Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
One Holyrood, Newport
As is the modern way, Matt and Cat wear several hats. As well as their eating out hobby which takes up considerable time, they also have day jobs. Juggling all of their activities is part of what the neologists call portfolio working. Running a business from a smartphone is... Read more
Has anyone opened a café recently that isn’t vintage-themed? Is there actually any room in the market for a place where you can just eat a cheese sandwich and not have to be reminded of the joys of rationing, ersatz coffee and lend-lease bacon? Well, of course the answer... Read more
This is an archive review: the Tea Depot is closed. There’s a joke that’s made on the Isle of Wight every March when the clocks change, which is: “Don’t forget to put your clock forward – to 1952”. Well, in East Cowes there’s at least one person whose clock... Read more
Bagel Wrap, Ryde

Bagel Wrap, Ryde

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‘How many Islanders does it take to change a lightbulb?’ ‘Change? We don’t like change!’ One of the Isle of Wight’s charms is how it has remained steadfastly behind the times, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This laissez-faire attitude may have more to do with collective inertia than... Read more
The question that Matt and Cat most often hear is “Are you guys really fat?”. Well, aside from the fact that Cat is not a ‘guy’, the answer is well – no, maybe yes, in places (mostly restaurants). While Matt is content to lean back in his chair and... Read more
Adgestone Vineyard

Adgestone Vineyard

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People on the Isle of Wight have long, long memories – and unforgiving ones. Matt and Cat have heard tales of folks who have vowed never to revisit a particular establishment after a single disappointing experience – and cling to that simple principle for so long that generations later... Read more
Archive review: At Sarah’s House is now closed. Ventnor has always had a glut of antique shops and bric-a-brackeries to satisfy the desire for vintage housewares like carnival glass and old lace runners. This recherché resort is also one of the best places on the Island for an award-winning... Read more
Out in the West Wight countryside Chessell Pottery Barns is a popular venue that seems to have broken the mould that typifies chintzy tearooms in the thatched Meccas of Godshill and Shanklin Old Village. The mould-breaking analogy is perhaps apposite; in order to succeed as year-round destination the former... Read more
This is an archive review. The Coffee Bean is now closed (but the shop is still open). You may have seen them on the streets: people that seem to have given up before they’ve begun. Slobbing around in their onesies and slippers – garments that should only be worn... Read more
This is an archive review. The Larder and Pie Shop has now closed.  Cat was born in Essex. Not quite within the sound of Bow Bells, but surely it makes her more of a Cockney than Sussex lad Matt? Yet it’s been a while since she cavorted in the... Read more