Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
On a day trip to Portsmouth, Matt and Cat built up a decent appetite shopping at Karen Millen for a party dress for The Cat. An eager shop assistant presented Cat with an optimistically-sized dress which, apparently, she could diet into. She was then offered the next size up,... Read more
Cat’s been a big fan of sushi ever since she tried Tomo’s bento boxes. Tomo, an expert Isle of Wight sushi-maker who delivered little boxes of delights from her Rookley home, is sadly no longer in business, but The Cat’s appetite for this dainty Japanese food has not diminished.... Read more
Having been turned away from the ever-popular Jamie’s Italian for the second night in a row, Matt and Cat headed off to King’s Parade to see if one of Cambridge’s other fine eateries would be more accommodating. As luck would have it, they got the last two unbooked seats... Read more
Cambridge is an odd place in many ways – mostly good ways. One thing Matt and Cat noticed during their visit is that, as tourists and British subjects, they were very much in the minority. Visitors are thick on the ground in Cambridge, and come from all nations. So... Read more
For those that don’t know, Cambridge is a beautiful city, all pinnacled colleges and cobbled roads along which sit-up-and-beg bicycles trundle under the power of earnest undergraduates. Unlike the thigh-challenging undulations of the Isle of Wight, there is no need for a multi-geared road hybrid bike for this historic... Read more
When holidaying somewhere as picturesque as the Isle of Wight it is mandatory to have a cream tea in one of the many splendid tea shoppes. Likewise, when enjoying a break at the historic city of Lincoln this same refreshment is a must and there are plenty of places... Read more
If there?s one thing that Matt likes more than Cat, it?s cheese. He loves the stuff; always has and always will until it inevitably kills him ? but what a way to go! And as if Lincoln?s fusty old bookshops weren?t enough to make the chap drool then a... Read more

The Old Bakery, Lincoln

3rd June 2010 1

It is said that if Kent is the garden of England then Lincolnshire is its allotment. Like the Isle of Wight, Lincolnshire has an abundance of excellent local produce. The holidaying Matt and Cat have already sampled some of the wonderful meat and cheese; their short break in Lincoln... Read more

The Grille, Lincoln

1st June 2010 0

Lincoln is a beautiful city and Matt and Cat could easily spend their entire holiday exploring the environs of its spectacular cathedral. There’s everything a visitor could want; bijoux jewellery shops for The Cat, musty old second-hand bookshops for Matthew and plenty of eateries for them both to enjoy.... Read more
Well, you asked for it, and here it is… Matt and Cat on Tour! Despite having recently written their three hundredth review, M and C haven’t quite eaten the Island dry. However, for a Bank Holiday treat, and to give the Isle of Wight’s restaurants time to replenish, they... Read more