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Miga Chinese Takeaway, Wootton Miga Chinese Takeaway, Wootton
Wootton’s busy High Street is one of the very few places on the Island where takeaway fans can chose from good quality fish and... Miga Chinese Takeaway, Wootton

Wootton’s busy High Street is one of the very few places on the Island where takeaway fans can chose from good quality fish and chips, Indian and Chinese all in the same small row of shops. So if your family is fussy and cannot decide on what to have – why limit yourself to just one cuisine? Go to Wootton and you can have all three.

Miga Chinese Takeaway, Wootton

The Miga Chinese takeaway occupies the old Post Office. It is eye-wateringly bright and clean inside – almost clinical, with furniture seemingly moulded in a style not dissimilar to the space station lounge in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Just the occasional flash of red and the Chinese wall hangings save it from looking as soulless as a celebrity’s bleach-toothed smile.

Matt and Cat popped in to see if the food was as good as the floor was clean – and are pleased to report that it was indeed. The menu is chockful of traditional Chinese favourites such as Cat’s beloved chicken chow mein plus a vast selection of seafood, beef and poultry dishes.

After placing their order from the very comprehensive menu, Matt and Cat had just enough time to flick through one of the venue’s magazines before very generous portions of excellent food were promptly produced. Meagre it is not: the Miga is straightforward, convenient, and is recommended.

  • Matt says:

    We used to use this Chinese all the time till on two occasions the chicken was un-cooked. The fist time it was the chicken in the curry and we put it down to a one off and shoved it in the microwave and then the next time the sweet and sour chicken balls were raw!! Bit in to it and was unable to separate. Cut a few open to find raw meet. Very off putting and a shame as we loved the food.

  • Baez says:

    Started off well ribs with chilli and salt and satay chicken very nice. Then the main courses and its ll downhill Singapore chow mien no flavour, chicken curry so so.
    Banana and pineapple fritters awful so a meal £38 including rice and soup (chicken noodle again so so) no more custom from us and wil be saying when asked forget it it has Isle of Wight cleanliness mark of 5 but a taste factor of 2 tops sorry

  • Jeff says:

    To the Rodger above, I think you may be getting chow mein mixed up with chop suey so you can not blame the take away for your ignorance.
    Love the food from here recommend highly.

  • Bex says:

    I work at this Chinese and am surprised at the effort the boss and other staff go to during the day times everyday to ensure the food is as fresh as possible, apologies to anybody that has not enjoyed te food, customer service or any other aspects, we strive to make sure that our service suits everybody, and to rectify and problems our costomers may have. I am glad to see a good review, it shows our work does something!

  • Catherine says:

    Miga offers consistently good chinese dishes. We have our personal favourites, which are always very tasty. Would recommend this takeaway to all.
    To top it all, we live just down the road…local chinese…excellent standard, what more could a satay king prawn lover ask for!!?

  • roger says:

    we arrived on the island on the friday 3rd sept. found a takeaway menu at the play we were staying we ordered on the phone had a starter platter consisting of 2 spre ribs, 4 mini spring rolls , and 4 sesame prawn toast a bit steep at £5.90
    but the ribs were good but not good value for money’
    we hoped the main course would be better i had duck chow mein (which lacked vegetables and lacked sauce very disappionted and included bean sprouts which in not usual served in that dish)
    my partner had sweet and sour chicken hongkong style (it was deep fried not stir fried the sauce was very thick good thing we had a few bottles of beer
    it lacked vegetables )
    i will not be going back again at a very steep 16.20 for 3 dish and not good value avoid this place poor quality food

  • paul says:

    Danni Kee…

    It’s probably very much a case of that, these kind of sites will always attract that kind content!


  • Danni Kee says:

    Could you be Sammi from Hong Kong Express doing a bit of negative advertising??

  • madeline says:

    You must have gone on a bad day Sammi. I find this place consistently excellent and have used it regularly. Since we lost the Beijing Palace, I can honestly say this is the best Chinese meal I’ve had outside China.

    Matt and Cat respond: you’ve been to China? Cool!

  • sammi says:

    this is the worst takeway ever!!! i had a meal from there and omg i cant believe that i hv wasted my pounds…… this was soo unexpected because BALTI KING takeway is jst next to it and itz is fabulous and the food worths all the expence and the service is the best u can find in the island……….
    soorrrry but truth is always bitter,

  • Isabella says:

    It is a really good take-away!!My favorite dish was there..chicken fried rice! ^__^

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