Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Bagel Wrap, Ryde Bagel Wrap, Ryde
Bagel Wrap, Ryde

‘How many Islanders does it take to change a lightbulb?’ ‘Change? We don’t like change!’

Bagel Wrap, Ryde

One of the Isle of Wight’s charms is how it has remained steadfastly behind the times, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This laissez-faire attitude may have more to do with collective inertia than real fear of change. Whatever the reason, if you’re into vintage vacations then a ticket to Ryde on August Bank Holiday weekend is the hot chit, as the town is filled with old-school mods and their contemporaneous vehicles.

Having built up a decent appetite gongoozling scooters, foxtails and Union flags, Matt and Cat were drawn to Bagel Wrap. The café’s enticing music, al fresco seating and shady awning mark it out from the many other sarnie shops in town. Now in the heart of Ryde Leisure Strip, this eatery has been feeding the lunchtime crowd long before the submarine sandwich surfaced over here. Although the Union Street cafe has a rear courtyard and plenty of seating inside, M&C nabbed the tiny table out front so they could continue enjoying the antics of Ryde’s colourful visitors.

Bagel Wrap, Ryde
Matt and Cat’s bill
Pastrami sandwich £3.85
Breakfast bagel £3.95
2 x tea £2.80
Total £10.80

The menu is a constructor’s pleasure – choose your bread, fillings, extras and drink; and wait for your lunch to be magicked up by the friendly staff. The food and drinks arrived surprisingly promptly for such a busy day. Cat chose the eponymous bagel and, as usual when she’s at Bagel Wrap, had it filled with tasty smoked salmon and scrambled egg – ingredients of a top-notch breakfast.

Matt had a simple pastrami sandwich in seeded bread. For 30p extra he added salad. Without it, the sandwich would have been a little staid but with, it was given a boost. His indignation when the tea was served with bags and milk all in the cup – builder’s style – soon faded when they tasted it. This was actually a decent cuppa, served with a complimentary Lotus Biscoff.

Matt and Cat stayed at their table long after their lunches were eaten; pontificating while enjoying a great view of the Solent. Although their heads can be turned by the shiny and new, sometimes it’s good to revisit a stalwart. Bagel Wrap is a great place to enjoy a quick and tasty lunch in Ryde.



This review appeared in print in the Isle of Wight County Press on the 29th of August 2014.

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