Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
John’s Plaice is a newish chip shop on the High Street at Shanklin. Matt visited with junior reviewers Bill and Jack one evening after...

John’s Plaice is a newish chip shop on the High Street at Shanklin. Matt visited with junior reviewers Bill and Jack one evening after a football match had placed them relatively far from home and in need of sustenance.

The shop is modern, with clean white and stainless-steel styled gleaming furniture. The menu is typical chip shop fare, and Matt immediately spotted that the prices at John’s were actually very reasonable. The two smartly-uniformed staff behind the counter were brusque to the point of taciturnity, but certainly efficient. Their orders placed, Matt, Bill and Jack took a few moments to enjoy the cute cafe-style chairs and tables provided for those waiting for orders. Before too long the freshly-cooked meals were ready, wrapped in paper; the party set off home with the appetising smell of warm, damp paper permeating from the bag.

On consumption, the food proved to be excellent. The battered items were done to a turn – not sticking to the paper, and not at all over-greasy. The chips were exceptionally tasty – really amongst the best chips to be had on the Island. Matt’s perfectly-cooked cod portion, although medium size as ordered, was easily large enough to pass for a ‘large’ in many establishments. Jack had his favourite jumbo battered sausage, and was impressed by the crisp batter and flavoursome, meaty, non-greasy sausage.

John’s Plaice is highly commended for the quality of the food and the very good value for money. If they could only bring themselves to knock up a few lines of chirpy chippy chappy repartee they would really put the icing on the cake.

  • kj says:

    was being the operative word….now closed down.

    New owners from August.

    Shame because it was a very very very good fish and chip shop

  • Pete says:

    John’s Plaice is without a doubt one of the best chip shops on the island the chips and battered produce is amazing and the service is always quick and friendly, Their Donners are also amazing espescially with a dash of mayo. The big problem is that they appear to have been shut for some time now 🙁

  • Breda and Tony says:

    Had fish and chips here on a Friday night.Cooked to order so was a bit slow but worth the wait.Fish was very fresh and chips were very nice too.

  • kj says:

    Well you must be the un-luckeist person I know… We eat from there regulaly in preference to all the other Shanklin take-aways and have always found their food to be of the highest quality, especially the fish and chips and we have tried fish and chiips from shops from Cowes to Ventnor

  • christoph says:

    You kidding this place must have gone down hill!
    I have attempted this place 3 times now and everytime i have been disapointed.
    1 they defrost bread rolls in microwave making them go hard and chewy!
    2 the chips taste like they have been cooking in the same fat as when the place opened up!
    3. The chip shop by mr Bs in Shanklin is the best in the world only trouble is they aint open long enough!

  • neil julie helen chris bullock says:

    Very nice fish and chips
    Well priced

  • Layla says:

    Best chip shop on the island, fresh food prepared quickly, staff well presented and efficient, prices very reasonable, the place has been decorated wonderfully and everyone I have encounted there is friendly and welcoming.

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