Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
On an unexpectedly chilly October evening, Matt and Cat fancied a hot meal in a homely pub. Following a friend’s recommendation, they visited the Fleming Arms – an impressive stone pile on the main road in Binstead. Conveniently, the pub has a very large car park at the rear.... Read more
Note: Mr Chips has long closed and been replaced by Corrie’s Cabin.  Ryde has not one High Street, but two. Not only that, but the street which most visitors call the High Street is actually not the High Street at all. But enough of that. In the lesser of the... Read more
If you’re visiting Ryde and enjoying the esplanade or the huge expanses of sand, you’re unlikely to look behind the rows of imposing Victorian residences that front the shore. If you did, you’d be even less likely to venture down Monkton Street, with its appearance of an inconsequential urban... Read more
The Landslip at Bonchurch is an intriguing place, describing itself on an old sign as an historic pleasure park. It is a vertiginous jungle with windy paths, rocky outcrops and precipitous steps. If you have the energy for an aerobic hike about this landscape then you will do well... Read more
Note: Bar 53 is now closed. With a large area of outside seating and an association with the long-established Yelfs Hotel, Bar 53 is a very popular venue for vertical drinking in the summer evenings. However it also serves food, and thus the time came when Matt and Cat... Read more
This is an old review. See the new one here. The creation of The Orrery cafe in Ryde’s Union Street has been viewed over the past year with great interest by your intrepid reviewers; intrigued as the windows to the existing globe workshop were whitewashed and the gates across... Read more
On a rainy Sunday at the fag-end of the summer holidays, Matt and Cat took a large family gathering to Ventnor in search of a good feed. Naturally their thoughts turned to The Spyglass, which was the first in a notable local chain of pubs across the Island, others... Read more
Note: the Smart Fox is now closed and was replaced by the Dark Horse, which itself closed and was replaced by Kynges Well. Brading is one of the Island’s quaint tourist towns, where, in the daytime, the coaches disgorge bemused oldsters to totter from tea shop to toilet and... Read more
Update May 2009. Matt and Cat revisited the Apple Tree café at the suggestion of a fellow Tweeter. Read M and C’s comments below, with earlier efforts below that. Having waxed lyrical about the café at Afton Nursery, Matt and Cat were surprised but pleased to get a request... Read more
It seemed like a crazy mission – to go to Cowes in the middle of August, and try to get a decent meal at a humane price. Everybody knows that you don’t go to Cowes in August, because there be yachties there, arrr! The little boutiques crank open their... Read more