Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Archive: Nomad, Pyle Street, Newport
This is an archive review of the previous Nomad restaurant. It has now reopened at Charter House and it’s better than ever.   Every now and then some pop culture phenomenon bursts onto the scene and takes everyone’s breath away. Ask your nan about the impact Elvis ‘The Pelvis’ had... Read more
Archive: Hogs Street Food
This is an archive review. Hogs Street Food is no more.  In the afternoon, with a nice cup of tea, there’s nothing Cat likes better than a fig roll. Matt, by contrast can take them or leave them. In fact he usually leaves them. Which is why Cat was... Read more
Wilkinson’s, Sandown
Pies, eh? The staple of an English diet. Certainly if the success of mainland bakery Greggs is anything to go by. If you haven’t heard, this fast food pastry outlet has marched solidly across England, consuming other smaller bakeries in its path to become the largest bakery chain in... Read more
Archive Review: Burrgrills, Seaview
Archive review: this pop-up is now closed. Street food, the sort of nosh that you buy from a hatch in a wagon, is so popular that now they’re opening restaurants dedicated to it. No, seriously. And, to prove that it’s not all fuddy-duddies in faded red trews, the poshest... Read more
After years in the doldrums, the Isle of Wight has become quite the destination for festivals and events. Yachts, books, hedges and even potatoes have their own celebrations. And, as much fun as it is bimbling around a field welly-wanging, examining artificial insemination charts and enjoying a good old... Read more
As your grandmother will tell you, people have been selling nosh from barrows since before the war. In fact, since before the war before that, and the war before that. So all those bearded hipsters who try to tell you that the street food revolution started with some sockless... Read more
One thing the Isle of Wight does well is festivals. Back in the day – when the West Wight was all fields – it played host to the mother of all pop festivals; hippies were drawn from around the globe to a tiny corner of a tiny corner of... Read more
There’s a theory suggesting that if you sit and wait long enough, everything will come to you. If this principle has much currency, there have probably been a few gurus on mountaintops waiting for a very long time for a nice fresh fish supper to come along. What they... Read more
Summer, seaside, ice cream. How easy can it be? On the Island, you’re rarely more than a few moments from an ice-cream vendor of some sort or other. Matt and Cat, like everyone else, occasionally indulge, and today in Cowes they found themselves in need of cooling sweet refreshment... Read more
Hurrying from one fun meeting to the next, Matt found himself separated from his sandwich box, and took a short diversion to the burger van located outside B&Q in Newport. It is said that every B&Q store has its own burger van, (apart from one) so it’s comforting to... Read more