Corrie's Cabin, Ryde

Corrie's Cabin cod and chips

The wheel of fortune turns inexorably: restaurants open; pubs are redeveloped; cafés are closed for refurbishment; and takeaways change hands. So it proved with one of Matt's favourite chip shops, Mr Chips in Oakfield High Street.

Matt was not surprised when Mr Chips closed down, as although the food was great, the place was, to be honest, pretty tatty. He was disappointed to be deprived of his local fish and chips, but as there are plenty of wholesome alternatives he wasn't inconsolable. Expecting the chip shop to be demolished in favour of another blank-faced development of modern one-bedroom flats for sale or rent, he was delighted when signs of activity within indicated that the chip shop lived on. It transpired that long-established Cowes chippy Corrie's Cabin was branching out, and soon a synonymous branch was open in Ryde.

It was a whopping specimen, one of the largest bits of cod Matt had ever been served.

Now, regular readers will be aware that Cat regularly turns her pert nose up at the thought of fried fish, usually muttering some mumbo-jumbo about cholesterol. So the duty of weighing-up and considering such establishments falls to Matt alone, often assisted by junior reviewers and chip fans Bill and Jack.

Follow up:

So Matt kept in the back of his mind the new chip shop, just waiting for the chance to put it through its paces. Soon enough an opportunity arose to enjoy some fresh fish. After a visit to the splendid Jasmine Indian Cuisine in Shanklin, Cat had a Cat-sized doggy-bag portion of chicken moglai in her freezer. Not enough for Matt, so M & C decided to supplement the chicken with fish. Whilst Cat made her moglai familiar with the inside of the microwave, Matt set off to give Corrie's Cabin a spin.

The newly-refurbished shop was sparkling and considerably brighter than its predecessor, and was busy with locals taking advantage of the surprisingly low prices. Matt popped in and ordered a large cod with medium chips. The polite lady behind the counter engaged in a little idle chat, whilst her colleague manning the fryers was slapping fish around with enthusiasm. Within a quarter of an hour Matt was back outside clutching his freshly-cooked prize.

Corrie's Cabin cod and chips

Back home Cat doled out her chicken, and Matt eagerly unveiled the fish, finding it to be pleasingly well-cooked, and not sticking to the paper. Matt supplemented it with half a lemon of his own and tucked in. It was a little greasier than would have been ideal, but as a consolation it was a whopping specimen, one of the largest bits of cod Matt had ever been served, and excellent value for money in volume terms. Sadly it was a bit on the bland side, and whilst quite palatable, it was not as tasty as it was large. The chips, by contrast, were a reasonable portion but very tasty indeed, just perfectly fluffy and not at all greasy.

Corrie's Cabin is a very good value shop serving basic fish and chips. Matt hopes it will have a long and illustrious tenure on Oakfield High Street.

Hear the podcast review:

 Published: 17th February 2008
Categories: We like, Take aways, Family friendly, Ryde, Fish and chips, Podcasts

24 comments (newest first)

Comment from: Mary

This week we had the misfortune to try out Corries cabin Ryde. We have used it before and it has always been a provider of fairly good fish and chips, okay so it was 8 O’clock on a Monday night but I have to say I think the chips had been standing for ages as when we got home they were cold and looked tired as if they’d been there since lunchtime. Sausage in batter to was not as hot as it should have been, the scampi was snotty but the onion rings were a pleasant surprise. What made matters worse was the young man serving who barely rased asmile let alone a conversation and who continued to clean the floor whilst the food was cooking and failed to wash his hands once in between. It’s such a shame, it used to be a fab shop serving fab food but I’m afraid it will be a long time before we use it again!

06/03/13 @ 08:08
Comment from: sara

come on then bob , explain to the ignorent population of the isle of wight what “never throw away oil means” cause if he means collected and re-cycled why not say that cause im sure all chipshops re-cycle their oil but thats not what he said !!!!! he says he never throws any oil away and just tops it up !!! there fore in one of his pans he will have permanently dirty oil !!!!! and if he uses that much oil your food will be drenched in oil !! yuk !!

12/08/11 @ 22:08
Comment from: cat  

This in from Corries Cabin:
“just to let u know corries cabin ryde and cowes have joined the fish fight and have added FRESH MACKEREL baps and fillets to our menu come down and give it a go.”

24/01/11 @ 23:21
Comment from: bob

I would guess that the Island’s overwhelming ignorance of what constitutes ‘recycling’ in the rest of the country as the reason most folk dont understand ‘never throw oil away’

As for the food … very acceptable ’till a couple of months ago when to my horror a ready filled bag of chips was added to my freshly cooked fish from the ‘warmer’ thing. Sadly the quality and taste of the chips was not up to previous standards.

I am going for some F&C later this evening, but if i see the bags in the warmer again I’ll just get a butty from the shop over the road. I really dont want to do that tho, but its too cold to go anywhere else.

01/12/10 @ 16:29
Comment from: lucy resident

i cant understand how they never throw any oil away !!!! there must be waste oil, ive worked in chippies over the years and as far as im aware they have oil collections so come on corries cabin whats happening to your oil are we all eating it on the food ???? YUK !! or are you sticking it down the sink !!!

06/10/10 @ 10:32
Comment from: rayharhar

This is one of the best fish and chip shops on the Isle of Wight. They use real potatoes, rather than frozen ones and have a good range of products. I have eaten food from there on a number of occasions. Friendly staff, quick service and tasty food. Well worth the walk up the hill!

13/07/09 @ 20:35
Comment from: jackie

message to richard the owner, can you tell us who supplies you with fresh fish cause ive heard that chippys use fish frozen at sea, also you havent answered the question about your oil, are you always frying in dirty oil if, like you say you dont throw any away at all…. ive just moved to the island and love this web site …. i owned a chippy years ago in penge london and ive had over 35 years of experience in the trade, the only chipshops i would use is the one on monkton street and a couple in ventnor chipahoy isnt too bad.

24/04/09 @ 00:03
Comment from: Holiday Maker  

At cowes saw staff smoking just before serving at opening NOT NICE and very average food

04/01/09 @ 12:34
Comment from: brian

you said you never throw any oil away, how does that work , you must just be topping oil up then which means you always fry in dirty oil., you can say what you like but you tripped yourself up there mate, i wont be using your place any more, either of them., and if your using so much oil daily then your food must be oily or you got a leak.!!!!

30/12/08 @ 23:34
Comment from: Holiday Maker

Sorry to say Richard, I was not that impressed with the quality when me and the wife visited in October and had a takeaway Cod and chips the chips were dry and the cod fish was soggy ………. perhaps a bad batch or perhaps tastes better inside either way we won`t be comming back. Me thinks you nedd more competion .. Chip-ahoy i found very nice though…

09/12/08 @ 13:16
Comment from: richard

Hello Lloyd
thanks for your review. could you be more specific when you say gone down hill. my email address is and I would appreciate your comments. as for the oil. we change it so regularly because we use it i.e we have to fill it up daily. we don’t throw away any oil at all.

and I make no apologies for the lengths we will go to to sell our product. we are proud of it and the staff and we want to ensure they are busy and feel what they are doing is worthwhile.

08/12/08 @ 09:06
Comment from: lloyd

the lenghts some people will go to to try and sell their stuff, you started off ok but you gone down hill and if you change your oil every day then you got a problem with the oil your using.

04/12/08 @ 10:42
Comment from: Richard

I am the owner of Corries cabin and this is my first post on this site. I am not aware that anyone (other than Mike who works for us and will hopefully do so for a long time) has anything to do with the shop. I thank all of you for your positive comments, the staff do work really hard to provide excellent value and quality, but the most valuable comments are those that point us towards improvements we could make. Liza seems to have a had a poor experience which is very disappointing especially as the oil is changed daily and all ingredients are fresh. (we use isle of wight potatoes prepared and chipped on site and fresh fish)so my sincere apologies to Liza.
the shop has been open under the Corries Cabin name for a year on the 18th December and we have had fantatsic support from the local community, we are giving away a free portion of chips with every fish bought to celebrate on that date, then in the new year we will have our annual charity day when we give all the days takings to a local charity.
thanks again

28/10/08 @ 13:28
Comment from: kj

Indeed I am an owner and a chef…but of a hotel, so don’t qualify to be reviewed on here. This is one of the most valuable sites about the IOW on the internet.

Ignore it if you like…your loss

24/10/08 @ 13:06
Comment from: lucy islander

i think all you reviewers are staff or owners cause you all know nothing about decent food - your jokers and i wouldnt take your advice on anything now

23/10/08 @ 23:28
Comment from: Tyler Frankling

Maybe by overhearing them say “I got more here than that White’s place in town” Gives it away :P

Sorry if I was abit brief with my review. But overall, this is about Corrie’s, and their wonderful takeaway.

10/10/08 @ 15:22
Comment from: admin  

Yeah, alright, steady on. “They looked really impressed with their portions"? How?

I salute your powers of observation, and I’m impressed by your defiance, but let’s keep it realistic eh?

10/10/08 @ 15:16
Comment from: Tyler Frankling

I walked past it 1 day on the way back from a mates house, and saw some guy with this pink hair, I thought god the workers in their must be pretty odd - till then some people were walking out and they looked really impressed with their portions, so I decided to try and WOW! 5/5 chips! Am defiantly going their again.

10/10/08 @ 12:50
Comment from: admin  

Hear, hear. Thanks for your great comment and keep up the good work.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for you, Mike. With a name like that you’re going to have a long and illustrious career in the catering business!

10/10/08 @ 08:48
Comment from: kj

Now that it what I call a valuable review, well done and I hope you do well in your new job and of all the reviews of Fish and chip shops, yours is the most encouraging

10/10/08 @ 00:17
Comment from: Mike Cook  

I have never been a big fan of fish due to a few bony specimens that I have been served before, but whenCorries Cabin opened i was reassured by my mother that it was quality food, so I decided to try my luck, as I approached the shop I quickly noticed a sign asking for part time workers, as I ordered I gave my details not expecting to be taken that seriously. (Reason being is that I’m 16 and never had a job before, and i have bright pink hair.) I eagerly tucked into my first piece of cod in about 2 years and was delightfully surprised when i found it to be a taste sensation it is beyond words how fabulous it tasted, I had forgotten what i had been missing 2 years! I also felt it necessary to checked my change due to the fact I was adamant i had been given a large portion of chips instead of the regular I requested, but no I had been charged the modest price of £1.30 for what I personally would describe as an exceedingly generous portion, it was far greater in quantity than any i had ever ordered before and i found my self unable to finish the whole meal my self, so I shred it with my little sister. Later that night to my surprise the phone began to ring, it turns out that I had been given an interview for the job! 2 weeks later I arrived wearing the only tie i owned and nervously answered questions and pitched my self to the boss, I was told that I would be informed by the weekend. I was sure that my pink hair would not count as a plus, but remained hopeful nonetheless. the next day i was awoken at 11:30am by my phone ringing… “hmmmm a number i don’t recognize.” I thought as i timidly answered the phone. To my some what sleepy delight i was informed that i had got the job! i started the following week.

Although I have only worked their for 2 weeks now I thoroughly enjoy it. Julie (the woman I work with,) is helpful and witty, and above all else a pleasure to work with, admittedly on my first night I made a few small mistakes but she never scolded me, she demonstrated the way that it should be done kindly and never get frustrated with me. as I write this I have just finished my 4th shift and am pleased to say I have got the knack of things now. I can do everything that is expected of me, and in my opinion i do it well. Although today i got a little stressed and bogged down when we had 12 people in the shop, but with Julies help we sent everyone away satisfied and I soon settled down. please feel free to come and say hi to me, I work Wednesdays and Thursdays 4:30pm-9:30pm. I’m hard to miss due to my bright pink hair.

many thanks again to all the staff and customers of Cories Cabin for being patient and supporting during my first 2 weeks.

09/10/08 @ 23:18
Comment from: Sally Butchers

I went to MR. Chips before it closed and i was satisfied but not impressed, when Corries Cabin opened i was skeptical about going, but after about a week i decided to tempt fate and give it a second chance, i was thoroughly happy with the size! I couldn’t believe it i thought i had been given a large! and the haddock was outstanding. i made it my once a month take away but found myself creeping back promising my self i wouldn’t until next month, a promise i repeatably failed to keep. i am proud to say i eat there about 3/4 times a month. and i doubt i will stop anytime soon. thank you so much for such a wonderful change form grubby old MR Chips. Thanks again.

09/10/08 @ 22:40
Comment from: liza

one word yuk!!!!!!!!!! cheap horrible food, do your self a favour go somewhere else i got a takeaway cause my usual chippy was closed, and when i got it home it smelt like horrible dirty oily smell, i had a few mouth fulls of grease and decided to make a sandwich,i(not a chip butty) it carnt be hard to make a few chips they wernt exactly busy.

04/10/08 @ 00:54
Comment from: derek atkins

Stopped here on the way home after watching Mamma Mia for the second time. The portions were of good size and freshly cooked. Certainly excellent fish & chips and will certainly buy from them again.

02/09/08 @ 09:07

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