Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
House of Legends is now closed. A legend used to be an unverifiable but historical tale, handed down the generations in a tradition of story-telling. When it opened, Newport’s House of Legends was a themed eatery focussed on showbiz ‘legends’, such as film stars, musicians and the like –... Read more
The Windmill Inn is now closed. This is an archive review. Back in 2007, Matt and Cat had an unforgettable meal at The Windmill Inn in Bembridge. It was memorable for all the wrong reasons, and it has taken them five years to venture back into the wide doors... Read more
This is an archive review. Dan’s Kitchen closed in 2019. Back in the day it was pro-celebrity golf and Superstars that satiated our desire to see famous people undertaking feats of endurance. These days the TV spews out task-based fodder such as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of... Read more
This is an archive review. Barefoot on the Beach closed in December 2012. ‘I can’t see anything down this slipway, it’s pitch black tonight.’ ‘Well, let’s go down there anyway.’ ‘Look out, we’re walking into the sea. I’m not gonna do a Reggie Perrin!’ ‘No, we’re not – look... Read more
Archive review: Tuscan Hills is now closed. Some partnerships seem destined to endure longer than most marriages: variety stalwarts Morecombe and Wise’s relationship was only curtailed by the untimely death of Eric. Other seemingly inseparable double-acts, such as the legendary Lennon and McCartney, are torn asunder through creative differences,... Read more
Archive review: the Dark Horse closed in February 2014. A while ago, Brading’s former Red Lion Inn looked as though it was going to follow so many small rural pubs, and turn into housing. But it didn’t – quite the contrary. After a sojourn as the Smart Fox, the... Read more
Archive review: this review refers to the previous management of the Blacksmiths Arms. The pub reopened in 2017 under completely new ownership.  Note: After writing this review in 2010 Matt and Cat were banned from the Blacksmiths Arms in 2012, so it won’t be updated. See why at the... Read more
Archive review: alas! The Roundhouse is now closed permanently. That’s it folks! Matt and Cat might as well hang up their reviewing hats as the Isle of Wight’s ultimate cream tea has been found. After years of arduous searching, involving the consumption of gallons of tea, rock-hard to fluffy... Read more
Archive review: Pintxo Playa, Ventnor
This is an archive review, Pintxo Playa is now closed. There’s a lot of hot air talked about ‘real’ tapas. If there’s such a thing as authentic tapas, then presumably you’d need to go to Spain to get it. Or maybe not. Tapas, like so many other national cuisines,... Read more
The Spice Lounge has closed down, and a new venue has opened under the same name nearby. This review is an archive review referring to the former venue. 2010 saw a relaunch for one of Shanklin’s most enduring eating-places: since 1983 known as the Maharaja, the latest name for... Read more