Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide

Tesco Cafe, Ryde

24th April 2007 3

One of Matt and Cat’s previous experiences of supermarket cafes was not favourable. In fact, it was this particularly rubbishy experience that inspired them to start their Isle of Wight eating out guide. So, when they visited Tesco’s in-store cafe, their expectations were not high. Looking forward to giving... Read more

Troubadour Hotel, Ventnor

16th December 2006 1

When they’re not working down the salt mines, Matt and Cat could occasionally be thought somewhat languid. They sometimes loll around for hours, eat their breakfast at noon and attempt to find somewhere for lunch that will serve them after 15:00. On one such indolent day, they found themselves... Read more
Jireh Guest House, Yarmouth On a sunny Sunday afternoon working up an appetite looking around the lovely town of Yarmouth, your reviewers stumbled across the Jireh Tea Rooms in The Square. The tea rooms exude history. The low-ceilinged building has a compact terrace at the front which is in... Read more
A traditional seaside fish and chip shop with a waggish name. You’ll have seen the sort a thousand times if you patronise English seaside resorts at all. Their slogan ‘we’ll batter anything’ is backed up by a comical cartoon of a fish with a machine gun. Not too bad,... Read more
Yes, they sell real olives. The place seems to have a Greek or possibly Cypriot theme. Definitely Mediterranean. But apart from the deli business this place is also a café. Strongly recommended by friends, Matt and Cat thought they’d give it a go. Upstairs from the deli counter is... Read more