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The Koffee Bar in Cross Street, Ryde is a Saturday lunchtime favourite. This clean café, though small, is plainly decorated with lovely chunky pine...

The Koffee Bar in Cross Street, Ryde is a Saturday lunchtime favourite. This clean café, though small, is plainly decorated with lovely chunky pine furniture. The menu has traditional café fare such as scrambled egg on toast (for the give-away price of 90p – yes 90p!) but also delicious chiabatas with, for example, bacon and Stilton. The Koffee Bar has waitress service and the staff are very accommodating; the cook will make up any dish from the menu’s core ingredients. Be warned tho’, at peak times you might not get a seat at this popular cafe.

Perfect for meeting your friends whilst shopping for a reviving snack and a lovely cup of tea or pigging out on the scrumptious pancakes.

  • Emma says:

    I eat at the Koffee bar and the soups are definitely homemade.

  • patrick says:

    Tried this place as my usual option was full of noisy children. Koffee Bar was anything but – and lovely to see how older people were being welcomed and cared for, with nurturing, good plain food. Beautifully and meticulously prepared sandwiches were being taken to other tables.

    I think I may have go the sort end of the straw due to my particular choices, Coffee – despite name of the cafe was of the instant variety, and soup – despite home-cooked options for other dishes – appeared resolutely of the packet variety, plus was served in a narrow, deep cup thus taking ages to cool down.

    Atmosphere and approach of the staff was lovely though, so I may try again, though next time will try tea and one of the freshly cooked meal options.

  • Andy N - Ryde says:

    Koffee Bar –Cross Street Ryde

    Recently, with friends staying with their three children, I decided that on the Saturday morning, rather than face the chaos of cooking breakfast for everyone we would go out.

    The obvious choice was my usual Saturday stop off; the Koffee Bar in Ryde. My friends enjoyed the meal so much it has prompted me to post this comment.

    The timing was perfect at 10.30 and we acquired two adjacent tables; one for the adults, the other for the kids. Our welcome was warm and friendly, with Debbie the owner coming over to say hello and make sure we were comfortable. It is noticeable the café has a number of regular customers and the atmosphere is one of a happy family. It was pleasing to note that once greeted and orders taken customers are left to their privacy.

    Drinks orders are soon taken and delivered, while plenty of time is left to explore the varied menu and specials board. The kids opt for milkshakes while the adults get a generous large pot of refreshingly tasting tea. Orders for food taken, it is not a long wait for it to arrive. Cooked food arrived hot on warm plates and salads chilled and fresh.

    The two grown up boys both opted for the large all day breakfast, a full plate of egg, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans, plus a side plate with two slices of toast each. Jane went for the omelette, which came with some salad and coleslaw.

    The choice for two children was a tuna and sweet corn panini, the third a prawn salad. It turned out that prawns had run out, and a Saturday help was soon dispatched to a near by store to remedy the situation, and not disappoint the youngster. Both paninis came accompanied by salad and coleslaw. Once the food arrived a big basket full of sauces was offered, brown being popular for the breakfast.

    The breakfast was a popular option and being ordered by a number of others. The food was good and hot. Cooked just right, and most important a nice runny yoke. The toast came with plenty of spread, and jam and marmalade portions.

    Jane described her omelette “to die for” as it was so “light and fluffy”. The quite that descended on the kids was a clear sign they were enjoying the food. One panini that proved to much to eat at the time, was wrapped in napkins and taken for later. Joanna did not want to miss out on the rest of it.

    Tim apparently absolutely loves coleslaw and tried Jane’s, and described it as totally delicious. On enquiring where he might get it, he discovered it was the Koffee bars own creation, as with many of the items that involve baking, are all prepared by Debbie. From a previous visit I can vouch for the own made quiche. Always on the menu is cheese and broccoli, plus another choice that changes every week.

    The cheese and broccoli quiche is amazing, the pastry edge is light and crispy, the filling deep and tasty. You can really taste the cheese, and the broccoli adds a refreshing twist, it is an amazing taste sensation. Tim loved the coleslaw so much he asked if he could purchase some to takeaway, so good portion was placed in a container for him. I followed and purchased a slice of quiche to take away.

    To sum up my visitors had a great experience; a welcoming visit, tasty food with excellent portions and even the chance to take some away. As we left the Koffee bar was filling up, and our two tables made way for some more to come in and enjoy themselves.

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