Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Special report by our roving festival reporter, Wendy Varley. Each year the quest to find the very best of what Bestival has to offer gets harder, simply because there is so much to hear, see, do – and eat – that any one of the 45,000 revellers in attendance... Read more
By our Festival reporter, Wendy Varley Since 2008 I’ve guest-blogged for Matt and Cat about food at the Isle of Wight Festival. My gripe last year was that, in contrast to previous years, there was no sign of local Isle of Wight food. The Farmers’ Market had disappeared, along... Read more
Are Matt and Cat up for a culinary challenge? Well, is the Isle of Wight the sunniest place in Britain? Obviously! And this Bank Holiday Monday your reviewers were invited to an unprecedented event: the Bay Grill at Appley offered to feed M&C for a whole day, and take... Read more
Matt and Cat have sometimes had their attention drawn to alleged lapses of hygiene in the kitchen of this, that or the other establishment. It’s not generally something which makes its way into reviews, and for good reason: hearsay isn’t a reliable way to form an opinion on anything... Read more
So, just how far south do you have to go before you can sense the North African influence of Morocco? As far as Ventnor? For four days only, this is apparently the case. Chef Mourad Sahnoune has opened his first ever pop-up restaurant, Chez Mourad, in Ocean Blue Quay,... Read more
The world of the private club is, to Cat and Matt, epitomised by the Drones Club – Bertie Wooster‘s London gentlemen’s club. A fictional place where chinless hoorays lob bread rolls at each other, drink cocktails and hide from indomitable aunts. An alternative view of the private club is... Read more

The Great Island Bake-Off

9th October 2010 3

Have you been inspired to get baking, after watching BBC2’s Great British Bake Off? Well now there’s the chance to enter your best culinary creation into an Islandwide baking competition and win yourself some professional quality Pampered Chef cookware… and it’s all in aid of Cancer Research. The Great... Read more
In September 2010 Matt and Cat were interviewed by John Hannam, the host of Britain’s longest running non-stop radio chat show. Matt and Cat were privileged to join an unbroken procession of illustrious interviewees including Prince Edward, Sir Cliff Richard, Bob Monkhouse, Charlton Heston, Tommy Cooper and many more.... Read more

Bestival 2010 food

11th September 2010 7

Special daily report by our roving festival reporter, Wendy Varley. Older updates are at the bottom of the page. Sunday update: Sadly, I had to miss drizzly Bestival Saturday, due to my son developing a sniffle (that’ll teach me for letting him skimp on his five-a-day on Friday!). Ian... Read more
Regular readers won’t have forgotten how Matt and Cat met celebrated Island journalist and raconteur Keith Newbery in 2009. Keith has a standing challenge to the Island’s cooks and restaurateurs to produce a dish – or indeed a three-course meal – worthy to be called the Isle of Wight’s... Read more