Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Cowes Week 2013: food price survey results
Everyone says that food is expensive in Cowes Week, don’t they? But are they right? This is the third year that Matt and Cat have surveyed prices of food at over 40 outlets and venues in Cowes, and once again it seems as though popular wisdom is wrong –... Read more
One thing the Isle of Wight does well is festivals. Back in the day – when the West Wight was all fields – it played host to the mother of all pop festivals; hippies were drawn from around the globe to a tiny corner of a tiny corner of... Read more
By our Isle of Wight Festival reporter, Wendy Varley   Phew! Isle of Wight Festival 2013 got off to a calm, orderly start, with none of the mud and traffic problems that afflicted it last year. I’ve even got a little bit sunburnt. The site was nicely busy by... Read more

Spitbank Fort

Uncategorised 22nd February 2013 1

Although it is a mere four miles away from home, Spitbank Fort luxury hotel and restaurant is not the sort of place you can just rock up at – it’s a sea-castle in the middle of the Solent for crying out loud. Vessels have to be chartered and lunches... Read more
By our festival correspondent, Wendy Varley Sunday The wildlife fancy dress theme for Saturday meant Bestival was teeming with bright-eyed and – literally – bushy-tailed party-goers. Bugs, sharks, and exotic winged-things joined the throng of foxes, badgers and squirrels, plus the odd hunter pretending to take pot-shots. My daughter... Read more
Cowes Week 2012: food price survey results
Eating out in Cowes Week is cheaper in 2012 than it was in 2011 – that’s the unexpected conclusion of the annual price survey that Matt and Cat undertook. Despite popular wisdom suggesting that food prices in the famous sailing town only ever go up, when Matt and Cat... Read more
By our Isle of Wight Festival reporter, Wendy Varley Saturday 23rd June Heading in to see Jessie J on Saturday afternoon, Ian’s first food stop was the Wagamama Lounge for a late lunch. He’s a Wagamama fan, and we don’t have a branch on the Island, so he wanted... Read more
Come with us on a mysterious journey. One filled with magic and wonder, mythical creatures and tastes from your childhood. There will be gasps, there may be tears, and there’ll definitely be a wizard conjuring up some truly provocative food. Starter © Isle of Wight wedding photographer Chris Cowley... Read more
This is a collection of short reviews of Matt and Cat’s Christmas meals throughout December 2011. See our conclusions and recommendations at the end of this article. We’ll be giving out some awards, too: Best value Christmas night out Best Christmas food Top service at Christmas Most festive atmosphere... Read more
This is a Matt and Cat special event report Hands up who’s ever heard it said that the Isle of Wight is stuck in the past. Quite a few of you – you can put your hands down now. The sneerers have missed the point; it’s actually a compliment... Read more