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It’s the first question everybody asks. So this is Matt & Cat’s answer. These are the places M & C currently like the best out of every review they have done – over 670 at the time of writing. They are no particular order and it’s very much their personal choice. But if it’s on this list, you’d better believe it’s pretty good. What’s more, these are places that have been going for a while, so you can expect these venues to be reliable and consistent. Click on the names for the full review, to add your comments – and see what others think.

There are always even better places out there that Matt & Cat come across, and the hotlist keeps changing, so keep checking to see the updates!

The Royal Hotel, Ventnor

Opulent, grand hotel dining experience with some top food. Good service, wonderful location and a superb place to stay, too!

Stripped, Ventnor

Focusing on burgers and pizzas, this is a stripped-back, hipster dining joint that has some really, really good comfort eating – and the prices are also very reasonable. Go for the Asian-inspired specials or see if you can discover the secret menu.

The Red Duster, Cowes

What wonderfully clever and enjoyable food, served in a smart and cheerfully nautical venue. Our overall favourite sit-down restaurant in Cowes.

Blacksmith’s, Carisbrooke

A winning combo of cheery service, a proper pub experience and some really enjoyable food. Great kids play area and spectacular views across the Solent. Highly recommended.

Wights fish and chips, Ryde

Wights is as good a sit-down fish and chip restaurant as can be found anywhere on the Island, with takeaway as well of course. Consistently good, fast and cheerful. Take the kids and get someone else to do the washing-up.

No 64, Ryde

This simple cafe in Ryde has not only a welcoming community feel but also some really great food – tea and cake is there, but also authentic Thai curries, shakshuka, and much more-  even a sea view.

The Seaview Hotel

We went to the Seaview expecting a really good meal – and got a truly great one. This menu, at this price, could hold its own against any other on the Island.

Smoking Lobster

We were delighted to see such an innovative, lively and ambitious menu being served so successfully, and we think that the Smoking Lobster has got something about it that could, and should, bring the seafood-lovers in from a long way away.