Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
The Hungry Bear, St Helens
Where do you need to go to find an rhea’s egg on the Isle of Wight? A long time ago it was Fakenham Farm, in St Helen’s. The rheas are no longer in residence, but now the farm has adopted a Hungry Bear – relocated from the café that... Read more
Shed, Bembridge
We’ve long wondered about the mysterious circumflex at Shêd, in Bembridge. Does it indicate some exotic influence? Or imply some strange pronunciation that only those in the know could deliver correctly? Well, don’t get your hopes up because we still don’t know. In fact, by the time we got... Read more
Wonky Cafe
As exciting as the Needles is with its internationally famous chalk stacks, geologist-stimulating coloured cliffs and the thrill-seekers’ chairlift; you can get a bunch of similar experiences at the eastern end of the Isle of Wight. OK, there aren’t any chalky pinnacles stretching out towards Selsey, but there is... Read more
The Propeller Inn, Bembridge
Cruising at a height of about five feet, we saw the welcoming lights of Bembridge airport and guided our transport down to rest conveniently close to the Propeller Inn – a long-standing venue once frequented by keen aviator Sir Alan Sugar, and recently reopened after a very comprehensive refurbishment.... Read more
The Ralvins, St Helens
“From the humblest acorn, can a mighty oak tree grow,” so said Confucius. Or was it Don Estelle? Probably neither. It’s a hackneyed phrase that no self-aware food blogger should use. So how do we describe the inexorable rise of street food and its steady integration into conventional restaurant... Read more
Lockslane, Bembridge
As 2016 gets into its stride, flamboyant kitchen revolutionaries are feted for their third wave burgers, dirty French cuisine, and haute dogs – served with Champagne, natch. We hear that hybrid is the new fusion and that chicken is making a comeback. While trendspotters report about the coming ‘gastronomic... Read more
Ganders, St Helens
The gravy pooled on the plate; it was not piped, spotted or smeared into a comma. There was no danger at all of bread appearing in a cloth cap, nor vegetables in a flowerpot. Even chips in a bucket seemed a little unlikely. Nothing was deconstructed – on the... Read more
A while ago, Dining Club founder member and inveterate Ventnor baker Klaus lent Matt and Cat a book by Kerstin Rodgers: Supper Club: Recipes and notes from the underground restaurant. This substantial tome told the story of how Kerstin went from keen amateur cook to running the country’s most... Read more
Beach Hut, Bembridge
Unless it’s in the resort of Ryde, Sandown or Shanklin, any beach on the Isle of Wight usually earns the title of Locals’ Secret Location. This sobriquet is bandied around so often that one could assume that the majority of the Island’s coastline is a hidden gem. Which, to... Read more
The last review that Matt and Cat wrote described a delicious cream tea, enjoyed on a sunny afternoon at the Old Gaffers Festival. Since that date, the sun had not only doffed its hat but brushed it off, stashed it back in its box and shoved it in the... Read more