Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Brothers fish and chip shop, in Brading, is a novelty on the Island: a chip shop which is not on the beach – or...

Brothers fish and chip shop, in Brading, is a novelty on the Island: a chip shop which is not on the beach – or even near it.

Brothers Fish and Chip Shop, Brading

Hence, like Brading itself, it has much of the charm of a quiet rural town, and is rarely overtaken by hordes of tourists. Set on the main road, the coaches grind past Brothers daily, but few take the time to stop and enjoy this unspoilt little town. Matt, too, passes through Brading regularly, and eventually decided he had driven past one time too many, and on the way home from a late assignment at work decided to stop at Brothers and collect a fish supper.

Brothers Fish and Chip Shop, Brading

Brothers is a small and very traditional chip shop. The jolly staff behind the counter laughed and joked with each other and their regulars whilst efficiently dispatching a wide variety of orders. Locals queued quietly, the archetypical clients of a English chippy: an elderly gent having an ‘OAP special’; a young girl still in her school uniform collecting the family supper; and a handyman in paint-stained overalls with a cigarette behind his ear. Matt was impressed by the hand-written menu on the chalkboard – a wide range of white fish was available as well as all the many other chip shop staples, such as burgers, sausage and pies. Cod, haddock, plaice and rock salmon were all on offer: Matt chose haddock and medium chips, which weighed in at a very reasonable £4.25: not seaside prices, either.

Matt and Cat’s bill
Haddock and chips £2.90
Chips £1.35

On unwrapping the hot parcel at home, Matt was delighted with his dinner. The tasty, flaky haddock, whilst a fairly modest portion, had obviously been well-prepared – not a bone or scrap of skin was to be found on it. It was encased in excellently crisp batter which did not stick to the paper – just right. The chips too, were freshly cooked and tasted great. Top quality fish and chips from a characterful venue, providing good value for money.

  • derek atkins says:

    We’ve had F&C many times from Brothers over the past years but the last couple of times (most recent last week) we were very disappointed with the quality of the chips and the size of the fish. Seriously considering changing allegiance to another F&C outlet.

  • Tez says:

    Disappointing to say the least. Bought 2 x cod & chips. Fish over cooked and very dry, chips greasy.
    Waste of over £12.00.Went in the bin. Wont be buying from there again !!

  • MarkM says:

    Just so you know, has Brothers shortlisted for Fish and Chip shop of the year!

  • Alan says:

    Had fish & chips tonight (10/10/09) from Brothers and our three portions of fish were cooked to order. All three were over cooked and we were VERY disappointed. Considering they are supposed to be one of the best in the South of England, they could and should have done MUCH better. I wish I had carried on home to Sandown and gone to the Avenue Road Chippy!

  • The Billo-bob says:

    Although not metioned in this one, I was there to.

    Nice traditional fish and chips and very nice to, not much to say as I eagerly waited in the car with my darling brother while as matt states enjoyed the “proper chip-shop” scenery.

    -Billo-bob out.

  • ringo says:

    I’d like to second this review. Proper fish and chips served in a proper fish and chip shop. What more could you want, apart from easy parking. On a fish and chips theme, I’d also like to sing the praises of The Jolly Fryer, which comes to our village (St Helens) on a Saturday morning. A better class of chip van, although I’m not sure about the Madonna-esque communications headset the chief fryer wears. Maybe it’s the key to the smooth running of the van, but it looks plain wrong!

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