Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Lakeside Park Hotel, Wootton Bridge
The heroes swaggered through the huge glass doors and entered the gleaming, modernist palace. Spectacular lamps – several feet long – hung over the polished bar. Smartly dressed flunkies shimmered into view and escorted the reviewers to a table with views over the shallow lake, reflecting the twinkle from a... Read more
Archive Review: Corrie’s Cabin, Ryde
Update: this is an archive review. Corries Cabin is now under new ownership, although, to be honest it’s pretty much the same. The wheel of fortune turns inexorably: restaurants open; pubs are redeveloped; cafés are closed for refurbishment; and takeaways change hands. So it proved with one of Matt’s... Read more
The Met, Ventnor

The Met, Ventnor

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The Isle of Wight is delightfully unsophisticated despite the regular and steady influx of DFLs (Down from London), downsizing to experience the mellowness that is Island living (see Guardian article ‘Let’s Move to Ventnor’). The Island’s esplanades are empty of metrosexual man’s preening narcissism, his skilfully dishevelled hair refusing... Read more
Yelf’s Hotel, Ryde
There’s something quite satisfying about an establishment that has not succumbed to the refurbishment fashions of stripped wooden floors, strategically placed ‘objets’ and sunken lighting. Yelf’s Hotel in Ryde retains its old skool charm – demonstrating that carpets, a staff dress code and crooning Tony Bennett piped through the... Read more