Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Sushi Supper at Cantina, Ventnor
One of our favourite restaurants Cantina is known for its Eurocentric cuisine so we were intrigued and delighted when proprietor Klaus proposed a sushi supper. We love this meticulous Japanese cuisine and so do plenty of others – our first dining event of the year was a sell out!... Read more
Planet Buffet, Shanklin
The all-you-can-eat buffet is a curious animal. Almost an equivalent of the popular Sunday carvery – but without the vast sweaty bird – the nature of the buffet system is to prioritise quantity over quality. In places like Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth where you have huge crowds of hungry... Read more
It’s something that Matt and Cat have sometimes pondered – what gives a place the name ‘Royal’? It seems to imply some sort of royal presence or patronage, but is this title actually something that anywhere could adopt without censure? Apparently not in the case of the short-lived rebranding... Read more
Matt and Cat are big lovers of sci-fi. Matt, who fancies himself as a writer and a scientist, combines those two interests in a bookshelf chock full o’ the works of Asimov, Heinlein and Iain M Banks. Cat prefers to have her sci-fi injected straight into her eyeballs. In... Read more
Note: this van is still around at times, but not any more at the site we originally reviewed it. It doesn’t seem to have a regular spot any more. Matt and Cat are fans of the Hong Kong Express chain of Chinese restaurants. Starting in Ryde, the brand spread... Read more
Lake: the village that’s in the way of other more interesting places. If you’ve passed through Lake you may have been too distracted by its architectural hotchpotch to notice the disproportionate number of eateries – particularly takeways. Indian, chippy and Chinese restaurants all vie for attention on Lake’s short... Read more

Mem’s Asian Cuisine, Newport

9th December 2009 1

Having fortified themselves with the most delicate and sumptuous Robert Thompson canapés, plus the ever-scrummy Isle of Wight cheese and Garlic Farm tasties at the WightLife photography competition exhibition, Matt and Cat stumbled out into the dark streets of Newport. Did the grazing satisfy or could the duo go... Read more

Ming Garden, Newport

22nd March 2009 19

The global recession seems to be passing the Isle of Wight’s high streets by. Apart from the sad demise of Woolworth’s, the Island’s town centres seem to be bucking the national trend, with new restaurants, at least, opening weekly. On their regular stroll to Farmhouse Fayre to buy their... Read more
This is an archive review. This venue is now closed.  It seems like ages since the Hong Kong Express opened in Newport, and whilst chatting to the staff in the new bar at that time Matt and Cat were amazed and delighted to discover that yet another HKE was... Read more
Unexpectedly finding themselves in Shanklin one evening, Matt and Cat scratched around for something to do. Tempting as My Fair Lady at Shanklin Theatre was M and C were too late for curtain up, the library was shut and Shanklin Chine was closed for the winter. So they defaulted... Read more