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According to the blurb in the Copper Kettle’s menu, “Seaview once boasted three banks, a large number of butchers, bakers and grocers, antiques and...
Full English breakfast

According to the blurb in the Copper Kettle’s menu, “Seaview once boasted three banks, a large number of butchers, bakers and grocers, antiques and curiosity shops and was once a bustling centre of commerce”. This is hard to imagine, particularly in winter when the population of the village dwindles. However, at the beginning of the season – a very early Easter – there were plenty of people taking the bracing air and enjoying their breakfast at the Copper Kettle.

Matt and Cat had previously visited the café, having enjoyed such a nice pot of tea they decided to make a return visit to sample the food. The quaint little tea shop was almost full when they arrived, just one table left. It was a very homely atmosphere for breakfast; windows slightly steamy, the smell of toast and bacon and the radio gently warbling in the background. There were home-made cakes in a glass cabinet and Matthew was delighted to see simnel cake for sale, complete with its marzipan apostles.

Egg and bacon

Just in time to order breakfast, Matt and Cat studied the small menu, noting with interest that egg and bacon bap (£2.20) in the breakfast menu became bacon bap (£2.20) in the light snacks menu. Still, Matt was not going to bother with such a modest meal, as usual he opted for the full breakfast.

Full English breakfast is a variable feast; in some establishments it is a positive mountain of meat and dairy products, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes. Other, more parsimonious venues will palm you off with cocktail sausages, re-constituted mushrooms and a single triangle of cold toast (you know who you are Colchester farmhouse B & B!). Fortunately for Matt – although possibly not so good for his arteries – the breakfast at the Copper Kettle came into the first category. Lean bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes, a runny egg and fried potatoes jostled for position on the plate. Hot brown toast was served on the side and was put to good use – great for mopping up the egg’s yolky heart.

A selection of teas

A selection of teas

Cat, with her more modest appetite and haunted by memories of an overwhelmingly huge cooked breakfast the previous week in Gloucester, was more cautious in her choice of meal. Egg and bacon were the order of the day and the kind staff at the Copper Kettle were quite happy to swap the bap for some toast. Good job too, as the perfect runny egg would have been a messy beast to eat in a bap – Cat may be sloppy but she was pleased not to have an eggy chin!

Both breakfasts were washed down with fresh coffee, which seems to be a speciality of the café. In fact, there is a whole page in the menu and an entire wall in the café dedicated to hot drinks, including the local-sounding Carisbrooke blend tea and the more continental Milano, Americano and Macchiato coffees.

So, for a breakfast, the Copper Kettle will satisfy and, as Matt and Cat had already discovered, there is no finer place in Seaview for a pot of afternoon tea. Unless you know better… Recommended.

  • Bushy says:

    Yes, they do cream teas, and very nice they look too!

    But my comments align more with those from “vfbb”. This is a well-run establishment with fine food and top-quality service.

  • vfbb says:

    Went to LP’s during Seaview Regatta week and even though Seaview was very busy we had a wonderful family meal in LP’s. There were 10 of us in total the service was quick & friendly and the pizza’s and olives delicious. Will definitely visit again. Yummy!

  • Tony Green says:

    Bushy “Criticising the new LPs for its scones is a bit like criticising the old Copper Kettle for not serving real ale”

    Perhaps they should take down the sign outside advertising “Cream Teas Available Here”

    Suffice to say I gave them the swerve when visiting Seaview on Friday

  • Da yw wyth says:

    Unfortunately there must be criticism though, making these changes to somewhere that had been so wonderful is pure vandalism!

  • Bushy says:

    Criticising the new LPs for its scones is a bit like criticising the old Copper Kettle for not serving real ale. It is not a tea shop any more, but a vibrant pizza parlour with – especially in the evenings – a lively wine bar atmosphere. As such, it has been welcomed by both holidaying families and us cynical old locals!

  • Tony Green says:

    Visited the former Copper Kettle yesterday and I am sorry to report I was not impressed.

    They had run out of scones by 4pm despite advertising being open until 9pm. They only had 4 scones left so we let others in our party have them. They had to be the smallest scones I have ever seen, without hardly any fruit in them from a packet that normally holds 6 or 8 in them.

    Whilst seated on the left hand side of the cafe, a rather large fridge/freezer was constantly being open by staff and customers, some children leaning with their backs to our table knocking the table, then some other customers and staff placing sorberts on our table whilst we were still sat down.

    I wouldnt say the establishment was particularly cheap, that was not really the issue, but in an attempt to cram in more tables, having to sit next to a fridge/freezer and the subsequent knocking and bashing by customers children, the table being used as a makeshift tray whilst customers make their minds up over sorberts to buy and possibly in the pursuit of profit, scones that were smaller and contained less fruit than 12 you can buy in Iceland for a £1.00, it was a bit of a let down.

    Having walked from Binstead to Seaview we expected more as it was a first time visit. I doubt whether our holiday guests will be visiting again anytime soon.

  • MintyMat says:

    Yes, ran past here earlier. Completely redone, plenty of customers and the aroma was wonderful. Worth a revisit I reckon.

  • Bushy says:

    Had lunch at LPs today. Two of us shared a pizza, leaf salad and a dish of olives – all delicious and fresh-tasting. Nice atmosphere with plenty of attentive staff for such a small venue. Can’t wait for a bit of sun so we can sit at the outside tables -which, like those inside, are made from recycled bits of Ryde Pier!

    They also do daily specials (including fresh fish today), quiches, sandwiches, baguettes and a range of home-made cakes.

  • Bushy says:

    Copper Kettle has re-opened today under the name ‘LPs’ – which apparently stands for ‘Lovely Pizzas’.

    They are still doing the usual tea and coffee shop stuff, but they have installed a proper pizza oven and they are also aiming to attract the wine drinkers.

    They also have a couple of small benches outside – one of which has already been used on this blustery morning by a hardy soul!

    I look forward to trying an alternative to the usual Seaview watering holes: probably at lunchtime today!

  • Bushy says:

    Heavy building work at Copper Kettle the last couple of days. The Seaview rumour mill has been rumbling overtime. I gather that it’s been bought by a well-known local who plans to re-open it fairly soon.

    Matt and Cat respond: Thanks for your comment, Bushy. We spotted the activities in the Copper Kettle earlier this week. Keeping ’em peeled!

  • Reeny says:

    We stumbled upon this little gem last week when wandering around Seaview. It’s got a lovely light hearted atmosphere, with chirpy and friendly staff. We each had a home made scone with cream and jam along with a latte. Delicious is the word that springs to mind! Many choices available on a reasonably priced menu. Nice atmosphere and surroundings. We will go back 🙂

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