Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Although the Isle of Wight has not suffered the same terrible monsoon season that has deluged the Midlands, the summer even on the Island...

Although the Isle of Wight has not suffered the same terrible monsoon season that has deluged the Midlands, the summer even on the Island has not been consistently hot. Nonetheless, this hasn’t prevented Matt and Cat from venturing to the Island’s seaside resorts in search of cream tea to review for their readers’ pleasure.

Ye Olde Smuggler's Cabin, Shanklin

The spectacular Yelf’s lunch wearing off, Matt and Cat made their way to Shanklin, knowing that the tea shops would be open whatever the weather or lateness of the afternoon. Drawing into the Old Village car park, your reviewers spotted a sign for cream teas outside Ye Olde Smuggler’s Cabin. Squealing the chariot to a halt, they leapt out and made their way in.

Ye Olde Smuggler’s Cabin is a tiny tea shop, with a few tables in the quaint thatched roundhouse, and many more outside in the tea garden. Matt and Cat, glancing at the sky, wandered indoors. The menu offered cream teas, cakes, burgers and jacket potatoes, all at very reasonable prices for such a prime location. The proprietor came over and passed a few friendly words, and soon a cream tea for two for the rock-bottom price of £5.75 was ordered.

Cream tea

Two mugs of tea arrived promptly, and proved to be excellent and reviving. Soon the cream teas followed, and your reviewers tucked in with pleasure. Cheap it may be, but Ye Olde Smuggler’s Cabin shows very well that modest fare does not have to leave the recipients wanting. Although the tea was not in a pot, there was plenty in the generous mugs. Although there was only one scone, it was warmed through, and so fresh as to be almost falling apart. Although the jam was in little plastic pots, there were two provided; and a delightful and unusual touch was the sliced fresh strawberry on the side of each plate. This clean and tidy venue, with the very friendly service, delivered just what Matt and Cat were after.

  • Norfolk Nick says:

    Didn’t get a chance to eat here buy while purchasing some ice creams, I could see that the compact kitchen area looked really clean & tidy.

    There was an estate agents board nailed to the fence so I assume that this place is up for sale………

  • Gill says:

    We visited whilst on holiday last week and I sampled the baked potato with tuna. The potato had a lovely flavour and was well cooked , it was a really good size and had plenty of filling plus a generously sized fresh salad garnish. Hubby and 9 year old son had baguettes which were beautifully crisp and well filled. Would recommend this cafe for its reasonable prices.

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