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It’s the first question everybody asks. So this is Matt & Cat’s answer. These are the places M & C currently like the best out of every review they have done – over 550 at the time of writing. They are no particular order and it’s very much their personal choice. But if it’s on this list, you’d better believe it’s pretty good. What’s more, these are places that have been going for a while, so you can expect these venues to be reliable and consistent. Click on the names for the full review, to add your comments – and see what others think.

There are always even better places out there that Matt & Cat come across, and the hotlist keeps changing, so keep checking to see the updates!

The Royal Hotel, Ventnor

Opulent, grand hotel dining experience with some top food. Good service, superb place to stay, too!

The Pointer Inn, Newchurch

A village pub that really knows about good food, good beer and good company. If you haven’t been there recently you should give it a go – with ultra-local ingredients and an unfailingly friendly welcome this is a pub that’s showing how it should be done.

Cantina, Ventnor

Matt and Cat love Cantina, but not just because of the food.  It is a stylish, relaxing place where you can reliably get an interesting and enjoyable meal from morning until night, all year around. The professional service, good value, and locally-sourced ingredients – including, of course, the Ventnor-made bread and cakes – make this cafe/bakery/kitchen a textbook example of a interesting and creative local business.

Lockslane, Bembridge

Lockslane is a delightful and unpretentious bistro venue that focuses very clearly on food. It’s open all year round, it isn’t expensive, and it’s just got quality written all over it.

The Red Duster, Cowes

What wonderfully clever and enjoyable food, served in a smart and cheerfully nautical venue. Our overall favourite sit-down restaurant in Cowes.

The Seaview Hotel

Matt and Cat went to the Seaview expecting a really good meal – and got a truly great one. This menu, at this price, could hold its own against any other on the Island.

Smoking Lobster

We were delighted to see such an innovative, lively and ambitious menu being served so successfully, and we think that the Smoking Lobster has got something about it that could, and should, bring the seafood-lovers in from a long way away.