Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Summer, seaside, ice cream. How easy can it be? On the Island, you’re rarely more than a few moments from an ice-cream vendor of...

Summer, seaside, ice cream. How easy can it be? On the Island, you’re rarely more than a few moments from an ice-cream vendor of some sort or other. Matt and Cat, like everyone else, occasionally indulge, and today in Cowes they found themselves in need of cooling sweet refreshment and so made a short stop at The Plaza Ice Cream Parlour, one of the most impressive such establishments in the town.

Mint choc chip; The Plaza
Mint choc chip: this one’s already had quite a bit licked off, they start off bigger!

When they wandered in, one of the several smartly-uniformed members of staff in evidence greeted them politely, and soon they were choosing from the large range of ice-creams lined up in the freezer. Although there was also an impressive range of different cones on offer Matt and Cat didn’t spot that until afterwards, so both got a standard cone. These were nonetheless a cut above the normal Mr Whippy variety and even came with a convenient paper holder to keep your sweaty and sandy palms from contaminating the delicious treat. The Plaza Ice Cream Parlour is also an internet cafe but does not do meals, confirmed by the answer to Cat’s enquiry about the availability of sandwiches or snacks.

But back to the ice creams; Matt had mint choc chip, Cat had coffee mocha swirl – both were very tasty and creamy Beechdean icecreams, just what was required. And hey – not too expensive either. £2.80 for two cones, not bad for Cowes High Street in September. However, don’t get the idea that Matt and Cat are going to review every ice-cream shop on the Island. But maybe one or two. This one was pretty good, actually.
The Plaza Ice Cream Parlour, Cowes

  • Gary Hall says:

    We were delighted to meet our first Matt and Cat Diners Club card holder today! She was very pleased to receive her Free Flakes in all the ice creams purchased. Hope we meet many more of your members during Cowes Week!

  • Hi Matt and Cat – just a favour if you think it is relevant or proper! we were serving ice cream and teas for walkers on walk the wight today with the profits going to the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Just so that I can let people know that the money is actually going to the hospice I am letting as many people know that the amount we raised was a staggering £605 and we will get a cheque to the hospice by the end of the week. I was helped by my little band of helpers, Tom, Angie and Helen and wanted to say thank you to them and everybody who purchased an ice cream from us – If they liked it I hope they will come to The Plaza Ice Cream Parlour in Cowes for another!

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