Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
The Waterfront Inn, Shanklin
For a county with nearly seventy miles of coastline, there are surprisingly few venues with a sea view. Pretty much the whole of the south west coastline has nowhere punters can enjoy a bite to eat and a glass of something stimulating while contemplating the English Channel. Even the... Read more
2014 will go down in history as the year the Isle of Wight was served its last bender in a bun. Local businessman and franchisee Wayne Whittle removed the final Wimpy sign at his beachside burger bar, and rebranded the venue The Big Kahuna. And thus all things pass.... Read more

Ryde Castle

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Back in 2012 Matt and Cat were enjoying an ordinary Saturday night in. The rain was teeming down and and Matt was chopping some fresh Island lamb into chunks for a meaty winter stew for the next day’s Sunday lunch. It’s always nicer when it’s been, well… stewed! Unusually... Read more
It seems that the hottest dinner ticket in Shanklin is Fine Nammet. Again and again, Matt and Cat have pressed their noses optimistically at the new restaurant’s windows, only to see the place packed with diners who’d had the foresight to book a table. They’ll have success there one... Read more
Family pub dining is big business; if a venue can satisfy a clientèle range from grannies to newborns then it has potentially struck gold. Many venues specialise in attracting large groups, yet families sometimes pay large sums for lacklustre food whilst herds of cola-fuelled kids run around making a... Read more
Toney’s Catering Burger Van, B&Q, Newport
Hurrying from one fun meeting to the next, Matt found himself separated from his sandwich box, and took a short diversion to the burger van located outside B&Q in Newport. It is said that every B&Q store has its own burger van, so it’s comforting to see that the... Read more
Matt and Cat aficionados might imagine that these reviews are only of sit-down eateries, although the presence of various chip shops and takeaways on these pages should have dispelled that preconception. Now, dear readers, Matt and Cat take a step even further with this, their first review of a... Read more