Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
A traditional seaside fish and chip shop with a waggish name. You’ll have seen the sort a thousand times if you patronise English seaside...

A traditional seaside fish and chip shop with a waggish name. You’ll have seen the sort a thousand times if you patronise English seaside resorts at all. Their slogan ‘we’ll batter anything’ is backed up by a comical cartoon of a fish with a machine gun. Not too bad, if you’re a collector of fish-gangster pun memorabilia.

The Codfather has two advantages over the cheaper chip shops further in the town – it is right where you need it, and it hardly ever closes. Even on a Sunday, or late at night, you can rely on the good Father of Cod to dish up the fish. They also do Matt’s favourite, black pudding – a rarity in southern chip shops, although a staple elsewhere. Cat has been known to go for a hot chicken pie, which can be a bit dehydrated if it’s sat in the hot cupboard for a while.

Sadly, the food quality is variable and sometimes really isn’t that good. The oil has on occasions been so old you could see little black bits floating in it. Their chips are somewhat pallid, and if the place is full they have been known to undercook the chips to get them out quickly. So make sure you get a well-done lot. Portions too vary, are not very big, with some fish pieces being more like fingers. However service is brisk and friendly, and the proprietor is an amiable chap who enjoys a chat if he’s not over-run with spotty European students buying cans of coke and chips and feeling daring.

  • Linda Hall says:

    Not fit for seagull consumption never mind human… ours went in the bin…god knows what you’re frying chips in .. tasted wrong ..and the fish was dry and too small for £4.60 question? Have you ever seen black/greyish cod?..I certainly haven’t. .. codfather you should be shut down… ripped off for 13pounds

  • Leach says:

    I live in Yorkshire and whilst on holiday on Isle of Wight I believe we have just bought the worst fish & chips I have ever tasted in my entire life – 67 years old! It put the good old British dish to shame! The chips?! Frozen! The batter?! Mush! The Fish?! Unpalatable and not fresh or cooked properly! The mushy peas?! Well as bad as the fish and chips! My wife took one little taste and dumped it in the nearest bin! Her words! Disgusting! Putrid! Don’t waste your money if you’re visiting rude!

  • Peter says:

    One word “Ugh!”

  • Sparky says:

    That’s right, once bitten twice shy.I wouldn’t waste my money there!

  • pete j says:

    I have to agree – a short walk to Chipmunks is by far the best choice. Pie and chips from Codfather last summer was horrible. I see there were ladders outside the other day and there looks to have been some painting done. However, it’s the inside and the people working there that need sorting.

  • Jo says:

    I always make the extra effort in walking to Chipmunks in Monkton Street,
    where I know I get lovely fish and chips, and nice service.

  • mark and carol edwards says:

    i have got to agree with the comment from Dave Crewe (30/09/14) service with a scowl and undercooked chips that took ages to cook and the fish was no bigger than a fish finger and value range at that, sorry if we disturbed you whilst u were trying to do the crossword but the paper could have been put to better use by wrapping the greasy undercooked offerings u threw at us.
    i did try to have a bit of banter but failed miserably, ah well learn from your mistakes, and this one was big.

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