Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
Having just missed the ferry to Southampton by a whisker, Matt and Cat found themselves with a hour to kill in East Cowes. And it was lunchtime. In its prime, East Cowes must have been a very busy place with the Columbine Works, Westlands, and Trinity House at full... Read more
Following a flurry of contrasting comments from their readers, Matt and Cat decided to revisit the Sportsman’s Rest to see if they’d made a mistake. The original review from December 2006 is at the bottom of the page. February 2009 review Could it be possible that Matt and Cat... Read more
What excitement! Matt and Cat’s favourite Chinese restaurant has opened a new branch in Newport. Visitors to the Ryde branch will recall how the Hong Kong Express interpretation of a fast-food joint made such an impression on your reviewers: well, now the Hong Kong Express magic has been applied... Read more
La Croute, Union Street, Ryde Hungry visitors to Ryde will not want for places to eat. In Union Street alone there is a world of choice including Indian, Malaysian, Turkish, Moroccan, Mexican, and American cuisine. And, if you are of the type that loves a good English fry-up, there... Read more
Visitors to any area may find themselves, when looking for eating-places, wondering where the locals go. Look no further – it would be a daring lunch-seeking tourist indeed who wandered by accident into Dodnor industrial estate, a forbidding land of used car lots and high barbed-wire fences. But the... Read more
Coast is now closed Inspired by a lunchtime visit to the burger van at Dodnor, Matt and Cat decided to sample the pleasures of other lunchtime snack and light meal venues. Coast coffee shop in Newport was high on the list after Cat spotted a specials board proclaiming field... Read more
Matt and Cat aficionados might imagine that these reviews are only of sit-down eateries, although the presence of various chip shops and takeaways on these pages should have dispelled that preconception. Now, dear readers, Matt and Cat take a step even further with this, their first review of a... Read more
There was a time when you would be guaranteed to see one or several of the following in an Indian restaurant: flock wallpaper, busy-patterned carpets, and table lamps. But there is a new standard of décor for such venues. The Tamarind in Newport conforms to the new visual style,... Read more
Matt and Cat are always grateful for your suggestions for places to try next. If there’s a food venue you want them to visit, just leave a comment here with your suggestion. They check this post regularly and every suggestion is taken on board… although with so many great... Read more
Bembridge is a former fishing village with a pretty village centre and some interesting beaches. The Crab and Lobster is one of its most popular pubs; the route to which is a journey which probably illustrates the nature of Bembridge quite well. The would-be diner, following an trail of... Read more