Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
There was a time when a ‘pop-up restaurant’ on the Isle of Wight was a phenomenon which drew naive provincial diners like moths to a cosmopolitan flame. It was beyond exciting when a new one ‘popped up’. Tickets would sell within moments. But it didn’t take too long for... Read more
Nando’s, Portsmouth
The Isle of Wight’s a small place, but Islanders more than make up for this with their enthusiasm for gossip and entertainment. Perhaps that’s why Twitter has been a big success here, with even the veritable Isle of Wight County Press awarding a ‘Tweet of the Week‘ accolade these... Read more
Matt and Cat were flattered to be invited to try the Oyster Grill and Bar, a pop-up restaurant at Cowes Yacht Haven for Cowes Week 2011. At the same time last year they had a delightful experience at Robert Thompson’s pop-up at Northwood House – would this year’s temporary... Read more
You don’t need Matt and Cat to tell you, but they will anyway – the Isle of Wight is a really great place. They love living here and particularly enjoy the varied scenery and disparate local cultures. From the chalky downs and county set to the twiddly coastline with... Read more
The Pantry, Needles Park
Playing at grockles one sunny August day, Matt and Cat and junior reviewers Bill and Jack headed west with a plan to have lunch at Warren Farm, a place repeatedly recommended by a colleague. It was closed. Not to worry – something else to eat must be nearby. A... Read more
Archive review: Manuel’s is now closed. It’s coming up to high season on the Isle of Wight and its sailing capital in particular is due for an intense time as Cowes Week fever reaches its crescendo. This time of year all of the shops, bars and eateries are well-stocked... Read more
This is an archive review. Mamma Mia has now closed this restaurant and opened another. This review and the comments on it refer to the former venue. Some considerable time ago, Cat was a regular patron of Pavarotti’s Restaurant in Shanklin. Its Italian staff were very welcoming, the authentic... Read more

Morrisons Cafe, Newport

Reviews 19th November 2007 16

Pretty much a year to the day that Ray Har-Har suggested that Matt and Cat visit Morrison’s cafe, Newport they finally did. Having a rare day off in the week, M and C decided to play at being retired and booked themselves tickets at the afternoon showing of Billy... Read more
Archive review: the Windmill Inn has now closed.  The population of Bembridge may double during the summer months as second-home-owners descend on the village to go sailing, catch up with their metropolitan friends who are DFL (Down From London) and eat out in the local bars and restaurants. One... Read more

Kasbah, Ryde

20th May 2007 9

After a shopping trip to Ryde’s French Market, from which they came away laden with cheese and sausages, Matt and Cat wandered down Union Street in search of somewhere new to eat. Yes, even after 120+ reviews there still are places in Union Street that have yet to enjoy... Read more