Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Just pass that crystal ball – Matt and Cat have seen the future. Well, maybe they just made a lucky prediction, but you might recall when they reviewed Bembridge’s excellent Lockslane bistro back in March this year, they said “With the honourable exception of Fox’s, Bembridge has never yet... Read more
The Windmill Inn is now closed. This is an archive review. Back in 2007, Matt and Cat had an unforgettable meal at The Windmill Inn in Bembridge. It was memorable for all the wrong reasons, and it has taken them five years to venture back into the wide doors... Read more
This is an archive review. Dan’s Kitchen closed in 2019. Back in the day it was pro-celebrity golf and Superstars that satiated our desire to see famous people undertaking feats of endurance. These days the TV spews out task-based fodder such as I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of... Read more
You don’t need Matt and Cat to tell you, but they will anyway – the Isle of Wight is a really great place. They love living here and particularly enjoy the varied scenery and disparate local cultures. From the chalky downs and county set to the twiddly coastline with... Read more
St Helens is a delightful-looking village, arranged around a series of greens to facilitate perfectly the curtain-twitching neighbourliness which village life demands. Rather carelessly, St Helens has managed to mislay two churches – one is almost entirely fallen into the sea, whilst the other is located in the countryside... Read more
When Matt and Cat go on holiday they like to have all mod cons, luxuries like walls, a bathroom with running water and a nice comfy bed. Therefore camping is not their thing. Cat has less than fond memories of tossing and turning under rain and tear-soaked canvas at... Read more
Archive review: the Wonky Café has closed. Despite getting about, Matt and Cat can still find new places to visit – and eat – on the Isle of Wight. On an unexpectedly rain-free day in winter they decided to don their wellies and check out the coast at Whitecliff... Read more
Fox’s Restaurant, Bembridge
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow, or so the hackneyed saying goes. Matt and Cat’s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide started in 2005 as an idea on the back of a napkin and, last month, the website welcomed its one millionth viewer. Hurrah! Likewise, Fox’s in Bembridge is... Read more
There’s a theory suggesting that if you sit and wait long enough, everything will come to you. If this principle has much currency, there have probably been a few gurus on mountaintops waiting for a very long time for a nice fresh fish supper to come along. What they... Read more
Years ago in St Thomas Square, Newport there was a great little Italian restaurant. It occupied the premises that had been vacated by the Niton Bakery (now a mobility shop). It was a super place for lunch; cheap pizzas and fresh tomato-based salads, pouring oil and steaming cups of... Read more