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One of a row of takeaways in Wootton High Street, Terry’s is celebrated for its incandescent Christmas lights display – sufficient to draw festive...

One of a row of takeaways in Wootton High Street, Terry’s is celebrated for its incandescent Christmas lights display – sufficient to draw festive coach parties simply to observe it. However, for would-be diners, illuminated fish tastes much the same as dingy fish, and so the question Matt and Cat set out to answer concerns the quality of the chip shop and its produce, rather than this remarkable seasonal installation of vernacular al-fresco electrical festivity.

Your reviewers were heartily greeted and orders were taken within moments, despite the very crowded shop. The eponymous Terry presides lugubriously over a cheery team, who dispense chips along with wit, and even the occasional song. Somehow the many hands behind the chip bar managed to keep all the complex orders separate, and distribute to the appropriate customer the right parcels, with or without vinegar, salt, napkins and any other extra.

The shop is clean and tidy, if a little worn, and it has the not unwelcome style of a takeaway from the last century with much plastic and chrome, and an overhead menu complete with faded random pictures of food.

Matt’s haddock and chips were very flavoursome, and perfectly cooked with exceptionally crispy batter. The chips were varied and well-cooked, with good colour. Junior reviewer Bill selected saveloy and chips, and whilst he praised the chips highly, commented that the sausage was a bit dry and tough, prompting the suggestion that he might ask for a fresh one next time. The haddock was cooked to order, but, unlike some chip shops, Terry’s also piles up common items (such as saveloys) in readiness. So if you want a medium cod or a battered sausage, you will probably get one very quickly. Nevertheless, if complete freshness is your concern, you could always ask for a fresh one to be cooked for you.

A good local chippy, conveniently placed on the main road, which provides very good service and enjoyable food.

  • Shannon says:

    I’m a regular at Terry’s and I think it’s fantastic. The staff are always friendly, no matter how busy the shop is, and they always try their best to get your food to the best standard as possible. All the food is checked that it’s at the right temperature, and they write it all down. Terry himself can quite often be found in the shop and he’s always a good laugh. It’s a fantastic place to eat, and the prices are fair. Also, if you go in a few times, the staff always remember your face and make you feel comfortable. By far, the best chip shop I have visited.

  • Belle says:

    Is Terry’s open on a Sunday? If so, until what time?

  • Neil (Local) says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for that! Actually it was a lunch time and I was the only one in there. But I do agree about the good value comment compared to other Island chippys!

  • Kat says:

    Terry’s is great value for money and the staff are friendly. I can also confirm that Terry hasnt left and he is still running the shop like normal. The chip’s are really good and so are the chicken chunks which are much bigger than the tiny sized chicken nugget’s you normally find in most place’s. We much enjoyed our trip 🙂

  • sarah says:

    hi it will depend on what day you visited thur – sat is very busy and so things might take abit longer to get done. As to price increase I know that Terry has held on as long as he could to try and take the cost of suppliers putting prices up but there is only so much a small business can take on before all goes wrong! as far as I am aware there has only been two price rises in the last 4 years compaired to some other take aways who have a price rise every year at the end of the day we are still getting value for money compaired to some of the chip shops around the island!

  • Neil (local) says:

    Made another pit stop here for roe and chips. Price increase since last visit to £2.35 but still enjoyed it. Only neg comment is it took around 10 mins to cook.

  • Mike says:

    I use the shop and can state that Terry has not moved away and still owns the shop. we’ve never had a problem with the quality of the food or with the staff. They are usually polite, many of the staff are quite young, perhaps they just leave to go to college or Uni.

  • nigel (local) says:

    cant believe the comments here, terrys used to be ok – but since he moved away and either new people own it or are running it …. its rubbish, soggy thick batter and cold chips , i wont bother going there anymore , but granted it used to be good…… same with the balti king , thats lost its sparkle as well used to be a decent street for food but now with hamiltons being disgraced its a bit of a sorry row now !!!!!

  • Alex says:

    “Terry’s” (in Wootton) is quite possibly the most famous chip shop on the Island. You don’t get a title like that without achieving good quality, quantity and friendliness of the staff. The prices are cheaper than probably 99% of all the other chippies on the Island and you may quite often receive some banter that the staff have with some customers is always a funny and pleasant experience. So if you want great hot food from possibly the Islands best chip shop I would highly recommend “Terry’s”.Enjoy.

  • Neil (local) says:

    Popped in today for roe and chips. Served in a box with plastic (full size fork)for under £2. Great quality chips and nice crispy batter on the roe. 10 out of 10 for value!

  • helen says:

    We vist Terrys alot and have just noitced the comment made about the staff…. 1st off there will always be a certain turn over of staff in any retail business but the times that I have been in there the staff he has have been working there for along time and are always happy and glad to share a joke or two with you…

    2nd I belive that the system Terry is running there is a rota so again you may go in on a different day or time and perhapes a member of the staff are sick or got a day off doesnt mean that there is a problem with the work force!.

    keep up the good work Terry

  • James Adsett says:

    A very good service and friendly staff, But every time i go to the chippy! there is a different member of staff, it dose make you think how terry treats his staff!

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