Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide

Baan Thai, Cowes

5th May 2008 7

There seems to be a formula to calculate the number of oriental restaurants in any given area – if you know the number of Indian restaurants, you can assume a similar number of Chinese ones, and, aggregating these two, once you reach a certain number, sure enough there will... Read more
Archive review: China China, Bembridge
This is an archive review. China China has now closed down and is replaced by the Lu Shan.  Somebody once said that the average age of the Isle of Wight’s population could be significantly altered by the flooding of the east and west yar rivers; making the county the... Read more
Bizzy Wok, Ryde
The heavens opened as Matt and junior reviewers Bill and Jack dashed home after a busy day out. Grabbing the nearest takeaway menu that had fluttered through the letterbox, Matt rang the Bizzy Wok, a takeaway in central Ryde that Matt and Cat had never previously tried. A polite... Read more

Royal China, Sandown High Street

30th September 2007 17

Late on a wet Sunday evening on the last day of the summer season, Matt and Cat imagined they’d be lucky to find anywhere to eat in Sandown that wasn’t closed or nearly empty. So the bright lights of the Royal China were a welcome sight. Even when much... Read more
Sadly we don’t think that Tomou is doing her bentou boxes anymore so this an an archive review. Picnics are fun! Eating sandwiches and crisps in the open air, sitting on a blanket in a meadow or on the beach. However, picnic food soon loses its appeal when you... Read more
In the flat-iron building that once housed the Strand Hotel, Ryde now boasts the China Garden Chinese takeaway. Set back behind the imposing Ryde Castle, this modest takeaway is off the beaten track but a popular location for locals. Matt and junior reviewers Bill and Jack strolled into the... Read more

China China, Cowes

1st March 2007 9

Like moths to the flame, Matt and Cat were drawn one evening to the enticing pink and purple glow emanating from China China, a most exciting-looking venue on Cowes Parade. The outside of the building is a sight to behold; not only for its sexy lighting but its granite... Read more
Ko Sing, Lake

Ko Sing, Lake

Uncategorised 10

The Ko Sing is a long-established Chinese takeaway in the small parade of shops that passes for the commercial hub of Lake. More often passed through on the way to anywhere else than a destination in itself, Lake can nonetheless boast at least five different takeaways. Ko Sing is... Read more

Lee’s Kitchen, Sandown

6th December 2006 9

Like an unstoppable train, the Matt and Cat eating out guide is garnering recommendations for new places to try on a daily basis. Happy to respond to the metaphorical gauntlet thrown down by their readers, M and C ventured to darkest Sandown, specifically to Lee’s Chinese Kitchen – their... Read more
Miga Chinese Takeaway, Wootton
Wootton’s busy High Street is one of the very few places on the Island where takeaway fans can chose from good quality fish and chips, Indian and Chinese all in the same small row of shops. So if your family is fussy and cannot decide on what to have... Read more