Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Terry’s Fish and Chips, Wootton
Back in the day, BC – Before COVID – Wootton Leisure Strip at Christmas was a sight to behold. Alongside the twinkling twin takeaways of Miga and Balti King, Terry’s fish and chip shop had a refulgent festive lighting display that warmed even the coldest of heart-cockles. As we... Read more
Cinnamon, Shanklin

Cinnamon, Shanklin

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We’d been recommended a curry house in Shanklin as worth a try, so for our next round of COVID-19-safe meals, we wondered if Cinnamon would be willing to deliver all the way to Ryde. It turned out that they would. A polite chap arrived at our door and passed... Read more
Hungry Bear Delivery
The Sunday roast: this great British institution has long brought families together to eat meat, gravy and all the trimmings. Whatever trimmings are. We fondly remember gatherings at our own childhood homes, or maybe those of nearby relatives, where grown-ups having started with a thimbleful of sweet sherry might... Read more
Something Yummy ‘Yummy Box’
The weeks grind on and we’re still here, continuing to participate in our own version of Big Brother during the Covid19 lockdown. Thankfully we don’t have any budget celebrity self-publicists on our team (speak for yourself, Cat – Matt), nor any has-beens, wannabes or nearly-weres. Others among you may... Read more