Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Archive review: this review refers to the previous management of the Blacksmiths Arms. The pub reopened in 2017 under completely new ownership.  Note: After writing this review in 2010 Matt and Cat were banned from the Blacksmiths Arms in 2012, so it won’t be updated. See why at the... Read more
Archive review: alas! The Roundhouse is now closed permanently. That’s it folks! Matt and Cat might as well hang up their reviewing hats as the Isle of Wight’s ultimate cream tea has been found. After years of arduous searching, involving the consumption of gallons of tea, rock-hard to fluffy... Read more
Pointer Inn, Newchurch
Although they may imagine themselves to be legends in their own lunchtime, the truth about Matt and Cat is pretty mundane; they’re just a couple of people who eat out then write about their experiences. They always try to turn up unannounced and neither expect, nor usually get, any... Read more
The best cream teas on the Isle of Wight
Ah, the cream tea, staple food for holidaymakers in the English countryside for generations. This classic afternoon treat has never gone out of fashion and is a good barometer of a venue. Is the tea in a pot with ‘all the trimmings’? Fresh milk? Clotted cream? A generous dollop... Read more
The Reef, Sandown
In the heat of a summer’s afternoon Sandown Esplanade might be mistaken for the Spanish Costas with its towering beach-side hotels, miles of golden sands and the aroma of Ambre Solaire. However, on a miserable gusty evening in April it was more like Skeggie than the Costa Del Sol.... Read more
Nerds come in all sorts of guises, living history swots, expectant cartoon-kitty obsessives and frankly ought-to-know-better middle-aged Peter Pan fantasists. There’s nothing wrong in immersing yourself in your hobby – the folks at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway have made a very successful tourist attraction out of a... Read more
The Pantry, Needles Park
Playing at grockles one sunny August day, Matt and Cat and junior reviewers Bill and Jack headed west with a plan to have lunch at Warren Farm, a place repeatedly recommended by a colleague. It was closed. Not to worry – something else to eat must be nearby. A... Read more
Fox’s Restaurant, Bembridge
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow, or so the hackneyed saying goes. Matt and Cat’s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide started in 2005 as an idea on the back of a napkin and, last month, the website welcomed its one millionth viewer. Hurrah! Likewise, Fox’s in Bembridge is... Read more
SWAD, Sandown
Love and marriage, they say, go together like a horse and carriage. Or maybe like Peters and Lee, the interchangeable Ant and Dec, Matt and Cat, and Indian tapas… Whoah there! Indian and tapas? Both spicy, perhaps, but a good combination? The new owners of Sandown’s latest restaurant, SWAD... Read more
Matt and Cat don’t often get out during weekdays, chained as they are to municipal desks in the heart of the county’s administrative capital. However, just occasionally, they given a day pass and, on a particularly miserable Tuesday, they were let off their leads to roam the Island’s countryside.... Read more