Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Matt and Cat are always grateful for your suggestions for places to try next. If there’s a food venue you want them to visit,...

Matt and Cat are always grateful for your suggestions for places to try next. If there’s a food venue you want them to visit, just leave a comment here with your suggestion. They check this post regularly and every suggestion is taken on board… although with so many great places to eat on the Island they might take a while to get round to visit each one.

If you’ve got a comment about a particular restaurant they’ve already visited then please comment on the review page, not here.

Please check they haven’t already been to your suggested venue by using the search feature, as otherwise your wisdom might get deleted unread!

They won’t normally respond directly here in this page, but watch out to see whether your suggestion is taken up. To keep the page to a manageable size comments here are deleted once they get old and/or when the review suggested is written.

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  • patrick says:

    There may be a fault with the search function (or my use of it!) but surprised to find no review of the Propellor Inn on your site? Great visit today, with exceptional food and service…..

  • patrick says:

    Have you tried Pickle and Dill in Union Street, Ryde – the website looks amazing…!

    Matt and Cat respond: we have, and we really like it! We get our regular order of Cantina bread there now.

  • Elliott says:

    Hi, my wife and I like a Chinese and recently we have found one that is consistently brilliant and superb value for money…..Kosing in Lake. Please try the Thai curries

  • James Wheeler says:

    You need to try the food at Farmhouse Pantry, thier breakfast is probably the best on the island, as so is thier Special Roast Dinner on a Sunday. The whole menu including the specials are fantastic…and I had a Australian Rump steak which is second to none. Food, drinks, staff and place are brilliant. Even dogs are looked after!!

  • Mrs Carole Foster says:

    Just had lunch at a wild catering van on the industrial estate outside Newport opposite jewson builders
    Had sausage bap £2 50. Proper sausages no cheap ones tomatoes brown sauce gorgeous ingredients and a mug of tea whilst waiting in a real mug!
    My hubby had a breakfast baguette £5.stuffed with everything.lovely couple lovely food and brilliant prices.
    With a visit.
    Regards Mrs Carole foster ventnor.

  • Tom Aikens says:

    What do you think of the new Burger King? It’s hot stuff in Newport I’ve heard.

    I’m truly holding out for what Jay Rayner says about it’s opening, but word about town you two are hottest shit. Specialising on Coppins Bridge fast food outlets.

    Mat and Catt, oh do tell…

  • patrick says:

    I’m wondering if North House hotel in Cowes is on your radar? The former Rawlings hotel has had a major makeover and looks incredibly swish. They do breakfasts, mostly featuring eggs and salmon it seems, as well as lunches and evening meals. Worth a look, I’d say…

  • patrick says:

    AJ’s Diner is the new reincarnation of the café in Royal Victoria Arcade, Ryde, A lot friendlier and more welcoming now, with a gentle revamp towards a more themed approach. Guaranteed all-day fry-ups….

  • A Kelly says:

    Totland Bay Pier Cafe.

    The meals are amazing and always freshly cooked rather than pre-prepared and re-heated products so you may have to wait a couple of minutes, but when you have views like they have from the Pier Cafe overlooking the Solent towards Bournemouth, Pool, Hurst Castle, The Needles Light house etc waiting for your freshly cooked meal is a pleasure.

    Cath and Mike do the usual cafe style meals (Fish and Chips are to die for) they more than not have some daily specials on as well. One of my personal favourites is their “Sunday Roast” (Re-starting October 6th 2019) It consists of all locally produced fresh and as much as possible free range meats etc. ALL peeled real Roast Potatoes (No Aunty Bessie Roast Spuds found here) and a variety of fresh vegetables too. The gravy is made from fresh stock. Your roast dinner is incredibly delicious. Due to its popularity you will need to make a booking, do not just turn up, you won’t get a seat due to the locals filling the place for their roasts.

    Totland Bay Pier Cafe is open seven days a week 365 days a year (usually)

    Enjoy your meals.

  • patrick says:

    May I be so bold as to suggest a visit to “The Lounge” – the estwhile Madeira café in Monkton Village? It’s kept all the best features, pre-eminently the custard tarts and the special welcomig atmosphere, but now has more predictable and longer opening hours. The soup is especially to be recommended. Just to right balance of texture between stiff and runny – what better to warm the heart on any day of the week…?!

  • patrick says:

    Well, well – I heard that Scarrots Lane Bakery in Neport once upon a time used to back the fabled Isle of Wight Doughnut, but when I swung by a while back and asked, I was met with blank looks! Now then, yesterday wandered into their Ryde shop in Union Street and…. lo and behold…. there they were ready for the eating! Beloved by a small but loyal band of followers, I followed suit and tucked in!

    Why more is not made of these by the business I cannot think – isn’t that the classic marketting opportunity…. especially during events like Pride or the Scooter Rally…?

    Maybe the revival can start here – please visit and review dear M&C 🙂

  • patrick says:

    A great trip to Daisy’s Bakery and Tearoom in Sandown. Spacious, a friendly welcome and an array of tasty, fresh items! I had tea and a very good apple doughnut. Unfortunately that culinary Holy Grail the genuine “Isle of Wight Doughnut” is no longer routinely available, as apparently “no-one” had bought them! However, the good news is that a special order of a dozen or so may be considered. Thoroughly recommended!

  • patrick says:

    I do strongly recommend doing a review of Coffee Nut of Ryde.

    In perpetual search for a decent soup venue I had more or less given up hope – Ryde may do Pride very well, but “hot dinners” have long remained the territory of another place down the road. Last week’s trip to a nearby place of a similar name had nearly led me to give up my quest, but as ever the darkest hour preceded a glowing soup dawn in Union Street.

    The venue has an unpretentiious but smart and mellow air – even by 2.30 p..m. there was a choice of two home-made soups. And what a soup I had! Clearly made with nurturing attention, it exuded delight and nourishment in equal measure. And unbelievable value for the delicious concoction, so far removed from my experience round the corner, as to be scarcely credible,

    So please hasten there – it deserves to be better-known!

  • patrick says:

    I’d be interested in your views on the Gladys May Cakery in bijou speciality Cross Street in Ryde.

    The cakes are fabulous, and the decor quirky, but the initial charming service has been replaced by a surliness which threatens to relegate it to the “historical re-enactment” category….

  • Ivana Moravcikova says:

    Hi all, this is more of a question /challenge to cat&matt and the community rather than a review recommendation but it maybe worth a try … We are coming to visit our friend on Isle of Wight en famille, there’s 7 of us ranging in age from 5 to 75 and we’d like to take our friend and his family for dinner that’s as impressive as his hospitality, but casual enough to deal with the children and elderly. We’d love great food, served simply, nice decor, a view would be a bonus and hopefully friendly service – so quite a tall order really. I think everyone loves fish, local produce and perhaps pasta/gastro pubs as children back-up plan. Can anyone help??? Thank you so much in advance and hope I am not ruining the theme of this forum.

    • Matt and Cat says:

      No problem, there are many options! For a high-end experience try the Three Buoys, Appley. That is right on the park and beach so plenty for the family to do nearby. Or for more classic pub grub the Chequers or the Blacksmiths both have nice gardens with a view, and for pasta/Mediterranean Olivo in both Newport and Ryde is a safe option.

  • Mike Howard says:

    Hi there there is an amazing little cafe / restaurant in shanklin been open 5 months called hunger stop on the high street they use fresh local produce and do amazing food from pizza burgers to dirty fries local steaks and a lot more I take my kids there 4 times a week and they love it

  • Alister says:

    Haven’t tried it yet, but The Lime Tree Cafe in Shanklin looks very interesting. Everything home-made. Gluten-free options. All 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor so far…

  • Connor whitehead says:

    Oabourne house cafe and restaurant

  • patrick says:

    Bartletts Green Farm Tea Room (not tea-rooms as proclaimed on the sign unless you count the kitchen and wc) has become a popular and much–to-be-recommended venue. Whilst the vast green walls of Busy Bee loom at one corner, and the A3055 buzzes on another corner, it remains an oasis with ducks and a pond.

    Leaf tea served in pots, and excellent cakes, the welcome is warm – the intial offhand approach of younger staff has now abated with growing confidence.

    Great cakes and food – whilst no soup was on offer when I visited, very tasty garlic mushrooms on brioche was an acceptable alternative, Luckily I remembered to request omission of salad garnish, as I don’t feel it would have suited the dish!

    • Matt and Cat says:

      Good tip, thanks Patrick! We’ve had a cake and cuppa there and found it satisfactory – might pop back some time.

      • patrick says:

        Doesn’t sound like a resounding thumbs up! Unless you are standing with equal rigour against “comment inflation” as you have been against “star inflation”…?

  • patrick says:

    I would think it’s now possible to put the “late unpleasantness” to one side as the estwhile Blacksmith’s Arms (now “Blacksmiths”) is under new ownership. As an offshoot of the exceptional Pointer Inn at Newchurch satisfaction is, if not guaranteed, certainly extremely likely! Smartened up, but keeping old quirky corners, it has to be up there with the Island’s best, in its new re-invigorated form….

    Tacolicious, on the other hand, has folded, by all accounts…

  • Jay Smith-Dowse says:

    We would like you to come and visit our new restaurant in Yarmouth, La Cucina in Foresters Hall.
    Mediterranean food and hopefully you will think excellent service. only opened late last year and is already busier than any of the predecessors in the same place. manic actually.

    M&C say: Done.

  • felicity damaris says:

    had a great sandwich on wednesday at the lime tree cafe, high street, shanklin. it was hummus and oak smoked sun dried toms in a ciabatta with side salad and crisps.

  • Ross Davidson says:

    Please try the tea room at Isle of Wight Lavender, Staplers, near Newport. I just had a ham and cheese ploughman’s (“The Veteran Ploughman’s”) which was wonderful; proper thick ham, plenty of bread, cheese and butter, and lovely fresh salad and apples.

  • patrick says:

    Any views on Tacolicious Mexican restaurant in Ventnor (ex Phileas Fogg) The menu outside looked a little scruffy, but I think it would be worth a try, as the IW is not brimming with this kind of food at present…

  • patrick says:

    I don’t know if it’s a malfunction of the search function, but there seems to be nothing on the Red Chilli (aka Chutneys, Eastern Eye) in Ventnor? Well worth going many miles to sample the food, a cut abobe similar venues outside the culinary capital…

    • Matt and Cat says:

      Hi Patrick, thanks for your suggestion. No, it isn’t a search malfunction – we haven’t been to Red Chilli yet. We went back when it was Chutney Express and had a nice meal. We’ll add it to the list! M&C

  • felicity damaris says:

    try chatters cafe in ryde baptist church, george street . the quiche and soups are very good.(home made )

  • M says:

    It is probably time to revisit The Old Village Inn in Bembridge, it has been a while since you last visited and they have a pizza oven and their homemade pizzas are awesome. This along with the full menu makes it a great destination. Just ensure you check that the oven is being fired up on the evening of your visit.

  • Scott martin says:

    Hi, I would highly recommend you to try Golden Sands, Ventnor. We have been their on several occasions and out of all the places to eat along ventnor seafront we have eaten at, Golden sands is by far our favourite. They have a delicious full English breakfast but our favourite meal is their fish and chips. Please do a review as they thoroughly deserve it.

  • Jenny says:

    We highly recommend trying the Bandstand in Sandown. The food, staff and atmosphere are all fantastic, it’s one of our favourite places to eat.

  • patrick says:

    No, we were told that you have to arrive early in the day to catch one of the pasteis de nata! The grapevine has informed me they are baked at the café now occupying part of the site of the late lamented “Ruths of Cowes”…

  • patrick says:

    Fantastic Portuguses coffee and cake shop in Monkton Village in Ryde, on the corner of Simeon Street! An inviting atmosphere amidst the curios and old-time photos of Funchal….

  • Vamsi says:

    Please visit Taste of India in East Cowes and provide your views.

  • Tony Cawley says:

    At last a really good Indian restaurant in East Cowes! Taste of India is under new management but is in the same premises previously occupied by the unlamented Purple Mango. Very recently opened up under this very enthusiastic management, the standard of food and service are amongst the best I have experienced with an Indian restaurant or, indeed, any other type. If you have not been there, I thoroughly recommend a visit asap. They deserve a boost to help grow their business and I worry that they may suffer from being in the same premises as their predecessors. Bon appetite!

  • Derek Atkins says:

    Had take away fish and chips yesterday from Samels in East Cowes. Fish was fine but chips were really poor very dry and not nice to eat. Will not be buying from them again. I’d even go so far as to say even worse than the cod father!!!

  • Loren and Jim says:

    Have you tried Chutneys Indian takeaway in Ryde?
    We have had several takeaways form there now and they have been fantastic.
    Also, the prices are very reasonable.

  • Shakira says:

    Have you tried Sam’s Peri Peri ?
    It is the best value in town, with lovely chicken,and a variety of different menus including tasty Chicken rice, salad,ice cream,and the cheapest(yet tasty)coffee.Served by friendly staff, you must try it!

  • SueA says:

    Wonky Cafe – not so wonky now
    So glad to see that Wonky Cafe at Whitecliff Bay has reopened (it opened at Easter but this is our first visit this year). Now rebuilt and reinforced against the weather. Such a perfect setting. We had an excellent veggie Breakfast, served on hot plates, with good quality cutlery, by the most cheerful staff. And it opens at 9am whereas the Whitecliffe Bay Cafe (used to be Tuppenny Cafe) doesn’t awaken until 10am.

  • da yw wyth says:

    “Crave” – superb new ice-cream parlour in Ventnor. Just ice-cream, ultra-fresh and made on the premises: plain, or a range of enticing flavours. Has to be the best I’ve tasted on the IW since the long-lost days of Farmers of Skew Bridge.

    And a made-to-measure setting in the former Ventnorian store in Spring Hill. Original tiled walls, a friendly welcome, with the opportunity to sit on a milk-churn-shaped stool at one of the windows, watching the busting scene outside. A five-star set-up!

    Matt and Cat respond: Thanks da: we’ve given it a go and found it most satisfactory.

  • da yw wyth says:

    Great news that Matt and Cat’s much-vaunted holy grail of a delicatessen in Ryde has been glimpsed on the horizon! Murphys – next to where Woolworth’s used to be – looks set to open soon…

  • Michelle says:

    Shed in Bembridge, fabulous Tapas and amazing coffee.

  • PAUL MULLERY says:

    Quarr Abbey Tearoom

    Visited today (8/6/15) for a snack and coffee. I ordered the BLT sandwich and an Americano. The coffee was excellent and when the sandwich came it consisted of two rounds of granary bread cut into two triangles with plenty of leaves and crisps. Unfortunately I must take issue with the bacon. I lifted one triangle and inspected the bacon offering. As I was looking for summer houses on my outing I had my tape measure to hand. The single bacon piece on the triangle was 1 1/4″ long and 1/2″ width. The same measurements also on the second triangle. Somewhat disappointing so I could only award 5/10.

  • Jay says:

    Can you take a look at The Bandstand in Sandown before our visit in August ?

  • Sparky says:

    Have you tried Chicken Cottage in Ryde?

    Matt and Cat respond: yes we have.

  • lisa says:

    We have just been to planet buffet in shanklin and couldn’t have had a warmer welcome from Raj the owner. Its not Michelin star but great value for money. You should check it.

  • da yw wyth says:

    Sorry, but until a review appears on here I feel I have to keep plugging One Holyrood! Now a firm favourite with many its fame needs to spread. Where else in Newport has such a tranquil garden,with stylish yet historic interior? It does luscious breakfasts, mouthwatering lunches and exquisite tea and cake – all provided with a welcome and in a relaxing atmosphere. High-point must be the soup – once sampled, forever smitten!

    Matt and Cat respond: agreed da, we’ve visited several times and really enjoyed it – just haven’t got around to writing it up yet.

  • connor whitehead says:

    Nosh nexport has the best ever coffeemail and breakfast on the Isle of wight at low prices I would recommend you review this next

    Matt and Cat respond: thanks Connor, we might check it out!

  • da yw wyth says:

    Looks like a nice little coffee shop has opened up at the back of St Helens Post Office. Cakes look appealing! It will be good to have another option in the area – hopefully with more accessible opening times than its rivals…

  • da yw wyth says:

    …. and hey presto the Spinnaker (erstwhile Windmill / Birdham) has opened on schedule in Bembridge. Looks a little bleak from the outside, but it’s early days…

  • da yw wyth says:

    Birdham/Windmill/Spinnaker, Bembridge – re. comments on 29/30th September last, the word on the street is that scaffolding is now up and feverish activity underway to prepare the venue for the coming season…

  • Bushy says:

    Who said anything about despising them? Some of them were good friends of mine!

    Seriously, though, I think the criticism of the “asset-stripper” was not the he wasn’t from these parts – more that he tried to bring a slightly edgy “townie” feel to a pub that at its best was like being in someone’s living room. When we first came back to the Island eight years ago, the Roadside was a lively pub with a real “buzz” – excellent food (see Matt & Cat’s original review) and a cosmopolitan clientele that even included some of those posh folk from down the hill!

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