runners. This recherché resort is also one of the best places on the Island for an award-winning... Read more
Archive review: Joe’s, Ryde
This is an archive review. Joe’s has now closed. Back in the day the local dining scene offered the choice of starched linen and silver service; sticky Formica tables with aluminium edges; or when going ‘foreign’ you could eat among exotic plastic grapes and raffia’d wine bottles. Then Mark... Read more
This is an archive review. The Foundation Bakery has now closed. The Foundation Bakery is the latest venue to jostle for a place in Newport’s crowded lunchtime market. Just when things seemed to have reached a critical mass with the arrival of national coffee outlet Costa Coffee, and rumours... Read more
This is an archive review. The Coffee Bean is now closed (but the shop is still open). You may have seen them on the streets: people that seem to have given up before they’ve begun. Slobbing around in their onesies and slippers – garments that should only be worn... Read more
This is an archive review. The Larder and Pie Shop has now closed.  Cat was born in Essex. Not quite within the sound of Bow Bells, but surely it makes her more of a Cockney than Sussex lad Matt? Yet it’s been a while since she cavorted in the... Read more
This is an archive review. Cafe 44 no longer exists. If you are a contestant on one of the ceaseless merry-go-round of televised cookery shows, you must practise, practise, practise your recipe. It’s no good window-shopping the sexed-up photographs in a celebrity chef’s recipe book the night before and... Read more
Archive review: Laura Jane’s cafe is now closed. Some people imagine that Matt and Cat are orderly souls; with a neatly-written list of candidate venues to review, fully researched and scheduled in their diaries at regular intervals. The truth is so far removed from this cosy vision of administrative... Read more
Archive review: Brawn’s has now closed.  The Royal Family’s junior members have always courted controversy. Who can forget Princess Diana and her lively chum Sarah Ferguson dressing up as policewomen and partying in Annabel’s nightclub back in the 1980s. More recently some of you may have clicked onto TMZ... Read more
This is an archive review. Marchesa Bar has now closed (and reopened as House of Zabre Cafe Bar) Have you noticed how Ryde’s Union Street is a street of two halves? Slice it lengthwise and you will find that on the western side the eateries are mostly chain-style fast food... Read more
House of Legends is now closed. A legend used to be an unverifiable but historical tale, handed down the generations in a tradition of story-telling. When it opened, Newport’s House of Legends was a themed eatery focussed on showbiz ‘legends’, such as film stars, musicians and the like –... Read more