Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
The Sloop Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery, Wootton Bridge
Remember the golden days of the theatrical farce? Comedies of embarrassment: meek hen-pecked husbands, saucy secretaries and the impromptu arrival of a vicar as the ante of chaos was well and truly upped. This genre of situation comedy was clearly fictional. No real life irritation could be compounded to... Read more
The Griffin, Godshill
Godshill’s one of those places like Shanklin Old Village, that seems to have just been created for the pleasure of tourists. Chocolate-box cottages filled with fudge, scones and trinkets line a twisty road as summer tourists spill onto the carriageway in giddy abandon. But what about in winter? Apart... Read more
Archive review: Ponda Rosa, Ryde
This is an archive review. The Ponda Rosa is now closed.  A pensioner, a teenager and a toddler walk into a pub and demand lunch. As much as this may sound like the beginning of a joke it is, in fact, a scenario played out every Sunday at Ryde’s... Read more
Ocean Deck, Sandown

Ocean Deck, Sandown

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The Isle of Wight does funny things to people. Some folks that move here just don’t get with the vibe and can’t wait to leave. If you’re not used to a place where everyone’s cousins live nearby, the roads have names and not numbers, and local businesses are obsessed... Read more
Mill Bay II is now closed. The fortunes of the Joe’s franchise have flowed and ebbed. Its glory days were in the early noughties when it was the place for The Beautiful People to hang out flicking through Sunday supplements over a frothy coffee. Alas, like many other businesses... Read more
How often in films do you hear the phrase, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this“? If Star Wars is anything to go by, far too many. However, to exhaust the phrase one final time, these were the words that issued from Cat’s lips as she and Matt drove... Read more

Chequers, Rookley

2nd September 2008 14

Being seaside dwellers, Matt and Cat tend to cling to the edges of the Island – except when heading to the megalopolis that is Newport for their day jobs. However, they can be drawn to Vectis’ rural innards when necessary. One such voyage of discovery lead them to Rookley’s... Read more