Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Pointer Inn, Newchurch
Pointer Inn, Newchurch Pointer Inn, Newchurch
Pointer Inn, Newchurch

Although they may imagine themselves to be legends in their own lunchtime, the truth about Matt and Cat is pretty mundane; they’re just a couple of people who eat out then write about their experiences.

Pointer Inn, Newchurch

They always try to turn up unannounced and neither expect, nor usually get, any special treatment. Even on the rare occasion they are ‘clocked’ during a meal they hope that they will be treated no different from anyone else, because frankly, that’s the the point.

However it isn’t always possible to maintain the mystique. One such time was when Matt and Cat made their second visit to Newchurch’s Pointer Inn in almost as many days. The first time was as part of an exclusive tasting panel, corralled by veteran columnist Keith Newbery to sample the Island’s newest dish: Newchurch pie. Having at that event been introduced to the managers, Robert and Rachel Burrows, it was unlikely that they would be able to make a return visit without being sussed.

Those of you with long memories or with a particular interest in meteorological statistics may recall the only two consecutively sunny days of August 2010 which, for once, coincided with the Bank Holiday and Ryde’s scooter rally. After days of being cooped up watching the rain gush down their tent flaps, everyone was out in force, enjoying the brief but welcome glimpse of the sun. This sudden explosion in Ryde’s population meant that Matt and Cat were displaced; all of their usual Ryde haunts were fully booked for dinner and they were compelled to look beyond their postcode for somewhere to eat. They’d not started off with any intention of reviewing a new place but, as is often the way, things turned out differently. So having booked the last available table at the Pointer Inn, M & C headed out of town – the opposite direction to the hordes of scooterists.

Pointer Inn, Newchurch

The Pointer Inn, an archetypal village pub in the heart of Newchurch, was known for its good food and particularly its vast portions. Apart from the pie-tasting event, Matt and Cat hadn’t been there for a few years so knowing that new management had recently arrived they were interested to see how the Pointer team would perform. Although they’d booked under somebody else’s name, that was as far as the anonymous review went this time as the cheery landlady Rachel at once recognised M & C as her pie-sampling guests. They were soon settled in at a cosy table, Matt was quaffing some good real ale, and the menu was under scrutiny.

One of the great things about this village pub is the community feel; it’s quite clearly a pub that does food, and local drinkers still prop up the bar and gossip, as they have done for generations. Regulars are even encouraged to swap produce from their gardens for beer! A blackboard trumpets the day’s contributions and names the numerous donors; Matt and Cat were confident in the knowledge that they really could take a bite out of Alistair’s plums. On the pub’s website it claims “Rob uses the veg for inspiration for his specials, you can’t get more local than across the road!”. As they read the menu and the specials board the diners certainly gained an encouragingly positive impression of local produce being used. Although as it happened most of the specials on offer that day were unlikely to be from Newchurch unless the villagers have taken up sea-bass farming or fishing for Cornish scallops.

This meat demonstrated that the Pointer kitchen is more than capable of producing something exceptionally good

It was from the specials board that Matt made his choice: the strikingly named “Rump the Works”, described as a 10oz Havenstreet rump steak, home-made onion rings, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, chips and salad. Cat, having overindulged earlier asked for something from the starters menu – Isle of Wight home-made crab cake with smoked salmon and dill crème fraiche. The waitress helpfully suggested that it could be served as a main course, but dainty Cat decided to have it as a starter size anyway.

She was glad she did, because the crab cake that arrived was a most impressive specimen and more than enough for her. More like a crab ball than a cake, it was a delicious medley of flavours and textures, complemented very well by a varied and extremely fresh salad – surely the beetroot and little gem lettuce were the same ones announced on the local veg donors’ roll of honour on the wall.

Pointer Inn, Newchurch

Matt was pleased to have been asked how he wanted his steak, and given the option to have it ‘blue’. This isn’t a choice in many places, and it indicates that the kitchen has confidence in both the meat and their ability to prepare it. In this instance the confidence was well-placed because this was a really great steak which Matt savoured. Seared on the outside, and piping hot, it was very rare on the inside, but neither cold nor dripping. Maybe the chef was bringing it on because he knew that the meal was being given extra scrutiny, but to be sure this meat demonstrated that the Pointer kitchen is more than capable of producing something exceptionally good. Alongside the meat itself came ‘the works’, which in this case proved to be some endearingly fluffy freshly-cooked onion rings, a single colossal mushroom, and some perfectly cooked cherry tomatoes, just bursting out of their skins. The whole lot was topped off with a tangy sprig of fresh watercress. The chips which served as the carbohydrates of the dish were average, but with all the other ‘works’ in its favour, Matt had no doubt that this was a really good way to eat rump steak.

Crab cakes £5.95
Rump the Works £15.95
Coffee x 2 £3.30
Total: £25.20

Desserts? The chirpy waitress popped back at just the right moment, stretching Matt and Cat’s resolve almost to breaking point… but the excellent main courses had done their work, and they declined. Sipping coffee they almost recanted when the kitchen door opened and a home-made meringue went by that was shaped like a mushroom cloud and only slightly smaller. But no, enough was enough – just as in days gone by there is no doubt that diners at the Pointer can be absolutely guaranteed not to go away hungry.

So Matt and Cat are delighted to herald the rebirth of a long-established favourite dining pub. The Pointer Inn, under its new management, seems to be keeping the best of the old Pointer tradition and adding to the mix some exciting new developments. It’s a pub with atmosphere and charm, but one which knows the value of good food: the well-crafted and reasonably-priced menu is delivered with cheerful and attentive service. This one’s going to take some beating.

See a more up-to-date account of a visit M&C made to the Pointer via US food blogger Another Pint Please.

It’s a pub with atmosphere and charm, but one which knows the value of good food: the well-crafted and reasonably-priced menu is delivered with cheerful and attentive service. This one’s going to take some beating.
  • Consistently amongst the best pub grub on the Island
  • Great service
  • Hyper-local food
  • Very good beer
  • You WILL have to book.
  • A cramped old building - you won't get buggies, wheelchairs or big dogs in here easily

5 of 5

5 of 5

5 of 5

4 of 5

4 of 5

  • IW Regular says:

    Visited the Pointer Inn for the first time ever today, having been told by Matt and Cat in an email a few years back that it was their favourite place on the island. A friendly welcome and a table, showing as reserved, was made available for us (even though we hadn’t made a reservation). The menu was fairly restricted with the ‘specials’ being almost identical to the regular menu, with some very minor tweaks. We decided to have a starter as scallops were on the menu. I had the ‘special’ version (with black pudding and apple) and Mrs IW Regular had the ‘standard’ one with pancetta. Both beautifully presented on slates. Taste was good although I preferred the ‘feet’ to be removed from the scallops.

    In contrast to the beautifully presented starters, the mains were standard pub lunches. I had a beef and London Pride beef pie with shortcrust pastry, which came with lovely big chips, peas and gravy. The pie was pretty tasteless, as was the gravy and the pie would have benefitted from being puff pastry. Mrs I W Regular had pork belly with a jack Daniels sauce, which was far better than my main.

    As my meal was very stodgy, I couldn’t manage dessert. My wife managed a half dessert (which is a good idea), which was one large profiterole with chocolate sauce and ice cream. There was supposedly salted caramel somewhere in it, but it was well hidden.

    Any pub selling HSB beer gets a big tick from me and the ambiance and service were all great. However, as.a pub selling food, we much prefer the Folly Inn. The Pointer Inn clearly sets out to be an upmarket pub which it delivers in most respects, but, in the case of my main course, it doesn’t meet consistently. 7/10.

  • Bushy says:
    Why couldn’t the Roadside have been run by people like this…?

    What a delight this pub is! Arriving at 1:30 on a busy Saturday lunchtime, we were greeted with an apology that there would be a half-hour wait for food – then, when we said we’d be happy to wait, we were immediately allocated a table for 2 p.m., presented with menus and served with drinks (including a perfect pint of London Pride), While we waited, we sat on bar stools and chatted to the locals (yes – this is still a proper pub) and to Rachel and her splendid team (no ringing for attention here). We were summoned to our table at precisely 2 p.m. and enjoyed two of their delicious sandwiches: not only full of different ingredients and textures but also incredibly good value. On previous visits we have sampled Newchurch pie and fish and chips – all excellent. And believe it or not, this is still a brewery owned pub! Why couldn’t the Roadside have been run by people like this…?

  • Veggie-girl says:

    Had a special family night out at Pointers last night and just had to write – it was fabulous!! I’m vegetarian and wheat intolerant but was amazed to find that they were able to cater for me. I had the field mushroom and blue cheese risotto. It was DIVINE! (I’m still thinking about it today!) Other meals on the table were fish & chips and the filo pastry pie with feta, spinach and pine nuts. We were all very happy. The portions were large. The beer lovely. The coffee smooth (unusually nice decaff.) We shared strawberry pavlovas for dessert (they were huge) and honestly, they were gorgeous!! Oh, and the service was excellent – really friendly and helpful. My only gripe would be the limited veggie/wheat-free options, though I would happily have the same again next time.

  • Tikka Tom says:

    Another fantastic meal there this week. A member of our party had the Caesar salad and it looked even better than my previous!Fish and chips was my choice having seen the size of it on our last visit. I wasn’t dissapointed. A large piece, wonderfully cooked and not greasy. The plaice that others had looked great with the house potatoes and the lamb pie was, apparently, to die for. We’ll be back!

  • Tikka Tom says:

    We had a meal there for the first time and were not disappointed. When we booked we were told that they could squeeze us in at 6 providing we could vacate by 7:45. No problem for us and its a sign of a busy establishment. It must be popular. Really pleasant service on arrival and throughout. My wife ordered the salmon and prawns, reminiscent of an old fave of hers that the dark Horse do no more. I ordered the Caesar salad with a side of mozzarella garlic bread. While we were waiting the diners next to us were served with the largest piece of fish i have EVER seen along with a marvellous mixed grill. Mmmmmmm! The salmon and prawns was great with the ‘house’ potatoes (sautéed with red onion)although the prawns were a little small and a few more wouldn’t have gone amiss. The Caesar salad was delicious with 2 lovely grilled chicken breasts and a poached egg coated in breadcrumbs. How do they do that? The garlic bread just oozed garlic and mozzarella. All in all it was a lovely meal at a reasonable price. Will we return? DEFINITELY!!!!!!

  • nancyb says:

    We had our Sunday lunch here on Matt & Cats favourable comments, but were a little disappointed. Three of us had Sunday roast, one had the mixed grill. All were nicely presented but the meat and potatoes were fairly average. Vegetables were nice. The mixed grill looked nice except for the steak which was not medium rare as asked for.
    The desserts were lovely, we all had apple and summer berry crumble with custard.
    The service was very good, nice attentive couple and the bill was not bad for an average Sunday roast – £70.20 for four adults, although both my daughters did say I did nicer roasts.

    When we arrived at the Pointer Inn, all the locals were a little unwelcoming and the place smelt of wet dogs (dogs are allowed in the bar). We are pet owners ourselves, but find this not very nice when eating.

    Not the best meal we have had but not the worst either, but unfortuneately we will not return here

  • Storm says:

    Had an odd meal at the perenial favourite the Pointer’s last night…

    Ordered the sea bass fillets, which was supposed to come with a salsa verde, salad and potatoes (I asked for chips instead of potatoes).

    The bass was lovely, beautifully cooked and presented with a lovely salsa verde – all good as usual so far. But there was a rather large pool of what seemed to be watery butter, which hadn’t been mentioned and certainly wasn’t expected.

    Unfortunately the salad hardly amounted to a garnish so I hastily requested a side salad. This came quickly, but instead of being the bowl of mixed garden salad that is on the sides menu it contained less salad and more croutons (!) and parmesan shavings – maybe this had been mistakenly prepared for another table and was surplus to requirements.

    Then the chips – cooked to perfection but what a tiny portion. Others on the same table had twice, and in one case, three times as many…!?!

    So, all in all, a rather strange experience at what I’ve always considered to be a very reliable and enjoyable place to eat. I hope this is a one off and doesn’t become the norm here.

  • Josh says:

    My second recent visit here for lunch and was still very favourably impressed! I really enjoyed the very tasty mushroom soup (even though I had ordered a different soup) and my friends were impressed by their ‘light bite’ of the famous pie. The place was buzzing and we were lucky to get a seat. The service was swift and staff friendly …I do hope this standard keeps up as there are so many lovely meals to look forward to.

  • David Smith says:

    Just back from my annual hols on your great Island.We visited the pointer inn on two nights and had a lovely time the food is great I recommend the IOW 2 pork steaks in a sauce with local veg it was out of this world the presentation was on par with the top restaurants.Will be back here next year.This and the Boat house Seaview are the very best I visited.

  • da yw wyth says:

    The ever-reliable Pointer revealed its best-kept secret – the exquisite Newchurch Pie, taken as a light bite with 2 veg. Perfection doesn’t begin to say it! Suffice to say, with shortcrust pastry this good and such good quality filling, British cooking has to be unsurpassed on tbe planet! Whoever said that puff pastry is modern and preferable (e.g. God’s Providence) needs a stern talking-to! Pointer is the pie-capital of the IW, from henceforth…!

    Matt and Cat respond:
    Thanks for your comments, as ever, da yw wyth. We love the Pointer Inn and Newchurch Pie – in fact it gets its own review!

  • Annette Lamballe-Armstrong says:

    Spontaneous decision to go for early supper last Tuesday – couldn’t have been more accommodating since most tables had been booked from 7.15pm but a table for two was found for us with no problem. Newchurch pie as good as before with perfect veggies and one rare sirloin steak. A ‘phone call had to be made to “activate” our Matt&Cat” card (perhaps all staff are not aware?) but was no problem. Never been disappointed with the food and friendly service here.

  • da yw wyth says:

    Took some visiting relatives there for Sunday lunch, and the whole experience was absolutely flawless. Sunday roasts were exceptional and alternative choice perfect. Deserts were beatifully-presented but not over the top. Service was attentive but not intrusive. All locally-produced meat showing off the IW at its best. A general air of well-being hovered over the packed pub. All facilities were spotless btw. And all in a venue that actually felt like a pub. Visitors felt the buffet experience of the last commenter must have been a blip, possibly the proprieters not able to do it themselves for some reason, and had other caterers in. They have booked to return today. NB do not change what you do, and please do not re-locate!!

  • MissingVeg says:

    I’d like to start by saying that I’ve had a few great dinners at the Pointer’s since the new owners took residence, the food always being cooked and presented to perfection, and so consider them very reliable and one of the top places to eat on the Island.

    This comment however is concerned with a buffet laid on last night, 28th Feb, for one of the local regular’s 70th birthday.

    The tables were well-laden with a sea of beige food – very ordinary sandwiches, bland quiche, cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, small halved pork pies, some freezer to fryer pastry snacks (samasos, bhajis, spring rolls) with unidentifiable mushy fillings, catering jar dips, and the one saving grace – some huge shell on prawns. Not a vegetable or salad in sight, not even a crudite to dip, just beige beige beige. Then, after everybody had been picking for a while, out came the bowls of hot chips (beige again!), and even these weren’t anywhere near the Pointer’s usual standard. I definately got the feeling that the chef had a night off and “mum had gone to Iceland”. The pudding offering was two bowls of Profiteroles and one bowl of chocolate dipped strawberries which might have been lovely if they’d been properly ripe.

    Fortunately the lady whose birthday it was seemed to be having a lovely time and didn’t appear to notice the numerous comments made about the unusually poor quality of the food and the lack of people tucking in.

    I do hope this doesn’t mean that the Pointer’s are feeling the pinch in the economic downturn and are trying to maximise profits by slashing quality and cutting corners.

    I will eat there again as an ordinary diner, and hopefully they will restore my faith in their kitchen, won’t ever feel inclined to book a function there though.

    Sorry Pointer’s, but…

  • Sue&Geoff The Veggies says:

    We went to the Pointer Inn on Tuesday, after a trip around the churchyard to see the splendid carpet display of snowdrops. There wasn’t much veggie choice on snacks/light bites, so we had a main course each instead. My spinach, pinenut, ricotta filo pastry pie was a huge wedge, probably 3″ high (didn’t have a ruler) served with an equally large wedge of white cob bread, nice salad, and warm chutney (never had that before, but excellent). Geoff had the mushroom strogonoff with basmati rice, very tasty.
    Both were £8.95 – good value.
    We used our M&C Dining Club discount card, but unfortunately they managed to add a supplement instead of taking off the 10% discount, and after some basic arithmetic on the back of a fag packet, managed to work out the correct sums, with good grace. Just a human-till-button-pushing-error, so no problem. Glad I checked the bill though.
    Only one gripe, which applies to lots of places: please can you be a bit more adventurous with veggie sandwiches/light bites. These 2 mains were lovely, but we really only wanted a sandwich/baguette, and are fed up with only being offered a Cheese sandwich. Boring.

  • James P says:

    I hate to come across as a grumpy old diner, but we were doing a recce for a forthcoming dual birthday bash, which we really don’t want to get wrong, and having stopped in the Pointer to peruse the menu and general ambience, decided to stop for a snack. We ordered some drinks and the French Onion soup and ‘wholemeal cob’ roll sounded tempting, so we both went for that. It was a while coming, but the pub was busy and we weren’t in a hurry, which was probably just as well. Other food went by, and looked pretty good, which may have heightened our expectations, but when it did arrive, the wholemeal cob seemed to have metamorphosed into a chunk of white. I wouldn’t have minded if it hadn’t been written on the blackboard…

    The soup itself had plenty of onions, a slight piquance suggesting the essential white wine (or maybe a smaller quantity of wine vinegar) and a surprising quantity of mustard seeds. So far, so good, but if the stock had been modern art, it would have been Cubist, so the end result was more onion gravy than l’art de la cuisine.

    I know I’m being picky, but even I can make a decent French Onion soup, and I was hoping for better from a place with a reputation and so many good reviews.

    I will try the Newchurch pie one day, though – just not on my birthday…

  • sarahsarah says:

    yes the pointers is great, but really miss the huge portions of years ago and the starters arnt up to much. the pavlova however is to die for!!

  • C & R says:

    An absolute winner all round! My burger was delicious. Partner’s steak perfectly cooked and children’s meals really very tasty. Will definitely return.

  • MintyMat says:

    What a great write up, Roydini! We love The Pointer Inn too, great beer, food, atmosphere and location. An individual pub in a homogenised world. Looking forward to my next visit.

  • Roydini says:

    My wife and I gave the Pointer Inn a try this evening. We just wanted good pub grub at sensible prices, and drove through the lanes in our new not so shiny CRV from Ventnor on a filthy night to the sanctuary of the hectic , but welcoming Pointer Inn. We took the last available table having called in earlier. Lots of Pubs on offer on the Island but so many are spartan, unwelcoming and view non regulars like visiting Aliens. What can we say ? This is the Pub that ticks all the boxes, good wholesome food, fantastic battered fish, light and flaky, and a Pavlova that defied description for its seductive presentation, size and taste. The lovely Rachel made us feel very special, and the bill was half what we have paid on the mainland for a far inferior meal. This quirky Island has dealt us some of the best and some of the worst food experiences of all time over the past 3 years since we bought our 2nd and soon to be retirement home here, but when we weigh it all up the Pointer Inn is without doubt well ahead in the value and quality stakes, setting the benchmark for others to follow. It may not have a Michelin Star, but if they rated Pubs this one would be a 5..

  • Cat says:

    Thanks for all your positive comments!
    We love the Pointer Inn. So much so that we’ve asked them if they’ll host one of our Dining Club events. So, if you fancy trying out the pub’s magnificent food in a homely atmosphere with me and Matt, come along – find out how to join the Dining Club and details of the event here.
    Cat x

  • Wendy V says:

    First time at the Pointer Inn for me yesterday evening, with a group of 9 (including 4 children) for a friend’s birthday meal. Pleasantly surprised that all orders, including drinks, were taken for us at the table (most pubs, even the foody ones, tend to expect you to order at the bar), and the service throughout was excellent. It was a hit with everyone. I loved the vegetarian strudel (£8.95), filled with spinach, brie and walnuts and served with a delicious mustardy sauce, vegetables and new potatoes; Ian was equally impressed with the slow-cooked belly pork. My veggie friends chose asparagus with poached egg (usually a starter) as a main course; and the children all ordered from the main menu, and finished everything on their plates.
    Between us, we tried out most of the desserts (£4.95 each), including the huge “atomic” pavlova Matt and Cat refer to in their review. It would have been too much for me, and in fact even defeated my friend, but no-one was complaining! My son polished off his warm chocolate pudding (also mentioned by M&C). I chose the fine pear tart with caramel sauce and toffee crunch ice-cream. The pears were beautifully caramelised, and the blend of flavours was superb. And it was just the right size for me, too, leaving me satisfied but not over-full.
    A very good – and reasonably priced – meal. We will definitely return.

  • rambler says:

    Popped in for a light lunch durig a walk; again , service excellent, atmosphere welcoming and food really nice. They are still doing a good job there.

  • Linda and Paul says:

    On your recommendation, we visited the pointer inn for the first time today for lunch. We were delighted with the food, ambience and staff. We have not felt this welcome at any other eatery on the IOW. The gourmet burger lived up to its name and, together with the delicately fried onion rings, made for a fantastic lunch. We will be visiting many more times in the future.

  • Downsviewduo says:

    We tried the Pointer Inn for dinner recently, and although it was fine, I was slightly disappointed. The evening that we went was very busy; in fact in the time we were there, there were a number of potential customers turned away. The food itself took quite some time to arrive, about forty minutes, and when it arrived it was presented quite well and was hot. I suppose my main gripe is that whilst it was pretty good, it was nothing special, certainly not better than anything I could have produced myself at home. The highlight of the meal was the meringue that my fiancé had, it was amazing! A massive portion, wonderfully presented, and the meringue itself was cooked to perfection. The decor of the pub definitely needs improving, very cluttered, and the carpets are really dark, and looked like they needed a good clean. The staff who served us were clearly caught up in their work dealing with a full house, and paid us very little attention. The lady who took payment for our meal (we assumed she was the owner?) was very friendly and definitely added a more positive note on the visit. Overall not bad, but I’m afraid we didn’t have the same experience as some of the other diners on here. Would try again, though perhaps on a quieter winter’s night.

  • Ann & Steve says:

    Once again,another brilliant week on the Island!Frequenting the Pointer every day,dining twice again & still very,very good food,service,ambience & the wonderful Rachel!She is a star!
    Don’t know how she manages to juggle so many things at once but she does & never gets in a flap about anything!The lamb steak was succulent & delicious as was the rump with ‘the works’
    The champagne that flowed on our last night(it was our anniversary!)hit the spot perfectly!with a chilled bucket of ice to keep it cool.Every detail has been thought of at this great pub/restaurant & the locals are all still full of the banter that we love!Fantastic!
    Don’t change a thing,Rachel & Rob are an inspiration & a credit to this great Island venue.

  • Neil Walker says:

    For us, this is THE pub to eat on the Island. The food is wonderful, the service friendly and attentive, but never intrusive and the cooking superb. For a special event, this is our No. 1 choice.

  • Kay and Terry says:

    Comment from Kay and Terry. We wish to thank all the staff at The Pointer, for the wonderful evening. We had our Golden wedding here and the staff went out of their way to make it an evening to remember. As always the food was excellent, the menu has a wide range of choices for all our guests.

  • Had a wonderful meal here last night.
    Never been here before but will certainly be visiting again. Have already told a few friends about it..wonderful, and well done to the new owners! x

  • Sue says:

    This is the second time we have had lunch on a Saturday here in the last three weeks. I usually like to try different places but it was so good a few weeks ago, I had the duck in a plum and hoisin sauce – truly sublime, that we decided to go back for my birthday.
    Yet again the service was good and we were made to feel very welcome. I had the beef and reef which was scallops on sirloin steak, which was as good as the duck dish from the other week. I ordered rare steak and it was cooked to perfection, so were the scallops. The salad on the plate was flavoured to perfection, which was unexpected. We all thoroughly enjoyed our meals, and I think we will be back soon. Its not quite my local, however the drive across the island is well worth it. The food is so much better than a lot of so called fine dining restaurants on the island and i think its great value in comparison. Whatever the Pointer Inn is doing, just keep on doing it!!

  • Bushy says:

    Decided to have lunch at the Pointer today – spur-of-the-moment decision aided by miserable weather. Delighted to see that the Newchurch Pie is now on the ‘small dishes’ menu so gave it a whirl: fantastic, and not that small a portion! Great London Pride bitter and a nice glass of Chilean Merlot, and super-friendly service! Wish we had a local like this…

    Incidentally, I’m sure that this pub used to be called the Pointers with an ‘s’, and the pub sign was the Great Bear constellation with the ‘pointers’ pointing at the Pole Star. Can anyone confirm this?

  • Mart says:

    Recently had lunch at The Pointer Inn, and it is now one of the few places on the Island I don’t begrudge spending my hard earnt wonga at – service is attentive & friendly, and the food is top notch – well done to the owners.

  • Andy and Sarah says:

    We have just returned from a first visit to the Pointers and, other than being so full we can feel our arteries clogging, we enjoyed every mouthful of our food and were extremely well looked after by the very lovely Rachel. The butternut squash soup of the day was divine, our mains (Pheasant and steak) beautifully cooked and melt in the mouth, and our desserts (that gorgeous chocolatey pudding pictured above) so delicious, we don’t think we’ve ever tasted a chocolate pudding so good. We did suggest the title of the pudding be changed from ‘rich chocolate pudding’ to ‘outrageously rich chocolate pudding’ and next time we would just have one between us, but we can’t recommend the Pointers more highly.

  • Ann & Steve says:

    Just had yet another great weeks stay on the Island & frequented the Pointer every evening!We were staying next door,so temptation was there!We ate there twice during our stay & both times were most enjoyable.I tried the crab cakes as a main which were very tasty indeed maybe my only moan would be that there were largeish pieces of potato in them instead of mash mixed with the crab,but tasty none the less.Steve had the ribeye steak cooked rare & said it was delicious!We shared the homemade Banoffee for dessert which was massive!Very,very good too.
    Rob & Rachel are working very hard to make their new venture work & the constant flow of people dining & just drinking at the bar is very good.Nothing is a problem for Rachel,who attends to whatever anyone needs instantly & with a big smile always.
    We look forward to our next visit after the Christmas festivities have gone.

  • Jan Honey says:

    We arrived without a booking and there were 7 of us. Although they already had tables reserved, Rachel was happy to accommodate us as it was still early and there was an hour and a half until the reservation time. We all had really excellent meals, served promptly and courteously. We managed to finish just in time for the next guests, but were not in any way made to feel we needed to vacate the table. I was so pleased that we decided to try the Inn as a result of this website and I am only sorry that we are not IOW residents who could make this our local!

  • Jackie says:

    The chocolate mousse pudding is a true “Fix” for any chocoholic, delightful, as is the home made Tiramisu, my personal favourite.
    I’ve eaten at the Pointer Inn several times since Rob and Rachel took over and every meal has been 100% pure excellence, be it from the standard menu or the specials board.
    The atmosphere is most welcoming and the service very prompt and always with a smile.
    I wouldn’t spend my money eating out anywhere else now!

  • kj says:

    A review like this is a boon for other diners…The Pointers creates a rod for its own back by putting in extra effort for recoqnised reviewers.

    From now on they will be judged by this review

    Will definately give them a try when the Taverners is not available..and I’m a fickle soul, so they may win my heart

  • Reeny says:

    So what’s that delicious looking pud in the photo?

    We haven’t been here for years and that was just the one visit, when it started gaining it’s good reputation for food. We’ll certainly give it a try again now!

    Matt & Cat reply: that was chocolate mousse pudding, which someone else on our table tried, and enjoyed! We have actually since writing this review gone back and tried the mushroom-cloud pavlova, and it is stunningly good, albeit that even Matt couldn’t finish Cat’s left-overs, this pud is so mighty.

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