Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Toney’s Catering Burger Van, B&Q, Newport Toney’s Catering Burger Van, B&Q, Newport
Hurrying from one fun meeting to the next, Matt found himself separated from his sandwich box, and took a short diversion to the burger... Toney’s Catering Burger Van, B&Q, Newport

Hurrying from one fun meeting to the next, Matt found himself separated from his sandwich box, and took a short diversion to the burger van located outside B&Q in Newport. It is said that every B&Q store has its own burger van, so it’s comforting to see that the Island has not yet allowed a lapse in this standard. Despite the poor image that burger vans generally have, Matt and Cat think that such places often put their more sedentary competition to shame. How many chefs in cafés, for example, would be entirely happy to work all day, exposed to the elements, taking food from the back of a transit van and with the customer standing watching their every move? Yet somehow it seems that a good burger van chef can perform this balancing act and produce a meal as good, if not better, than a cafe – often at a fraction of the price.

Toneys bacon and tomato baguette

Matt joined the modest queue, and ordered a mushroom and bacon baguette. As is often the case at this van, there were no baguettes to be had, but the cheerful proprietor willingly substituted a large soft bap, and reduced the price accordingly. The precooked bacon was warmed whilst the freshly-cut mushrooms were cooked to order. The whole sizzling lot was enveloped in a robust bag, ready to be carried off or consumed. The entire transaction was rapid, very reasonably priced, and resulted in a hot, fresh and delicious lunch.

  • nicole says:


  • Tony says:

    Does anyone have a contact email address for this firm.

  • anna says:

    the b&q burger van is renowned amongst me and everyone i know! i have been known to go out of my way to grab lunch from it. the bacon and fried egg baguette is, frankly, the dogs. runny yolk, crispy but not brittle bacon, lush baguette. messy, but utterly utterly gorgeous.

  • Michael Hunter says:

    i am thinking of running my own burger van and am just asking if there is anyway you could tell me the prices and best plases to get stock from please much appreciated.

    Matt and Cat reply: no idea, we just eat the stuff.

  • Steve Davis says:

    Several times I have popped over to the van after some DIY shopping and have to say each time the service has been prompt,friendly and the food was excellent.

    Happily sat in the car and munched away before heading home and attempting to get on with the DIY !

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