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Kevar’s, Ryde Kevar’s, Ryde
  Kevar’s, Ryde

Just as Newport has become synonymous with coffee shops, Ryde is a place where one is spoilt for choice for a light lunch. There are plenty of sarnie and baguette shops or, if you prefer your nammet enclosed in other ways, you won’t have to look far to find a bagel or a wrap. Or maybe you fancy hot tapas, a budget breakfast or perhaps a South African stew, coz they’re all available in this Georgian town.

Full Monty full English

Full Monty full English

Of course, sometimes only a good old fashioned fry-up will do and, it was with this in mind, that Matt and Cat pushed open the door to Kevar’s – in what is poetically described as Ryde Old Town. As the door swung to behind them, Matt and Cat were reminded of their first visit to Kevar’s some years back in which they sang the cafe’s praises – but with the suggestion that they fix the draughty door. Well, M&C are pleased to report that the door has been well and truly sorted out. Which just leaves the food to comment on.

Cat’s egg was just as she wanted it to be: soft, warm and eggy

Matt and Cat are creatures of habit but even they probably wouldn’t have deliberately chosen to have sat in *exactly* the same seat as in 2008. However they did so out of necessity as that was the only table clear. Still, they’d hiked up town past the cafes in Ryde Leisure Strip, up through the precinct and beyond the Dalek shop (yes, Dalek shop) so they weren’t going to leave on some whim of The Cat’s. So, just like they were sat at the same table, Matt even chose the same meal – the full Monty breakfast.

Matt and Cat’s bill
Full Monty Breakfast £5.50 (tea included)
Extra black pudding £0.90
Egg and mushrooms £3.99
Pot of tea £1.40
Total: £11.79

Cat ordered their lunches at the counter. The attendant lady was extremely cheerful and her Easter bunny rabbit deeley boppers jiggled as she took Cat’s order. In a short time both she and Cat were back at M&C’s table, the waitress burdened with tea and Cat making room for it. Teapot, milk jug, a cup and saucer for Cat, mug for Matt – even an extra tea bag should it be too weak (it wasn’t) – were delivered next to a vase containing bright Easter flowers and a studded egg.

Poached egg and mushrooms

Poached egg and mushrooms

Kevar’s was turning out extremely well. When the food arrived, shortly after the tea, all was forgiven about the uncleared clutter on most of the tables. Points were racking up for the jolly headgear, cheerful demeanour and allowing Cat to order a single poached egg with mushrooms and toast on the side. The egg was just as she wanted it to be: soft, warm and…well, eggy! The mushrooms had been fried in salty butter – the best way to give these little fungi a flavour boost. With the addition of a round of white toast, for mopping juices of said egg and mushrooms, the lunch was all very lovely.

Matt’s breakfast was a cafe staple, served in the traditional way. The bacon was the star – perfectly cooked, it was just crispy on one side but still moist and soft on the other. He’d opted for extra black pudding, and he used this and the plentiful toast to absorb the yolk from a splendid fried egg. A simple but effective repast.

The benefit of sitting in the window seat meant that Matt and Cat could wave at passing friends. One even popped in and joined them for a cuppa. As it was nearly closing time and the pals were still nattering the cheerful lady with the bunny headband popped over and locked the door. “No rush,” she said “I’ll be here for ages yet.” So, Matt’s dream (well, one of them) came true – a lock-in with a fried breakfast!

Seven years after Matt and Cat’s first review, they are pleased to report that Kevar’s has maintained its decent food. Coupled with jolly service and oceans of tea in the prescribed way that we English folk love, it’s definitely worth the wander up the hill.

Classic town centre cafe serving all of your favourites.
  • As well as the traditional fry-up, Kevars serves sandwiches, burgers and baked potatoes.
  • Perfectly cooked bacon; just crispy on one side but still moist and soft on the other.
  • Excellent tea, in a pot with all the trimmings.
  • Tables weren't cleared.

3 of 5

3 of 5

4 of 5

3 of 5

3 of 5


  • Patrick says:

    Everything always prepared with care – even the most straightforward dish invested with nurturing attentiveness. No frills and no messing here – just good, old-fashioned goodness 🙂

    But a Georgian town? I think not….. to paraphrase what someone once said “This is a gem of a town from the Regency-Victorian crossover”.

  • da yw wyth says:

    Choices of a light lunch, are you sure??? Surely no-where can rival Newport when it somes to hot dinners…? Especially soups of course, Ryde cannot hold a candle!##

    Kevars fine for a cooked breakfast though…

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