Matt and Cat\'s Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
The place that is known as KFC. After work, evening meetings looming, a quick meal necessary – somehow KFC has a sort of eerie...

The place that is known as KFC. After work, evening meetings looming, a quick meal necessary – somehow KFC has a sort of eerie attraction when you are in a rush. Unlike other fast-food franchises the food is not unpleasant. However, the food is not really the issue with a drive-thru restaurant. You know what you are going to get, and get it you do. The environment in which you have to make the transaction is perhaps more significant. In Newport, the restaurant is a hideous, breeze-block building with a tall chimney that really does look like an abbatoir. As you approach the pedestrians’ door you have to navigate the in-route for the drive-in customers, and you get to enjoy the spectacle of the bulging, greasy rubbish bins. Decorating the vehicle access ramps are coloured plastic boxes that many will recognise as rat poison.

Once inside, the odd, rubbish strewn lobby navigated, the whole place is designed to ensure you get fed and out as quickly as possible. Luckily, this is an aspiration that from time to time we share with KFC, and at those times, we are happy to indulge it. You do not expect a fancy restaurant, and you don’t get one. Frantic thrash metal plays soothingly on the PA, competing with the manic bleeping of the tills. The seats are battered, the floor worn, the toilet powerfully scented with military-grade air freshener. And yet still we return. We eat, we emerge, fed and content. Like a spotty teenager who’s fascinating but kind of worrying, we can’t help liking the place.

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  • Dave C

    17th February 2015 #1 Author

    Ordered a KFC Colonel’s Bucket, plus an extra side, they even asked what dips we wanted. All good so far, got home to East Cowes only to find the dips missing, the popcorn chicken missing and the chicken fillet strips missing.

    More staff than customers, and they still messed it up!



  • Neil (Local)

    15th May 2011 #2 Author

    I agree Oz, the last time I was in there (about 3 months ago) it was freezing in there as well!


  • Oz

    14th May 2011 #3 Author

    The Ryde store is much better than the newport one. In newport you have to queue for ages and the food doesn’t seem as nice as Ryde. The bins are always over flowing and they don’t hand out those nice wipes in the packets.


  • Sharon

    3rd March 2011 #4 Author

    We arrived on the Island at around 9pm last Friday evening and not having time to go for a proper meal we decided to stop at KFC on the way to our accomadation and get a KFC. The place is filthy both inside and out. There is rubbish everywhere. Service was very slow. Food was standard KFC quality.


  • darren

    30th July 2008 #5 Author

    the food at kfc in newport is not that good and we bought a takeaway one of the buckets with drink, coleslaw and beans, and when we got home they had forgot the coleslaw and beans, so next time we were in newport we went in there and told them they said we didnt phone up so they got no record of it, so that s that, but the food in ryde is much better, just remember to check your food.


  • Steve Davis

    3rd June 2008 #6 Author

    I have to agree with the other reviews – the service is slow and appalling and waiting in the drive through I noted all the rubbish, food, cups etc that were strewn over the floor and pondered if getting food from here is ever a good idea ! There seems to be a distinct lack of staff and often there is a horrendous wait. The drinks have been flat and as mentioned above its a battle to get dips etc out of them. I go here as a very last resort – best to be avoided though I agree the Ryde one is a lot better !


  • Jayne

    27th April 2008 #7 Author

    I will only go to this particular KFC if I’m absolutely desperate and have no other choice…. The staff (mainly if they’re male) are surly, won’t look you in the eye, and treat you as some kind of an annoyance to be served and gotten out of the way as quickly as possible. Most of the girls are totally harassed apart from one particular one, who if you’re lucky enough to get her to serve you, you will be guaranteed to get what you order. Apart from this one lady, I have NEVER been served with entirely what I’ve ordered from the drive through.

    Please do not expect the Ryde KFC to be as dreadful as this one. Although it is a lot smaller, the food is delicious, the staff are friendly.

    If you happen to use the drive through, apart fom not getting all of what you’ve ordered, you will NEVER get any salt, pepper, forks or serviettes, so if you happen to order any beans or chicken gravy you will end up having to ‘drink’ any
    that’s left over from the dipping of chips etc, and have to wipe your hands on your clothes.

    The supplies of serviettes, forks etc inside leaves a lot to be desired, and if you ask the staff to get some for you, they usually roll their eyes and huff at you before chucking the things you want at you. I have waited over an hour before inside because of a mistake made by the person who served me. As
    compensation I got one bottle of coke for free….

    From the rubbish strewn tables, bad attitude staff (apart from one lovely lady who I don’t know the name of), this is not the place you really want to get food from unless you’ve had so much to drink that you wouldn’t really care what you’re given or how you’re treated.

    Please do not expect the Ryde KFC to be as dreadful as this one. Although it is a lot smaller, the food is delicious, the staff are friendly (even through being treated badly by the after-23:00pm drunks), and you will undoubtedly come out of this fast food outlet with what you have ordered.

    Avoid the Newport one at all costs!!!


  • cherry

    19th April 2008 #8 Author

    Over the last year i have eaten in this place about 5 times each time i swear never to return but then i go to KFC in Ryde and find that the food is so tasty i forget and again try newport the newport branch food is nearly always cold they have not once got my order right and the last time i went which was last night i stood for half an hour watching my food go cold ! when i tried to speak to the person serving i was ignored when finally i was asked what i was waiting for the person actually tried to package up the cold food for me but i refused and asked for fresh in total i was waiting an hr for my food I SWEAR NEVER AGAIN.


  • S

    7th May 2007 #9 Author

    Only ever venture here if particularly desperate for something to eat or if every single food establishment in Newport happens to be closed. I got peer pressured into going here a while back, though I wasn’t really hungry so didn’t order anything on this occasion. It was a Wednesday night after the cinema and there was nobody else there at all, apart from the odd car outside heading for the drive-thru. Despite the lack of customers, more than a handful of tables had left over food and rubbish from previous diners! This rubbish remained throughout our whole stay. It was definately not the cleanest places. Our table was greasy and even the chairs were!! Definately not the place to dine in. Without a doubt I’d try to eat elsewhere. I’ve been back, though only because I’ve been with other people who wanted a quick snack!! I really don’t know what they see in the place! I suppose it’s just quick, cheap and conveniantly placed next to the cinema.


  • Cat

    13th October 2006 #10 Author

    Since our review, KFC has had a makeover, as we discovered when revisiting the place after a lengthy absence. The lobby has been remodelled, the furniture upgraded to fashionable bent plywood and the walls have been painted an cosy claret colour and adorned with text-style murals. Even the children’s area has been upgraded – gone is the cartoon mural; in it’s place is a wall of wood – very Scandanavian. The eating experience remains pretty much the same and the makeover has not improved the hanger-like acoustics but hey, it’s quick and it’s chicken.


  • clive

    1st October 2006 #11 Author

    very much like a grotty transport cafe after being visited by coachloades of football hooligans after loosing an away match.the veiws out of the windows are quite breathtaking if your into biffer skips annd over filled rubbish bins.if visiting the toilets remember to take your own toilet tissue also take your own plates and cups if you have a family feast as they either forget or or dont have any.Dont even think about paying by debit card as the fred flintstone lookalike taking your order has never heard of them.i supose i may go back one day when i am in need of a real good laugh