Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Archive: Mess Canteen, Cowes
This is an archive review. The Mess Canteen is closed.  It’s not as though they don’t warn you. Were you imagining a stuffy private club, where silent staff obsequiously bring gin and tonic on a silver tray to an harrumphing old commodore? There may be such places in Cowes,... Read more
Has anyone opened a café recently that isn’t vintage-themed? Is there actually any room in the market for a place where you can just eat a cheese sandwich and not have to be reminded of the joys of rationing, ersatz coffee and lend-lease bacon? Well, of course the answer... Read more
This is an archive review: the Tea Depot is closed. There’s a joke that’s made on the Isle of Wight every March when the clocks change, which is: “Don’t forget to put your clock forward – to 1952”. Well, in East Cowes there’s at least one person whose clock... Read more
Cowes has quite a dynamically-changing high street. During the famous yachting festival particularly, the place is bursting with temporary retailers and eateries. However it’s not all seasonal pop-ups; there are some establishments like Benzie that have been there as for as long as Brucie has been entertaining us on... Read more
Cowes Week 2013: food price survey results
Everyone says that food is expensive in Cowes Week, don’t they? But are they right? This is the third year that Matt and Cat have surveyed prices of food at over 40 outlets and venues in Cowes, and once again it seems as though popular wisdom is wrong –... Read more
Once our ancient ancestors had got a handle on fire and established the principles of agriculture they had the components to create that staple of the human diet: bread. And whether it’s with a hand-kneaded artisan loaf, nutritionally-questionable sliced white or a communion wafer, the practice of sharing bread... Read more
Archive review: Laura Jane’s cafe is now closed. Some people imagine that Matt and Cat are orderly souls; with a neatly-written list of candidate venues to review, fully researched and scheduled in their diaries at regular intervals. The truth is so far removed from this cosy vision of administrative... Read more
Matt and Cat love eating out in Cowes, but they always approach a new review in the town with a certain caution. It seems that M&C’s style of leavening their articles with impertinence and occasional sarcasm is one that riles Cowes more than any other Island area. They welcome... Read more
Archive review: Brawn’s has now closed.  The Royal Family’s junior members have always courted controversy. Who can forget Princess Diana and her lively chum Sarah Ferguson dressing up as policewomen and partying in Annabel’s nightclub back in the 1980s. More recently some of you may have clicked onto TMZ... Read more
Cowes Week 2012: food price survey results
Eating out in Cowes Week is cheaper in 2012 than it was in 2011 – that’s the unexpected conclusion of the annual price survey that Matt and Cat undertook. Despite popular wisdom suggesting that food prices in the famous sailing town only ever go up, when Matt and Cat... Read more