Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Update: Matt and Cat revisited the Pilot Boat Inn in 2010. Had their opinion of this friendly pub changed? Read the original review below...

Update: Matt and Cat revisited the Pilot Boat Inn in 2010. Had their opinion of this friendly pub changed? Read the original review below this update.

For a change of scene, Matt and Cat decided to cast their net wider than their usual haunts for a Monday evening supper. For once deciding to try something out of their Ryde comfort zone, they headed west to Bembridge and the twinkling lights of the Pilot Boat Inn.

Fillet steak

Last time they went to this distinctive establishment, M and C were verily impressed with the excellent food and friendly service. And, so it seemed, were plenty of other people as the restaurant was packed and some of the dishes had even sold out. This time however, there was no need for the reviewing duo to worry about being squeezed out as the bar was undeservedly empty, apart from a few supping locals.

A particularly outstanding burger

Peering at the range of specials and then at the bar menu, then back and forth between the two, Cat was surprised to see two different prices for the same food. This anomaly was quickly explained by the friendly and patient barmaid. Apparently on Monday night all specials are the purse-charming price of £6.50. A decent choice of dishes was available including locally-caught skate wing with parsley butter sauce, mash, greens and cherry tomatoes, and spiced Moroccan lamb with cous-cous. It was the fillet steak that caught Cat’s eye; would it be a nouvelle cuisine-style gesture of microscopic proportions or a decent-sized meal? Who on earth wouldn’t wrest open their tightly-snapped clasp for such a bargain price? Certainly not The Cat, whose tiny leopard-print purse was already agape. Matthew decided to choose from the standard menu. Although tempted by the Isle of Wight pork sausage, mash, veg and gravy he decided to default to the Pilot Boat burger with salsa.

Matt and Cat’s bill
Pilot Boat burger £8.95
8oz fillet steak £6.50
Stilton sauce £1.50
Chocolate torte £3.95
1pt London Pride £2.90
2 x coffee £2.80
Total £26.60

Last time that Matt and Cat went to the Pilot Boat Inn it was still legal to smoke indoors. What a pleasure it was not to have to endure the suicidal puffings of the fag-chuggers. The restaurant was nice and clean, like its air, and M and C settled at a table by the side entrance, delighted to see their ‘recommended by Matt and Cat’ sticker in pride of place on the door.

As all of the dishes are cooked to order there was a bit of a wait for Matt and Cat’s meals but nothing that a bit of idle speculation about the impending Hantsweb Awards couldn’t fill. And it was certainly worth the wait. Cat was amazed by her steak; it may have been a budget price but it was not a meagre portion. A vast slab of the finest meat – chargrilled to perfection – was served with a massive pile of steak-cut chips and accompanying salad. No pitiful garnish, this was a fully-fledged foliage-fest: mixed peppers, leaves, tomatoes and cucumber dressed with honey and mustard. A schooner of melted Stilton came alongside and there was plenty for both Matt and Cat to smother their meals in this delicious tangy cheese sauce.

Matthew’s burger was good and meaty; it came in a nice fresh wholemeal bun, and half a plateful of skinny fries. The salsa had fresh tomato in it, suggesting that it wasn’t straight out of the jar. Like Cat’s dish, it came with a generous salad and was overall a superior burger.

Although M and C had decided to clear off after they had guzzled down their meals, the canny barmaid offered them the puddings board ‘just to look at’. Cat made protestations of having reached her capacity but Matthew had spotted white chocolate torte on the little blackboard and didn’t take any persuading. Along with two coffees, this dessert rounded off an excellent meal. The delightfully sweet torte was outstanding and enhanced with chunks of white chocolate. Cat burst out laughing when she saw the beatific smile on her companion’s face as he shovelled in the sweet. This particular expression of Matt’s is usually reserved for an undefeated high score on Team Fortress II or overindulgence at a particularly fine cheeseboard.

Satisfyingly the standards at the Pilot Boat Inn have not diminished in the three years since M and C’s first visit. The comments made by this website’s visitors give consistently positive feedback about this great venue. Matt and Cat do not intend to leave it so long next time. Definitely recommended and upgraded to ‘we love’!

Original review posted 7 May 2007

The Pilot Boat Inn is a very distinctive building from outside, looking, oddly enough, rather like a boat. Converted in this whimsical way in 1935, it now stands prominently on the end of the causeway that leads over scenic Bembridge Harbour to nearby St Helens.

The Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge

One warm evening, Matt and Cat drew up the little unmade road that the Pilot Boat sits in. Parking with a little difficulty, they nevertheless soon found their way to the side door of this intriguing-looking pub. Once inside they had to negotiate their way through a rather tortuous path: up steps, through parked buggies and around the well-packed tables of the diners within. The porthole design of the windows has had the effect of limiting the view of, and daylight from, the outside world, making the pub feel a bit like a gloomy barn inside, despite great effort obviously having been expended on the stylish interior.

Oddly, one end of the pub was jammed to bursting point with dining families, whilst the large bar area was deserted. It soon became obvious why when Matt and Cat reached the bar and found that the no smoking area was the busy end of the pub, whilst the sizeable smoking part, occupied by one man making the most of his legal right to smoke indoors (until 1 July) was obviously not favoured by the diners. With a little manoeuvring, M & C secured a small table at the edge of the smoke-free exclusion zone and studied the menu. It turned out that it was an evening for special offers, and there were some mouth-watering specials for a paltry £6 each, including steak! M & C eagerly selected from this line only to pretty quickly discover that the specials are strictly limited in number; all were sold out despite it being quite early in the evening. But frankly, for £6, you can’t complain. Perhaps that was why it was so busy, as all the locals come come in early to get the specials.

After some further analysis of the more normally-priced items on the main menu Matt selected the Pilot Boat Burger, without any particularly high expectations, and Cat uncharacteristically eschewed chicken and went for a vegetarian tagliatelle dish with seasonal asparagus, spinach, mushrooms and parmesan.


When the meals arrived both were impressed by the well-presented and appetising-looking food. Cat’s tagliatelle was excellent, its exceptionally creamy sauce a rich medium for the fresh vegetables. Generous shavings of parmesan cheese added a tang to the dish and it made for a delicious, if artery-busting, meal.

Matt was bowled over by one of the best burgers he had ever eaten. Expecting generic burger and chips, and feeling a little resentful of the £9 price tag (having been lured by the £6 specials), he was expecting little. How wrong he was.

The last morsel of a magnificent burger

A huge, home-made juicy burger nestled in a fresh wholemeal bap, smelling delightful. Fragrant red onion pieces were inside, giving a rich onion flavour without any of the nasty after-taste that cheap burgers with onion are prone to. Having chosen Stilton from the wide choice of sauces, Matt was delighted to see that this turned out to be a decent slice of real Stilton, which was perfectly melted and oozed enticingly from the bun. Plenty of standard chips and a hearty salad complemented this masterpiece. If the chips had been home-made it would have truly been the epitome of what a burger could be. As it was, it was well worth the £9.

This quirky-looking venue is actually a pretty good food pub on the inside. Matt and Cat were surprised and delighted by the excellent food, and the Pilot Boat is recommended. Perhaps next time they will get there in time to see if the £6 specials are as good!

  • Bushy says:

    Great news for those of us that preferred the “old” Pilot Boat.The owner has stopped trying to run it as his idea of a Gastropub, and has disappeared backstage to run the B&B. The new bar management have reintroduced the music nights and pub quizzes, and once again the Pilot Boat has the feel of a proper pub. We haven’t tried the food yet, but first impressions of the bar service were excellent.

  • Toad says:

    When we tried the revamped Pilot Boat I have to admit I quite liked it. Having a boat in the harbour we tended to eat here a lot. Last summer however we noticed a change. Portions smaller, prices higher and quality lower. we have now abandoned the Pilot Boat in favor of the Windmill, it is unlikely we’ll be back while the current owner is there. There was/is a young girl call Nat who always made us welcome, I hope she finds a better place to spread her kindness. George, with respect, listen to your customers while you still can.

  • Braveheart says:

    Having read the above comments since the change of ownership, my wife an I decided to try the Pilot Boat, as it use to be one of the best for food in the Bembridge area.

    Having tried it, we can confirm it is dire.

    Friendly staff aside, (someone who looked about 16 served us drinks at the bar, or at least tried to, as the young lady couldn’t actually pour a pint – is this legal?)the old Pilot Boat has been replaced with a space akin to a mess hall at Eton.

    The owner danced about all over the place giving orders in a very loud voice and telling us it was ‘Work in progress’ – as they opened in March, how much work is required?

    Well, to be honest, quite a lot in the food department. My husband use to always have the burger. The offering he was given was over-cooked, the bun was dry, salad small and chips both limp and very, very dark brown – one can only think that they were heated up again.

    I had the Fish & Chips and almost instantly whished I had not – Greasy batter, more burnt chips and microwaved peas which sort of looked lost, even on such a small plate.

    This use to be one of the best places to eat, now we would rather go hungry than eat there again.

    Such a pity.

  • C & R says:

    Gave the ‘new’ look Pilot Boat a second go this week and found it better than our last visit, although still not a patch on the older version. I had the chicken and leek pie which was nice, if a bit lacking in something or other. Partner had the burger which did look good. My daughter had the cottage pie from the children’s menu which at £6.50 was a little pricey but very tasty indeed! The staff were lovely, atmosphere was a bit lacklustre but we will probably go back in the hope that the Pilot Boat soon rediscovers its magic.

  • da yw wyth says:

    Can’t have been that bad, can it, if the dog ate it – aren’t they notoriously picky eaters…?

  • John says:

    Stopped off, starving and just went for the first nosh stop that looked open. This was the first time we had visited under the new management.

    I had the belly pork – I have never had belly pork this good. Sorry to hear about Alex the belly pork eater featured above. Maybe I caught them on an exceedingly good day and Alex caught them on an exceedingly bad day!
    Will go back and give them a 2nd go soon. If it’s anywhere near as good the 2nd time then I guess
    the chef must have been having a bad day (or day off) when Alex visited.
    I do agree that the prices have crept up to the higher end of what the Island can stomach and it’s something the new owner needs to consider if he’s not providing quality at every serving, which does seem to be the case currently.

  • Alex says:

    The meal I had there earlier in the summer was one of the worst I have ever had. I have a weakness for pork belly so I ordered that. Big mistake. It was nothing like I had ever had before with a weird texture and taste, my dog ate that. The sticky toffee pudding had a burnt taste and was quite hard on the outside.

    The revamp is horrible, no pub atmosphere and looks like a school dining room.

    The pub is OK for a drink if you sit outside but I shall never eat there again. I’ve settled for all day breakfast instead at Captain Stan’s old boat now turned into a cafe, great to sit outside on the pontoon on a nice day.

  • Tink says:

    As anyone who follows this site will know, this is our local and we have been loyal for years, however there has been a definite change in the last few weeks..prices hiked, portions smaller and the food not a patch on what it has been…staff however remain pleasant and polite if a little eager to get you out of the door once the meal is finished!!!!Come on Pilot Boat get your act together you need trade all year round not just July and August

  • Hope says:

    Found the revamped Pilot Boat pleasant with cheerful and polite staff. Unfortunately, the food was a disappointment. Small portions at London prices. Starter of tiger prawns with a dressing of lime, coriander and chilli was bland. They need to revisit the dressing recipe as it tasted only of lime. It was small, with a few ribbons of cucumber and five prawns – £6.75. Main course of Greek salad – £11.25 – was large on green leaves, low on feta cheese (5 small cubes) a few olives and cherry tomatoes with a tasty dressing. It’s a shame, because the staff were lovely. I think it will do well in the summer season but the locals will be looking for better value.

  • Bembridge local says:

    Recently went for lunch at the revamped Pilot Boat. We live round the corner and have used the pub since our teens as our local eatery and drinkery, inlcuding taking family and friends regularly. The pub has been through a few hands in that time and undergone some revamps, unfortunately I was at a loss to find anything in the new look that enthralled or created any added atmosphere. Dark maroon paint (in stark contrast to the light airy blue seaside feel previously), vast collection of old style pictures (akin to a billiard room at an old peoples home – potentially borrowed from bembridge coast hotel – give them back!), and one style dark pub tables and chairs created a clinical feel that accentuated the straight edges of the newly created rectangle room. The food was more expensive, lower quality and certainly not the generous portions that kept friends and family raving from previous visits. Im not sure if they are going for more of a restaurant feel – if so the chips need to be homemade – not mccain!
    Overall very disappointed – will try again for a drink in the summer, but wouldn’t risk this on friends or family in the near future.

  • Toad says:

    Just read some the comments above and I would just like to say. How many Islanders does it take to change a light bulb, it can’t be done, they don’t like change. I am a born and bread islander,have a nice summer all 🙂

  • Toad says:

    Tried the new Pilot Boat in Bembridge today. Nice food, real nice staff and I did like the new decor. I was a regular before and will continue with the new people. I sincerely hope it’s a success.

  • Tink says:

    Tried the revamped Pilot Boat for lunch today-food excellent, prices reasonable, bar and waiting staff politeness itself. New style decor nice as well. I liked the old pilot boat but like the new one as well we will be going back as its definately our local in the summer months…………

  • C & R says:

    Well we tried it. And didn’t really like it. Food wasn’t that bad but nothing special like it was before. The staff were very friendly, we couldn’t fault them at all. We have two very young children who, I must add, are generally well behaved when out in public!! Even so, we felt on edge and a bit paranoid that they were getting on people’s nerves. Nothing specific happened to make us feel like this, I think it was just that it was a very quiet, very different atmosphere to our past visits.

  • El Caterina says:

    Having a pint in the Pilot Boat is like having a pint in the library, only with more Musto about. It’s not a pub anymore, and the clientele aren’t pub-goers anymore.
    What a shame.

  • HarbourHanger says:

    Over priced, over done, over here.
    Lifeless,dull and empty.

  • bembridgelover says:

    liked the new look, its different but smart. was nice to see the same team still working there. prices were more expensive but cheaper than for example c&l and windmill but still great quality and service. had the mixed grill it was fantastic.

    id definetly recomend going back

  • Hevs says:

    Just visited the ‘new look’ Pilot Boat for the first time and couldn’t agree with Downsviewduo more! The place has lost its soul! The layout is clinical, not inviting, the lights are too bright, all the charm, character and quirkiness that made the Pilot Boat so special have been ripped out and replaced with a colour scheme and layout that would be more at home in a typical, London pub or ‘try hard’ Gastro pub. It doesn’t work in Bembridge and once inside you could be a million miles away from the sea. Such a shame because the food (although a very limited menu) was still good. Unfortunately, our regular trips to the Pilot Boat will no longer be – the lack of ambience and the new owner’s apparent obsession with 1970s style paper lanterns has put us off for life.

  • Downsviewduo says:

    What a shame. My girlfriend and I have just eaten in the ‘new look’ Pilot Boat, and I am so disappointed with the experience. Why do people feel the need take a winning formula, that’s clearly popular, and change it?! Give it a lick of paint, add some new dishes to the menu by all means, but make sure you keep in place the things that served you well! Things we noted that were negative: 1. More expensive, 2. Smaller portion size (My girlfriends Risotto was the size of a starter, and cost £11.00! Oh and I noticed the smaller plates, I won’t fall for that old trick!, 3. No background music and very bright lighting = no atmosphere, 4. Salt and pepper served on tables in dishes; this looks good, but I would question the hygiene, and who wants to sprinkle chunks of rock salt on their chips?!, 5. They have stopped selling soft drinks on draft, only small bottles now, 6. The menu was very limited, and whilst I appreciate it’s only been open a week (an excuse we could hear repeated on more than one occasion from the proprietor), it’s been closed a month to redecorate, so why not sort the menu out then! Any good points? Yes, the waitresses are the same and the new paint job on the outside looks great. Now I know this rant probably sounds like the words of an individual who opposes change; trust me I don’t! We went there tonight with a completely open mind, looking forward to an improved experience. I have a background in catering, having worked as both a manager in a hotel and as a chef; so I consider myself reasonably qualified to pass judgement. It’s vital that you understand your customer and cater for them. The Pilot Boat is slightly out of the way (for the Island anyway!) and almost certainly relies on the return trade of locals throughout the year, it will be most interesting to see if these loyal patrons now vote with their feet. I have reviewed a few places on this site now, but I’ve never written this much. Why? Because it really annoys me that they’ve changed one of my favourite places! As mentioned in an earlier review my girlfriend and I ate at the Pilot Boat about twice a month, sometimes more, we’ve recommended it to friends and family, and we have spent several hundred pounds there in the last twelve months. I was a loyal customer, and looked forward to our visits; and it makes me angry that it’s been changed. Sorry Pilot Boat (well the friendly waitresses anyway) we’ll be going somewhere else from now on.

  • C & R says:

    I have kept checking in to see if it’s reopened and what it’s like. Did you sample any food at all? We are over for our first of 3 (so far!) holidays booked for this year in two weeks’ time so will definitely be giving it a try. Fingers crossed the food is still of the same high standard.

  • bushy says:

    The Pilot Boat is open again! Not sure I like the refurbishment at first sight, but maybe we’ll get used to it. A rather more limited menu with no specials board, but it’s early days. We’ll give them a couple of weeks to bed in before we try a full meal.

  • C & R says:

    Oh no!! This is our favourite place to eat when we visit the island. We are holidaying in St Helens again at the end of March and have been so looking forward to our meal at the Pilot Boat! Please keep us updated.

  • Bushy says:

    Shock Horror! The Pilot Boat has changed hands and will close tomorrow until the end of February for ‘complete refurbishment’. Whether the new management will maintain the same standard of food remains to be seen. Watch this space!

  • Downsviewduo says:

    Further to my last comment, we went back to The Pilot Boat Inn last night and can confirm the ‘sticky tables’ are now gone. The place is now, in my opinion, perfect!

  • Downsviewduo says:

    My girlfriend and I are regular visitors to the The Pilot Boat Inn, visiting there two or sometimes three times a month. It’s a great place, very welcoming, lovely fresh food at reasonable prices. There is always a great atmosphere, and it is testament to the place that whatever day we go, whatever the weather, it’s busy. The Pilot Boat burger is my meal of choice, and it is almost certainly the best burger I’ve ever had. One minor criticism……. the sticky tables! The place is always clean, and I don’t wish to detract from the owners achievements, but I wish they would change whatever it is they clean the tables with! But like I said, that minor quibble aside, the place is fantastic!

  • derek atkins says:

    We visited last night (05-10-10) and can thoroughly recommend the food in this pub. Food was excellent quality and excellent value, 4 real ales on 2 from island breweries. The place appears to have been redecorated since we last visited about a year ago and is nice & bright and very clean looking.

    The only real down side of the evening was having to walk back home to St Helens in the rain 🙁

  • Tink says:

    Thats a real shame ….especially as you said yours and your husbands meals were excellent.In our experience Fridays are always very busy. Enjoy exploring other eating establishments..

  • Amanda King says:

    Tink, re your response – we may have gone on a bad night as there was a live band playing later in the evening. However, we were made to feel uncomfortable as the barman announced audibly to a group of males that he was waiting for us to leave the table, then they could sit down and have their meal. We hadn’t finished eating at this point. We were visitors, so wont be returning, but didn’t rate it as being briliant

  • Tink says:

    Stunned by the last comment re the childrens meals we have been eating at the Pilot Boat for years and they have ALWAYS accommodated the children smaller size portions of the adult meals have been available when we have asked in fact I think the menu says to do just that. This is one of the most child friendly adult pubs we have ever eaten in and they have always made the children welcome and on more than one occasion made a meal especially for the children…………

  • Amanda King says:

    My husband and 2 1/2 year old daughter visited The Pilot Boat on Friday 17th September at 6.30pm (when they start serving food). I had chicken casserole from the ‘specials’ menu which was excellent, my husband chose beer battered cod and chips, again excellent. However, the pasta and tomato sauce from the children’s menu was a total disgrace. An adult size bowl arrived with an enormous amount of pasta, served with bitter, straight out the bottle passata sauce and a fistful of really strong cheddar cheese. Needless to say, she wouldn’t touch it and we couldn’t even face more than half a mouthful. Please, children are not second class citizens and if you can’t be bothered to offer them decent healthy food, why don’t you offer half portions from the normal menu of certain things.

  • Matt D says:

    Without any doubt this is our favourite place to eat on the island.

  • David & Tasha says:

    We (a Party of six – Including children)ate at the Pilot Inn this evening (7th April 2010). The food was excellent (Particularly the Chicken Kiev, Wild Mushroom Risotto and Cod in beer batter!)
    The service was faultless and the coffee was very reasonably priced at £1.60 for a Cappuccino etc.
    We were there to celebrate a special occasion and they certainly did us proud.
    We would happily recommend the Pilot Inn for Couples or families and give it an ‘A’ star for service and excellent food at reasonable prices.
    We will certainly be going back again soon!

  • Terry Byers says:

    We ate at the pilot boat on sat 20th march and took the in laws out for lunch. It wasn’t particularly busy but busy enough so was a really comfortable atmosphere. Having lived on the island until 2004, I was struggling to think of a decent eatery (as my wifes family love good food!!!!) and it was from this website that we decided the pilot boat. In our choices were Spicy fish cakes (three big fat ones), Beef lasagne (clearly home made and not zapped either) and beer battered cod with chips and peas. We also had children’s Pasta for 3 little ones and we were pleasantly surprised by the choice of tomato (topped With freshly grated cheese, optional) or cheese sauce for the pasta as most places it is just served in a tomato sauce. Though before this I asked if there was a kids menu and great reply came back of ‘we can serve ANYTHING on menu as a kids meal’ with a nugget, sausage, chips etc 2nd menu for really fussy kids. So the Kids can eat good food just like mummy and daddy. And if the menu wasn’t a good enough selection there is a specials board too!!!. We all had a dessert and they were great too…In fact we all wanted two or three as they all sounded amazing!

    We WILL be going back……….

  • ryan says:

    Had the pilot burger today, one of the best burgers I have tasted. Huge portions!
    Will defo be back.

  • ANON says:

    My friend and I ate here last week at lunchtime. It was very quiet i.e. just us and one guy drinking at the bar, but this didn’t bother us, I know just how quiet this part of the island is like in the winter and expecially in the week. Having been during a busy Sunday lunch I’ve experienced the great atmosphere here when it is busy. Anyway, after reading the limited lunch menu, we both ordered bacon ciabatta’s – mine with brie, her’s with cheddar and after a short wait both meals arrived and were incredibly genorous portions! A whole warm ciabatta with perfect amount of filling with a large side salad and portion of chips (which were extra). Neither of us could eat all of the meal, though they tasted great we were just too full. All in all good food, though too big a portion and it would have been nice if we were checked on by the staff seeing as we were the only ones eating in the whole place – it doesn’t take alot & it makes a big difference to the customer & the experience. Good pub, would go back

  • sean says:

    We were very impressed when popping into the Pilot Boat Inn for lunch. The place has been renovated very nicely since we visited last (many years ago), and the food was great. My wife was very happy with her choice of wild mushroom risotto, served with a really well prepared salad, good quality throughout and a very generous portion. I had Scampi and chips and again the quantity was good and the chips were the nice thin type, well crispy and tasty.

  • Cpt. Carling says:

    Best place going. Fresh food, cooked properly. It may fill up with loud ‘shouty’ DFL’s during the summer, but it is still worth going as you won’t be let down.

    They do need to review their single malt selection though – we drank the last of it just before Christmas 2009!

  • lovefood says:

    Oh yes and they make the most wonderful lemon cheesecake. Sharp and creamy with a lovely crunchy base. Best I’ve eaten I think.

  • bushy says:

    Hear, hear! We eat at the Pilot Boat regularly, and have never had a bad meal. It also manages to be a good local pub and a welcoming family venue.

  • lovefood says:

    Ate here last night with my family. Friendly and efficient service. I had fillet steak, wonderfully soft, tasty and cooked to perfection. Two of our party had burgers with various toppings. They where home made and well flavoured. The last choice at our table was vegetarian fajitas which for £1 extra we added chicken. What a feast, lots and lots of spicy chicken and veg, sour cream and salsa. Eat here a lot and always enjoy my meal and wish I had everyone else’s too! They make their own pudding too, always a winner with me. . .

  • Looby says:

    We eat at the Pilot Boat at least twice a month-never had a bad meal- staff always friendly-what more can I say good tasty, interesting food as well as the normal favourites.

  • Bushy says:

    Still great. We had excellent freshly cooked food on Friday night, with the added attraction of a live band. Even though they were really busy, we were really well looked after – no hassle at all!

  • Bushy says:

    We took our two granddaughters (one only 16 months old) and were very impressed that it manages to be both child-friendly and a proper pub. Nothing was too much trouble for them, and a particularly pleasing feature is that there is no rubblishy ‘children’s menu’ with chicken nuggets etc. Instead, they will serve anything off the main menu in small portions. Our two little ones tucked into scampi and chips with relish!

  • Lesley H says:

    So pleased you visited the Pilot Boat inn which was a suggestion I placed a while ago.
    Next time try the fish (caught locally) and chips or roast sunday lunch. Well worth the trip from Newport.

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