Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide

Tony’s, Ryde

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It’s not the rarest of occasions, the opening of a new fish and chip outlet in a seaside town. Frankly, it happens pretty regularly. Some chippies stay the course for decades – or in the case of Stotesbury’s, Newport, over a century. But whenever new hands take up the... Read more
Seafood Corner, Newport
Although there are a couple of pretty fine restaurants in town, Newport’s food offering is primarily geared towards lunches. From about midday, office workers can be found insouciantly perusing the menu in Olivo in the way that only those with more than the statutory half an hour break can... Read more
There was a time when a ‘pop-up restaurant’ on the Isle of Wight was a phenomenon which drew naive provincial diners like moths to a cosmopolitan flame. It was beyond exciting when a new one ‘popped up’. Tickets would sell within moments. But it didn’t take too long for... Read more
Remember that day, that marked the End of Days? The first day of the Isle of Wight Festival, when the heavens opened, the roads closed and the fields around Fairlee Road turned to welly-eating sludge? Of course you do! The county’s day-long gridlock monopolised the media, caused angry residents... Read more
Wights Fish and Chips

Wights Fish and Chips

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It may be the depths of winter now, but imagine the scene: having spent all day on the beach during a rare hot August Bank Holiday, a day-tripping family tidies up their detritus. Nan is levered out of the deckchair and Dad bounces assiduously on the hissing inflatable banana... Read more
Didn’t somebody once say that Stotesbury’s fish and chip shop, in Upper St James’ Street Newport, was the oldest on the Island? Or in England? Or something? Matt’s got a vague memory of something about the antiquity of this shop being of note. But no matter. Somebody will doubtless... Read more

Corries Cabin, Cowes

24th July 2010 5

I say! You, yes you over there! Read this review, won’t you? There’s a good chap. Cowes, in the run-up to Cowes Week, is just like that. Everything is vying for your attention. Nowhere else on the Island can one gain such a concentrated sample of the ‘yachty set’.... Read more
Matt’s got a heavy responsibility to shoulder- he’s got to do the chip shops, as Cat won’t ever go into them – well, hardly ever, anyway. But the problem with this task is that it does limit his access to fish and chip emporia which are not close to... Read more
Fish and chips, unlike revenge, is not a dish best served cold. In fact, cold chips, unlike cold pizza, is a meal fit only for seagulls. For this reason, Matt rarely gets to sample fish and chip takeaways unless they are quite close to his home town of Ryde,... Read more

Little John Eater, Ryde

24th January 2010 2

The famously mis-spelt Long John Eater has spawned a sidekick – and Ryde Esplanade has gained another fish and chip counter. The Little John Eater is more than a counter opening onto the esplanade – but not a great deal more. For sit-down meals there’s the Long John next... Read more