Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
ARCHIVE: Monsoon, Ryde High Street
ARCHIVE POST: Monsoon is still trading (Jan 2020), but as a takeaway only.  Ryde is a curious town in layout – a long, thin chain of shops, pubs and restaurants snakes its way uphill from the esplanade – where the visitor arrives fresh from the ferry – thence up... Read more

Taj Tandoori, Sandown

17th June 2007 6

The vast, metropolitan town that is Cowes boasts no less than three eat-in tandooris, the Island’s county town, Newport, has only two, and Ryde, Shanklin and Sandown have to make do with one each – oh, and one in Lake. It’s a mystery why, outside Cowes, such busy tourist... Read more

Cowes Tandoori

9th February 2007 6

Cowes, which endures all year around despite the oft-repeated myth that the place shuts down in winter, has the benefit of no less than three good-quality curry restaurants. The final member of this triumvirate to fall under the scrutiny of Matt and Cat is the Cowes Tandoori. The Cowes... Read more

Tamarind, Newport

12th November 2006 9

There was a time when you would be guaranteed to see one or several of the following in an Indian restaurant: flock wallpaper, busy-patterned carpets, and table lamps. But there is a new standard of décor for such venues. The Tamarind in Newport conforms to the new visual style,... Read more
It seemed like a crazy mission – to go to Cowes in the middle of August, and try to get a decent meal at a humane price. Everybody knows that you don’t go to Cowes in August, because there be yachties there, arrr! The little boutiques crank open their... Read more

Saffron, Cowes High Street

23rd April 2006 4

Cowes is like a little seasonal enclave of metropolitan mainland which has somehow become established on the overseas territory of the Isle of Wight. The closer to the summer it gets, the more that people in Cowes drive posh cars, talk loudly on mobile phones, hurry around busily and... Read more
Ryde Tandoori, Union Street
Ryde Tandoori was one of Matt and Cat’s earliest reviews. They’ve been back a few times, and in the meantime readers have added a mixed batch of comments. So M and C decided to return and see how Ryde Tandoori measured up these days. The original review from March... Read more
This is an archive review. The Nabab is now closed. Slightly off Newport’s beaten track of mobile phone shops, coffee houses and chain stores you can find the Nabab. Surprisingly Matt and Cat made their first visit there only recently – despite its good reputation amongst their friends. On... Read more