Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
It would be a cruel trick, wouldn’t you think, for Matt and Cat to review a restaurant that you couldn’t actually go to? Crueller still, maybe, if they raved over it, explaining with the merest hint of embarrassment how they obtained the very last seats in the house for... Read more
Archive review: alas! The Roundhouse is now closed permanently. That’s it folks! Matt and Cat might as well hang up their reviewing hats as the Isle of Wight’s ultimate cream tea has been found. After years of arduous searching, involving the consumption of gallons of tea, rock-hard to fluffy... Read more
At first glance, some things never seem to change. Bruce Forsyth’s hair suspiciously resists the march of time regardless of the fact it’s trampled all over his face. Madonna remains steadfastly dewy and youthful despite the knarliness of the old bird’s fists. Godshill defies passing trends; pretty thatched cottages... Read more
Pointer Inn, Newchurch
Although they may imagine themselves to be legends in their own lunchtime, the truth about Matt and Cat is pretty mundane; they’re just a couple of people who eat out then write about their experiences. They always try to turn up unannounced and neither expect, nor usually get, any... Read more
When Matt and Cat visited the Michelin-starred Hambrough in Ventnor back in 2009, they were stunned by the superb food, describing it as “alchemical… outstanding and clever”. The venue and service, though, they found “a bit soulless”. So your reviewers were excited this year when they read chef-patron Robert... Read more
It’s confusing enough that the Island has so many eating-places named The Boathouse. Matt and Cat know of at least four. Of these, two clearly were once boathouses; one other, with some stretching of the imagination, could have once accommodated some modest vessels. But the fourth – the Boathouse... Read more
The Bay Grill closed in 2011. There was another restaurant trading under the same name in the same venue in 2012 but we did not review it. The venue is now the Three Buoys. The cult of the chef isn’t something Matt and Cat subscribe to – but sometimes... Read more
Matt and Cat have made several visits to the Island’ most westerly café. Read their latest thoughts on the place below. Earlier review and comments follow that. Having had a successful – and educational – day out at Hampshire’s most southerly fortification, Hurst Castle, Matt and Cat decided visit... Read more
Red Duster, Cowes
Now that Twestival is over, Matt and Cat have been winched back onto the review horse and are galloping into a town near you. One of Matt and Cat’s favourites Saddling up one weekday evening they rode into Cowes and wandered around its streets looking for a place to... Read more
Churchfields is a pretty red brick house owned by St Faith’s Church, Havant and was for many years the home of Cat’s grandparents, Fred and Marjorie. Back in the 1970s the summers were always hot. Home-grown runner beans and squishy raspberries were harvested from the small but bountiful kitchen... Read more