Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
There’s a theory suggesting that if you sit and wait long enough, everything will come to you. If this principle has much currency, there have probably been a few gurus on mountaintops waiting for a very long time for a nice fresh fish supper to come along. What they... Read more

Café Maya, Bembridge

15th June 2008 3

Years ago in St Thomas Square, Newport there was a great little Italian restaurant. It occupied the premises that had been vacated by the Niton Bakery (now a mobility shop). It was a super place for lunch; cheap pizzas and fresh tomato-based salads, pouring oil and steaming cups of... Read more
Archive review: the Tollgate is now renamed and under new management Even when driving on the Island’s quiet rural roads, it is easy to be overwhelmed with highways signage and, in the towns this pervasive blight is so ubiquitous that the messages merge and homogenise, ceasing to be of... Read more
Archive review: China China, Bembridge
This is an archive review. China China has now closed down and is replaced by the Lu Shan.  Somebody once said that the average age of the Isle of Wight’s population could be significantly altered by the flooding of the east and west yar rivers; making the county the... Read more
Archive review: the Windmill Inn has now closed.  The population of Bembridge may double during the summer months as second-home-owners descend on the village to go sailing, catch up with their metropolitan friends who are DFL (Down From London) and eat out in the local bars and restaurants. One... Read more
Update: Matt and Cat revisited the Pilot Boat Inn in 2010. Had their opinion of this friendly pub changed? Read the original review below this update. For a change of scene, Matt and Cat decided to cast their net wider than their usual haunts for a Monday evening supper.... Read more

St Helens Restaurant

3rd December 2006 41

St Helen’s Restaurant has closed and is now reopened as Dan’s Kitchen. The reviews and comments below refer to the previous owners. M&C will be reviewing the new venue in due course! St Helen’s Restaurant was first visited by Matt and Cat in 2006, shortly before it was awarded... Read more
Bembridge is a former fishing village with a pretty village centre and some interesting beaches. The Crab and Lobster is one of its most popular pubs; the route to which is a journey which probably illustrates the nature of Bembridge quite well. The would-be diner, following an trail of... Read more