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Bizzy Wok, Ryde Bizzy Wok, Ryde
The heavens opened as Matt and junior reviewers Bill and Jack dashed home after a busy day out. Grabbing the nearest takeaway menu that... Bizzy Wok, Ryde
Special chow mein

The heavens opened as Matt and junior reviewers Bill and Jack dashed home after a busy day out. Grabbing the nearest takeaway menu that had fluttered through the letterbox, Matt rang the Bizzy Wok, a takeaway in central Ryde that Matt and Cat had never previously tried. A polite lady answered the phone and amazed him by offering the food in ten minutes! Leaving the nippers to prepare the table, he ventured promptly out into the deluge.

This little shop, set just off Ryde’s upper High Street, is a traditional take-away with a simple counter. As Matt plunged dripping through the doorway, the cheery lady was ready to greet him by name, with the food to hand, and even a solicitous remark or two about the rain. Impressively positive service all round: but would the takeaway pass muster?

Matt was pleased with the cost of the dinner – and with a generous 20% discount for self pick-up it was worth the rain down the back of his neck. On return to Matt Towers, the waiting lads were banging their chopsticks on the table expectantly. A complimentary portion of prawn crackers topped the fragrant bag, and underneath Matt had special chow mein, whilst Bill and Jack both received duck with cashew nuts. Two portions of egg fried rice, and one of seasonal vegetables were to share.

Duck and cashew nuts

The hungry chaps tucked in, and soon found that their meals were every bit as good as they looked. Matt’s chow mein was presented in an unusual round carton, containing a generous portion of noodles and a pleasing mix of meats, prawns and vegetables. The lads were similarly impressed with their duck, which included a decent portion of meat and a tangy sauce. The seasonal vegetables were plentiful, fresh and hot. With a charming attention to detail, the carrots were cut into decorative shapes – a touch you might expect in a restaurant, but not in a takeaway. All most satisfactory.

Matt and the lads were pleasantly satiated by their tasty takeaway from the Bizzy Wok. Prompt, friendly, and offering good value, it is recommended.

(Updated with new image May 2016)

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  • Purplewicca

    12th August 2013 #1 Author

    We regularly use Bizzy Wok and can honestly say we have never had a disappointing meal.We have tried meals from other Chinese Takeaway’s on the Island, for a bit of variety, but we always go back to Bizzy Wok, as the food is tasty, good size portions, hot and best of all with 20% discount for collection, excellent value for money. We have also used the home delivery service and have found this to be speedy and efficient. All staff whether it be inhouse or delivering have always been friendly and helpful.The free prawn crackers for orders over fifteen pounds is also a nice touch.


  • Matt

    18th May 2011 #2 Author

    We too are regulars of the Bizzy Wok and have been for many years, even back when it was Hung Pin. In all the years of excellent food and service, we have had only a couple of very minor issues, neither of which would ever put us off.

    I must add that the noodles are far nicer than the rice.


  • Hayley

    28th January 2011 #3 Author

    We have regularly used bizzy wok for a few years now, and probably having had at least 45 orders from them now (we dont eat chinese weekly!) have only had 1 bad order with fatty pork balls.

    We have always found the food, good value not to greasy and quick delivery,


  • Glyn Evans

    15th October 2010 #4 Author

    We are regulars at the Bizzy Wok and we think the service is excellent and the food is always well prepared and delicious. We particularly like the special rice number 140, the chicken noodles and the spare ribs. Its always cooked fresh and is still very hot by the time we get home and the 20% discount if you collect makes it excellent value. If you’re having trouble finding their number, its 567694. Well done Bizzy Wok!


  • Rydeabout

    12th April 2010 #5 Author

    Busy Wok? More like the “Busy Microwave”. Absolutely horrible food we had tonight.

    Mixed starters – couple of dried out spare ribs no meat, 1 spring roll each, no filling, prawn toast, adequate, seaweed – adequate but not much of it.

    Chicken satay which was in batter – indedible and chewy – was so tough

    Hot & Sour Soup – ok but lots of pork fat in it.

    king prawn balls & egg fried rice. Rice was just a clump – never seen the inside of a wok I fear. Prawn balls, more balls than prawn.

    I am left hungry as I could not eat it. It is cheap compared to restaurant take aways but you pays your money…..


  • Chris Grundy

    29th April 2008 #6 Author

    We used to use the China Garden down on the Strand but recently its gone a bit downhill and become very ordinary. We seen Matt & Cats review for the Bizzy Wok and decided to give it a go. We’ve now ordered home delivery twice which was very quick and the food excellent, everything the China Garden used to be.