Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide

Farringford, Freshwater

2nd January 2007 5

So, Matt and Cat boast reviews of “the most modest of burger vans to the grandest hotel restaurants”. Burger vans have been covered, but what of those grand hotels? Farringford, Freshwater Cat and Matt had some money for Christmas which they decided to invest at the Poshest Location Yet... Read more

St Helens Restaurant

3rd December 2006 41

St Helen’s Restaurant has closed and is now reopened as Dan’s Kitchen. The reviews and comments below refer to the previous owners. M&C will be reviewing the new venue in due course! St Helen’s Restaurant was first visited by Matt and Cat in 2006, shortly before it was awarded... Read more
Following a flurry of contrasting comments from their readers, Matt and Cat decided to revisit the Sportsman’s Rest to see if they’d made a mistake. The original review from December 2006 is at the bottom of the page. February 2009 review Could it be possible that Matt and Cat... Read more
Matt and Cat aficionados might imagine that these reviews are only of sit-down eateries, although the presence of various chip shops and takeaways on these pages should have dispelled that preconception. Now, dear readers, Matt and Cat take a step even further with this, their first review of a... Read more
Note: the Smart Fox is now closed and was replaced by the Dark Horse, which itself closed and was replaced by Kynges Well. Brading is one of the Island’s quaint tourist towns, where, in the daytime, the coaches disgorge bemused oldsters to totter from tea shop to toilet and... Read more
Update May 2009. Matt and Cat revisited the Apple Tree café at the suggestion of a fellow Tweeter. Read M and C’s comments below, with earlier efforts below that. Having waxed lyrical about the café at Afton Nursery, Matt and Cat were surprised but pleased to get a request... Read more