Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Mr T’s Snacks, Newport Mr T’s Snacks, Newport
Newport is the administrative capital of the Isle of Wight and is fast overtaking Ryde as the commercial centre too. Consequently, there are lots...

Newport is the administrative capital of the Isle of Wight and is fast overtaking Ryde as the commercial centre too. Consequently, there are lots of hungry people in the town every lunch time and there are plenty of places for them to eat.

Competition is fierce and, for those who don’t want a sit-down meal, there are plenty of takeaway joints including Boots, French Franks and Town Choice – all of which have been trading for at least a decade.

Another survivor in the sandwich market is Mr T’s Snacks in Upper St James Street. The brand has been around in some form or another since 1992 and that is a tribute to the hardwork of Terry and his staff. From the early days of his sandwich round, to becoming an established local employer, Terry has – quite literally – made a name for himself in the sandwich trade.

Mr T's Snacks

“For fresh food and a friendly service”

But are his sandwiches any good? On entering the clean and friendly shop, you are in no doubt about what is on offer as the extensive choice of sandwich fillings is writ large upon the walls. ‘Meal deals’ offer good competitive value and there is a daily soup and seasonal variations; for example, in December the famous Christmas filling is a popular choice – cranberry, turkey, stuffing and bacon served warm in a baguette or sandwich or even a baked potato.

Like most sandwich bars these days, the customer is encouraged to combine fillings from a tasty array including the rather pedestrian cheese to the more unusual avocado and banana and the exotic-sounding Jepino chicken. Cat chose chicken tikka with mayonnaise and lettuce on brown bread.

The lady that prepared Cat’s sandwich was polite and friendly and her companion served whilst warbling along to the tune on the radio in a cheery manner. The sandwich was quickly compiled; Cat was pleased to note that the chicken tikka was kept in the fridge for freshness. The sandwich was tasty; the chicken spicy and the lettuce nice and crisp and all for £1.45. As Mr T’s strapline accurately states, “fresh food and a friendly service”.

  • Sammy says:

    I Love Mr T’s food, and sadly as i no longer work close enough to get my luch there each day i do miss it, the pasta salads are so yummy, especially the lovely range of chicken fillings, the tikka, the apricots etc mmmmmm makes my mouth water now thinking about it. think a trip down there today is in order for me for a nice big pasta salad and may be a chicken, mayo and sweetcorn baggette. all for a great price.

  • Matt says:

    Pity the fool!

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