Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide

China China, Cowes

1st March 2007 9

Like moths to the flame, Matt and Cat were drawn one evening to the enticing pink and purple glow emanating from China China, a most exciting-looking venue on Cowes Parade. The outside of the building is a sight to behold; not only for its sexy lighting but its granite... Read more
Ko Sing, Lake

Ko Sing, Lake

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The Ko Sing is a long-established Chinese takeaway in the small parade of shops that passes for the commercial hub of Lake. More often passed through on the way to anywhere else than a destination in itself, Lake can nonetheless boast at least five different takeaways. Ko Sing is... Read more

Lee’s Kitchen, Sandown

6th December 2006 9

Like an unstoppable train, the Matt and Cat eating out guide is garnering recommendations for new places to try on a daily basis. Happy to respond to the metaphorical gauntlet thrown down by their readers, M and C ventured to darkest Sandown, specifically to Lee’s Chinese Kitchen – their... Read more
Miga Chinese Takeaway, Wootton
Wootton’s busy High Street is one of the very few places on the Island where takeaway fans can chose from good quality fish and chips, Indian and Chinese all in the same small row of shops. So if your family is fussy and cannot decide on what to have... Read more

Hong Kong Express, Newport

26th November 2006 14

What excitement! Matt and Cat’s favourite Chinese restaurant has opened a new branch in Newport. Visitors to the Ryde branch will recall how the Hong Kong Express interpretation of a fast-food joint made such an impression on your reviewers: well, now the Hong Kong Express magic has been applied... Read more
Archive review: Siam Pearl is now closed In the middle of the last century, the mock-tudor cafe of K. Gray & Sons Ltd was an impressive feature of the High Street where day-trippers took afternoon cream teas before strolling along the golden sands. Today, this oasis of civilisation survives... Read more
Archive review: Yan Woo Chinese & Malaysian Restaurant, Ryde
This is an archive review. Yan Woo is now closed.  Yan Woo is on the posh side of Union Street, Ryde: the steep road where novelty shops and eateries tend to close almost as fast as they open. However Matt and Cat predict success for this interesting restaurant. It... Read more