Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide

Lifeboat Inn, East Cowes

24th June 2007 16

If you were to visit East Cowes marina and its Lifeboat Inn by boat, it would be easy to imagine that you were in a cosmopolitan waterside town, wealthy from development money. However, approaching the marina from the east, through streets of red brick terraced houses, past tall factories... Read more
Update: Matt and Cat revisited the Pilot Boat Inn in 2010. Had their opinion of this friendly pub changed? Read the original review below this update. For a change of scene, Matt and Cat decided to cast their net wider than their usual haunts for a Monday evening supper.... Read more
This is an archive review. El Toro Contento has closed.  Matt and Cat welcome all suggestions for new venues so keep ’em coming! On this site’s well-populated ‘suggest a venue‘ page have been two requests for M and C to review El Toro Contento Tapas Bar, Ventnor. So, on... Read more
It’s a little known fact that the Isle of Wight Council’s hospitality suite is open to the public when not being used for civic occasions. High in County Hall a modern, air-conditioned suite of rooms – once offices for council bigwigs – now house an urbane and civilised eaterie... Read more

Farringford, Freshwater

2nd January 2007 5

So, Matt and Cat boast reviews of “the most modest of burger vans to the grandest hotel restaurants”. Burger vans have been covered, but what of those grand hotels? Farringford, Freshwater Cat and Matt had some money for Christmas which they decided to invest at the Poshest Location Yet... Read more
Following a flurry of contrasting comments from their readers, Matt and Cat decided to revisit the Sportsman’s Rest to see if they’d made a mistake. The original review from December 2006 is at the bottom of the page. February 2009 review Could it be possible that Matt and Cat... Read more
Coast is now closed Inspired by a lunchtime visit to the burger van at Dodnor, Matt and Cat decided to sample the pleasures of other lunchtime snack and light meal venues. Coast coffee shop in Newport was high on the list after Cat spotted a specials board proclaiming field... Read more
Note: the Smart Fox is now closed and was replaced by the Dark Horse, which itself closed and was replaced by Kynges Well. Brading is one of the Island’s quaint tourist towns, where, in the daytime, the coaches disgorge bemused oldsters to totter from tea shop to toilet and... Read more
NB: Liberty’s is now closed. Liberty’s Cafe Bar is a new feature of Union Street, a road undergoing a remarkable revival. With perhaps the greatest concentration of listed buildings on the Island, Union Street has intrigued visitors and locals alike with its mix of the mundane and the fanciful... Read more