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London Street Food
Although our blog is called Matt and Cat’s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide we have been known to make the occasional foray to the mainland to get the skinny on the latest restaurant and food fads. Brighton is a brilliant place to absorb the hottest trends of all... Read more
Mostly Matt and Cat write about the Isle of Wight. But not always. In 2014 they took an autumn city break in Brighton where they got some great dining out tips from the locals, and this is one of several reviews they wrote there. It’s one of an occasional... Read more
64 Degrees, Brighton

64 Degrees, Brighton

Reviews 29th October 2014 0

On a recent trip to Brighton, we were determined to try out as much interesting grub as the city had to offer. Street food, pre-industrial fodder and neo-tapas were all on their hit list. At the time of our visit, Brighton’s 64° was tipped to get a Michelin star... Read more
Silo, Brighton

Silo, Brighton

Articles 29th October 2014 0

What goes around, comes around. Remember the muesli and sandals brigade who implored us to eat organic veg and humanely-farmed meat? Critic Jay Rayner does and he considers some of these compassionate food production methods to be unsustainable tosh. However, that’s an argument for a different forum – like... Read more
Matt and Cat recently twanged their umbilicus enough to take a trip to the delightful town of Lymington – Hampshire’s answer to Cowes, with its quaint thoroughfares, yachticulture and quayside amenities. They popped over to have lunch in the town’s newest fine dining venue, the Elderflower restaurant, invited by... Read more
Matt and Cat are a right pair of provincials. Not for nothing is their website called Matt and Cat’s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide. Sure, they have made a few forays into mainland reviewing, with a pretty good hit rate – and the occasional dud. But eating out... Read more
Nando’s, Portsmouth
The Isle of Wight’s a small place, but Islanders more than make up for this with their enthusiasm for gossip and entertainment. Perhaps that’s why Twitter has been a big success here, with even the veritable Isle of Wight County Press awarding a ‘Tweet of the Week‘ accolade these... Read more
This is the last review from Matt and Cat’s visit to London. See earlier reviews of Elliot’s and Prufrock Coffee. What a day – Matt and Cat had been whisked around London, relished some great food and drink, and seen some wonderful sights. The provincial unsophisticates really enjoyed the... Read more
This is the second review from Matt and Cat’s visit to London. See earlier review of Elliot’s here. Being a tourist in London can be exhausting; the endless slack-jawed pointing and over-stimulation can quickly deplete one’s energy reserves. Some visitors burden themselves with supplies of squashed sarnies and emergency... Read more
Although Matt and Cat have explored all corners of the Isle of Wight, they’re not particularly adventurous travellers otherwise. Cat’s experiences of foreign parts are limited to various budget trips to European cities, eating frugal picnic lunches in public parks and worrying about running out of francs. Yes, her... Read more